readers wives

My story goes back to the eighties, when the likes of Fiesta and e****t ruled. Remember readers’ wives? The best section. Best of all, for a fee, to the publisher, some of these lovelies could be contacted.

I certainly sent off a few letters, and on occasions met up and had some good times. In fact this about one of those. The names and places are changed but the rest is true.

There was a couple seeking contact, Mark and Mary. I dropped them a line and about a month later they got in touch. They said they were looking for a couple and that they were both bi. I replied saying that I was neither, a couple or bi, but I enclosed a pic and a story of what I’d like to see happen should we meet up.

Mark got in touch saying that we should meet in a country pub first and take things from there. Well a few weeks later I was in a strange pub, full of people and not recognising anyone. After a while a bloke came up to me and introduced himself as Mark. “Hell mate, didn’t recognise you with your clothes on” I blurted out. Hardly the best thing to say to begin a friendship with!

We sat down and chatted about this and that. Hardly anything about sex or the like. Then suddenly Mark and Mary stood up and said, “Right, we’ll be in touch” and with that left. I was a bit surprised as I thought we were getting along well enough, but thought ‘oh well’.

A week later Mary rang me saying that they were looking for a couple but they’d been given the run around by a few, so if I was up for a meet then we’d meet in a motel half way between us both.

So a Saturday afternoon later, there I was, room 3, waiting. Mark and Mary turned up when they said they would. We had a few drinks in the bar, had a few laughs and went back to our rooms. Ten minutes after getting back to the room, Mark knocked on the door. “Ready”?

Entering their room, it was just like mine only Mary was there, dressed up in a red Basque, stockings, high heels and makeup, wow. She looked gorgeous. Mark said for me to sit in the chair and he sat on the table. Mary moved and gyrated in front of us. We were to just watch her, and I was very keen to do that.

After a while she was on all fours pushing her bottom backwards. Every time she did her knickers pulled tight and her lips were slightly parted. I so wanted to grab at her but waited for Mark to say so. So I looked in his direction and saw he had his cock out and was wanking it slowly. It was an impressive cock, I must say. In fact I was the only one present who was showing anything.

Mark noticed me looking at him and he flicked his eyes at his wife’s arse. “What to you think then”? He asked. “Fucking lovely,” I said. Well you stand on one side and I’ll get on the other.” With that I stood up, dropped my trousers, out flicked my erect cock and I stood, cook out at right angles by the left side of Mary and Mark by the right.
Mary was still rocking back and fore and we just held out palms upwards so her nipples brushed against them. Her nipples were hot, very hot. It felt like she quivered every time she brushed past. She let out small squeaks.

Mark lent over and ran his hand down over her bottom. “She’s wet”, he said, “Have a feel”. I bent over to do so but Mark left his hand there. For a moment I faltered. Then I slipped in my finger, feeling not only how wet she was, but Mark’s finger as well. Both of us were fingering her. I could feel Mark flicking her inside, his finger bumped into mine time after time. Mary was now pushing back onto our hands. “Dirty bitch is loving it”, Mark said, and with that he pulled out his finger, which made a plopping sound, he licked it and then came back only this time he pushed his finger into her tight little bottom.

Mary let out a squeal, “shut up” mark said, “you know you like your arse being fucked’. “Yeