Artist has a test for his muse

The night before your phone rings you answered and walked into the other room. When you return you have a wicked smile curving your lips. Tilting my head I say to you could not have been that good baby you only gone a few minutes.

Your body slips back into the bed which moments before had been a lustful torrent. Curling up to me your arm slips across me. Your lips whisper to me my muse you trust me no matter what. Of course My Artist have I given you cause to think I do not? No never but tomorrow will be a new test of that my love.

My body wiggles up closer to your still damp body my ass pushing hard against you shaft. My body tingling a bit soft giggles from me. You give me a little swat and whisper Rest now you will need all your strength tomorrow. Kissing my neck softly your word swirling though my mind as we drift to sl**p.

The next morning I wake an empty bed but for a note on the pillow next to me. Sitting up with a pillow behind my back looking at the clock I notice a bowl of fruit. I reach and take a piece of melon to my lips and into my mouth.

I turn back and examine the note. A slight smile on my face because I know inside the note maybe some hint as to your tempting words. As I open the note I see your words

Good morning My Muse
As I hinted today will be another adventure and a test of your trust in me. I will leave you to prepare for this……..

Hum I thought what a tempting way to wake. I lie there nibbling at the fruit. Finally I slip into one of your shirts and head to get myself going for the day. Some quiet time just the sounds from the wind in the palms. I slip into the bathroom for a shower and preparation as per your note.

The day passes into early evening and my anticipation has been growing through out the day. All though you have called you gave no further indications. I knew this was intentional to keep my anticipation as to the adventure building as well as my thoughts on the test of trust.

You have no doubts as to my trust but you know by planting that notion in my mind would keep me on edge.

When you return from work my greeting is excited compared to your’s which is tender but reserved. You smile and hand me a small bag instruct me the content are to be what I will wear for the evening ahead and only that which is in the bag. Your go to take a seat on the couch and I come to stand in front of you then take my place at your feet. My head on your knee your hand strokes my hair a sweet purr like sound from me. As your body relaxes i look to your face your head slightly tilted back your breath slowed but not sl**ping. Then a definite growl not from your lips but from your stomach.

I slip from your knee into the kitchen and retrieve some food and return to you when I get within arms reach your hand swiftly flies up under the shirt I was wearing your fingertip brushing my naked mound. Your lips break into a smile that requires no words to accompany it. You take the food from my hand look to my eyes as I slip back to your feet. You inquire as to weather I had eaten yet a whispered excuse of too excited no appetite.

You take my chin in your hand and in a stern voice state you will go fix yourself food no excuses. I get to my feet and obey somewhat reluctantly. Which gets me a stinging swat on the ass. After you eat you go to shower and get ready. You exit the bathroom in just a towel. The look of playful hunger and excitement on my face makes you smile. But instead of an invitation to follow you instruct me to get ready. You disappear behind the closing door.

I turn my focus to the bag you gave me. My flesh tingles as I take it into the bathroom after starting shower I take the items from bag first was a milky but not transparent cover at first glance it look like just a length of cloth. It has several ties on it I set it aside and decide best to shower and put in place before tugging on any of the ties.
Next was a pair of crotch less white lace panties. I can feel my juices beginning to flow. My hand starts to slip to my pussy. A knock on the door startles me. The words you say give a sense of you watching me. You may touch yourself My pet but no cumming. This heightens my arousal my finger slip to my clit and lightly rubbing it as yes Master comes from my lips. I decide I had better get into shower as a means of calming myself as I step into shower chilling the water. Cold water then turning warm helps some to distract my desire to cum.

My shower finished I dry off and brush my long red hair. Turn my attention back to the bag I find a white lace cup less bra. A note in the bottom of the bag instructing me to dress but not tie the ties on the covering. To exit bathroom and you will finish my dressing. I finish with my hair and dress.

Upon exiting the bathroom I see you are seated at the table. You stand and walk towards me chuckling a bit. Look like you are wearing part of a bed sheet my pet. My cheeks blush slightly you murmur let see what can be done to fix that. At my shoulders the cloth has two larger and one smaller that appears to be loosely holding the material together. Loose not in the end of each are slowly untied by you. My skin tingles at the brief brushes of your hands on me. Taking the four larger ends pulling them all together causing them to pull the material making folds down across my breast then attach a clip for quick release. Causing my nipples harden with the brushing of the cloth. Your hand brushes across one of my nipples a slight moan from my lips. You tug the smaller ties free from the cloth they were only meant to hold the two sides together till secured. Now I understood when the clips release this will flutter to the floor. You step to my other shoulder taking the same step as before.

A sweet tender kiss between us then you step back and you say will you walk out the door if I instruct to just as you are now my pet. Yes Master I will if you so desire it.
A smile of pleasure on your lips as you tie the first of the three ties down the each side. The first set causes cloth cup and accent my breast the other two sets meant only to keep from unintended exposure. When that is done you step away telling me to stand still. You go back to your chair and sit looking at my appearance a nod of approval. Come my pet take your place at my feet. On my hands and knees I slink to your feet. My head on your knee and my arms around your legs in a simple embrace as I whisper at your feet is my place of honor my Master. You tilt my face to meet your gaze your eyes tell me of your pleasure at my submission. You reach to the table and display a collar it is leather but with delicate design cut into it a clasp to place a small lock on it a ring on the front to attach a leash and below it was a metal medallion. Would you like to read what is says my pet? Yes Master. You hold it out for me read. The inscription reads “ In my submission to My Artist I am His Muse”. With that you place it around my neck and close the lock. Lifting my face to your gaze my eyes are closed and a tear trickles down my face. You kiss it away and murmur the sweetest of tears joyful ones.

You clip a leash to the collar and bid me stand we head to the door you instruct me to put the simple sandals on my feet. We walk out the door you with the leash in your hand me with my head held high for it is and honor you have never before given me.

Once inside the car you ask as you start it your curiosity must be almost driving you to the edge. Yes I am very curious Master but I have not asked for I felt it was part of the test. Very good my pet! You reach to and stroke my breast my nipples still hard. I can feel my moist lips touching the seat under me due to you adjusting my shift to expose my clean-shaven mound for your viewing on the drive. My hand caresses your chest and slides down grazing your lap already showing the hard shaft beneath your pants. You murmur and ask me pet what do you hunger for? My hand moves back and gives your shaft a squeeze and I look back at you. No pet you must ask in words what you desire to do. I hunger to bathe your cock with my tongue and mouth Master may I please? Yes pet do as you will but if you bring me climax you must not spill not one drop do you understand? Yes Master I do and I will not spill one drop as my face and hands excitedly move to your lap. I quickly release your hardening shaft my tongue bathing your shaft up and down teasing my tongue around your balls and back to the head. My tongue flickering around the head and the hole before my wet mouth around just the head letting it slip in and out of my mouth licking at the hole to catch any pre-cum. your fingertips brushing my mound then rubbing my clit. My hips pushing it closer to your fingers Muffled soft moans from my cock filled mouth.

My head bobbing up and down as your fingers dip into my wet slit. I do not even notice the car leaving the paved roads and moving down an unpaved road. My fingers flickering around your tightening balls. My hunger to taste your juices increases my rhythm. The car slows to a stop. A soft murmur from you best you finish me my pet while we are stopped. Your fingers still sliding from my clit to my now dripping slit but you have not
allowed me to cum. My hips grinding trying to get your fingers deeper inside me you give my nipple a bit of a twist the slight pain sensation causes me to pause. No my pet finish me without cumming yourself. I immediately draw my attentions back to your cock and hungrily begin consuming the fullness of your into my mouth then with each fevered stroke deeper into my throat one hand stoking your shaft the other you tightening balls that are growing wet with my saliva. I can feel your cock begin to throb in my mouth a giddy little Mmmm as the first spurts pulse into my mouth. Your head tilted back and a delicious moan from your mouth as I suck every drop then lick your cock clean.

The car begins to move again now that you have clean your toy my pet you should put it away. As the car travels along I obey. In the distance I can see the glow of lights as you turn on to the road leads to the lights I can feel my anticipation rising as well as some anxiety I reach to my throat and lightly stoke the medallion. I hear you voice well pet we are here as you park the car in front of a warehouse looking building.

You instruct me to stay put and come around to my side of car you reach into the glove box removing my blindfold then to the trunk removing a familiar box with a handle on it. It is our toy box. Setting it beside the car you taking the leash in hand a gentle tug to indicate I am to stand. You place my blindfold over my eyes as you whisper reminders of your protection and care for my health and well being as well as your love but also reminder that disobedience will be met with punishment. We have not moved from the side of the car and my body is on fire and trembles. You kiss my mouth my arms around you is sweet but deep passionate kiss. You grasp the leash and box and proceed to walk to the door. The jerk of the collar around my neck cause a bit of an unsteady start but I soon get my stride as we move forward my excitement and angst climbing. I can feel the dampness start to flow down the inside of my thigh blindfolded I cannot look to see it will be seen by others. The thought of not knowing arouses me more only causing more of my juices down my leg further.

We reach the door your hand on my shoulder your voice there is a small up step here pet. My foot forward finding my balance then we are inside. The door closes the air is filled with a spicy warm scent. An unfamiliar male voice say hello to you a chill runs up my body the thought of weather he can see the juices flowing down my legs. Your conversation together seems to go on forever. But this gives me a somewhat false sense of not being noticed.

I catch the words go make yourselves comfortable. Trying to avoid a stumbled step I take a step forward I feel the close proximity of your body and it is not moving. I freeze as I feel a light breeze like someone moving toward me. The other male says to you “ I see you brought a tempting treat with you”. “Thank you” as you pull me a little bit forward. The male says “Introduce your consort please?” “She is my muse and pet merna” I feel your hand on right breast fingertips grazing my hard nipple. Then a hand on my left breast causes a slight gasp because I know it is not your but it also causes my nipple to grow even harder. You both give each nipple a little twist causing a moan from me. I feel his hand slip to the edge of my dress pulling it up slightly and grazing the inside of my thigh “ I think your pet is already aroused and we have yet begun”. My cheeks blush red and he murmurs in my ear they all do sweetie but the blush of your cheeks makes it all the sweeter to taste. I feel his fingers on my lips. I part them and taste my juices from his fingers.

You whisper to me as you push your hard shaft against me your pleasure at my reactions to all and with that you remove my blindfold. The next room we enter is cool and filled with people it all assortment of attire. My skin begins to tingle.

We walk across room to a series of doors. Taking a key from your pocket you open one of the door and lead me into the room. Looking around room causes me to let out an excited giggle. I catch a smile on your face you also take such pleasure in my excitement. No actual bed in the room it look more like something out of Arabian nights but also some very arousing extras as in placement of equipment for binding one or more person. I slip up beside you purring my hand caressing your chest and down to your shaft. Your mouth kissing me hard as your hand slips to my still wet mound and rubs my clit I see my pet still has hunger for the adventure! Then we shall go meet some people and let the night take us where we desire.

We go back to the main room as you lead me and we begin to mingle you pull me close and whisper to me my pet we will meet many people here see and experience much. I have a hunger tonight that must be fed and when time comes I will take you back to that room and prepare you. Of all the people we will meet tonight I want to know which are acceptable to you. But I will decide who will join us. My body trembles against you and you murmur delightful are your reactions my pet. Taking a seat in a very comfortable pit area. A large round table in the center there is some straps attached to the base and I watch as the waiter walks around it taking orders for drinks. The thoughts running through my mind sends chills though my mind a slight blush to my cheeks (damn the blush I think to myself always giving me away) my hand moves in an attempt to cover my cheek. The woman sitting next to me reaches to my hand and gently brushes the back of it. The sensation is comforting and arousing.

There are 8 to ten people already there some like us are Doms with their subs other are singles or couples of different types. One man reaches toward my neck I jolt back and look to you. He says her first public affair with a bit of a chuckle. You nod and touch my cheek be still my muse. He reach to the medallion at my throat reads it and then offers you the same courtesy. He is tall and has dark piercing eyes light colored hair and a slight tan. His sub steps forward she has long straight black silky and blue eyes. She catches me looking at her I smile at her. Her breast are fully visible she wears a sheer blouse and a skirt that cover almost nothing. I can feel you watching my reaction. Through the next hour or so we meet many some good some we both look to each other and you always guiding whether or not I am to be touched and by whom. I watch as other woman come some just wanting to touch and taste you some both some just me.

At one point a girl collared is tied to the table she is offered to any who wants. Her Dom has made it clear is her punishment. We watch as many take there turn at her at several points she has every orifice filled. Although some of what is going on is very arousing to us evident by our hands on each other and some sitting beside us at one point this punishment turns rather vicious. You sense my discomfort I keep my composure to the others but you sense me on so many levels your hand in the small of my back pulls me to you as you murmur to me do not look away my pet but know I would never allow such cruelty. You feel my body relax but I do not break my gaze.

Well relaxed and at ease you tell me you have made your choices. My mind is spinning choices how many who my juice flowing again down my thigh as you lead me to the room my nipples hard the brushing material making them even more sensitive.

Once inside the room I throw my arms around you kissing you madly. You hold me for a moment as I tell you how amazing you are. I fall to my knees my long red tresses falling to across your feet. You are truly my loving compassionate Master and I will always strive to never f***e you to punish me. But I have always know if it becomes necessary you would do it with the same strength and compassion that I have come to know in your guidance and protection. I am so sorry if I gave indication that I ever thought you capable of that cruelty. You slip to the floor where I have displayed my self. You cup my face and turn it upwards your first public affair and you have already experience and learned so much. The smile on your face turns to a chuckle you have not disappointed me I did not know we would see such and extreme punishment. I only meant to put you at ease. Now put those thoughts away and come to my arms. You walk to the pillows and I slink to you on my hands and knees. Your sweet passionate kisses as one by one you restrain my hands and feet. I can see the your bulging shaft in your pants as you are at the side of my face. May I please have your cock in my mouth before you leave me here Master. You smile and present your hard cock rubbing it against my lips as I lird. Your fingers thrusting in and out of my dripping pussy a playful growl cum now pet for when I return you will have to ask or wait to be told when you can cum. Your cock pumping in and out of my mouth my hips arch and grinding hard against your fingers as I cum sweet juices gushing out of me all over your hand. You pull your cock from my mouth replacing it with your fingers into my mouth and I lick and suck them clean.

Kissing my mouth as you place my blindfold over my eyes Mmmm sweet as always. You place a vibrating egg inside my still dripping pussy no cumming till I return pet. Yes master. One more surprise my pet as I feel my arm restraints pulling my arm above my head. Then I gasp as I am being pulled to my feet by these restraints. I will return pet mind you no cumming yes My Master with that the door closes silence but for the hum vibration from my pussy. My hips begin to rock trying to adjust the sensation. What feels like forever I want to cum so bad. But my will to not disappoint has me counting and biting into my lip anything to take my mind off the hunger. The door opens quickly causing a cool breeze across my body giving me chills.

I can here movement in the room your voice “let me present my pet”. Your hands on my waist tell us my pet “what are you to do tonight?” My voice small but the room is quiet I reply “ I am to fed Masters hunger” I chuckle from someone in the room my cheeks my body feels hot. Then a brisk swat on my ass I let out a shocked yelp as you say “ Just my hunger?” “No Master everyone you have brought here his or her hungers as well must be fed”.

You reach the ties at the sides of my cover but not just your hands several others. Then the two clips at my shoulder pop and it just flutters to the floor. My pussy so wet and dripping I whimper please Master May I please cum my body squirming in front of all. No not yet pet but I will give you relief from this as you remove the egg from my wet pussy.

My knees give a bit but relief is short lived. My body is being covered with oil, hands and mouths. I gasps as I feel fingers slipping into my pussy at the same time a wet hot tongue is rubbing my clit another is licking me from behind all the way up to my ass my cheeks spread wide, other hands and mouths on my breast and nipples. Nibbling twisting licking. My body being ravaged I am wriggling and twisting my body and mind has become crazed I scream out Master Please I ….. need to cummmmmm !!!

You give me a bite on the neck Go ahead my pet let it go I scream as my body shudders out of control I feel like I am going to pass out as I start cumming it feel like an explosion as juices pulse out of my pussy and oh my god tongue licking and sucking my pussy I cant stop cumming.

I feel a bit in a haze, as my body is lower till I am on my knees. I feel a cock being rubbed against my lips. I begin to immediately lick and suck on this cock and balls. A head separating my legs and a hot tongue and mouth lapping at my pussy another from behind licking and probing my ass. The cock in my mouth explodes all over my face then a woman kissing and licking and sharing the cum with me she takes my hands to her breast my mouth soon follows licking her hard nipples soft moaning. I hear you sounds of being pleasured as you guide my face away from her to a clean shaven mound her scent is intoxicating my tongue goes quickly to her swollen clit darting in and out of her dripping pussy I can tell her mouth is being fucked by a cock she is cumming in my mouth my whole body writhing.

Then A familiar voice from the entry “ Does the tempting little treat want to cum?” a muffled “yes please “ Two hands grip my hips hard as a female voice utters Please Master let me do that. I feel the tip of a cock pressing against me just the head slipping in and out he hand on the small of my back now she is under me as he slams hard and deep into me her mouth licking and sucking us both. Fast hard and deep his throbbing cock thrust in and out. Now cum with me now a slap to my ass I scream as I cum hard again into the sweet pussy I have been licking I rock her so hard she starts cumming again. His cock pulsing hot cum deep into me he says lick her clean now my slut I shudder as her mouth feels like she is devouring me.

I hear you scream out as you cum from near by it makes my juices flow more she move from my pussy and purrs to her Master she cums as he is pleasured.

The room turns from lust filled screams and moans and growls to softer but still sensual sounds of pleasures spent. You come to me gently remove my restraints and guild me back to where my body had first started. The air is filled with such carnal sexual essence Ahh what a heady scent. My blindfold still in place We are surrounded by spent bodies that are still kissing caressing. Is wonderful…………..

After all have recovered the room empties but for you and I. Soon you whisper your pleasure at my service to all hungers. You remove the blindfold stroking my face as I snuggle up as close as my body can get. You chuckle a bit I look up and you and say what so funny. You look at me and reply oh baby what an adventure but it has left its mark. I reach to my hair and realize I still have cum all over me. You stand taking my hands pulling me to my feet I follow you to the bathroom where we lovingly shower washing each other. Dressing in the change of clothes in our toy box. You put my collar back in place we stop and thank the host. The voice at entry has a face he leans over kisses my cheek and looks at you saying do you know she cums when she hears you being pleasured by others? She is a treasure he says. You thank him for the evening; we drive back my body against you fighting to stay awake. We fall exhausted but exquisitely satisfied into bed in each other’s arms..

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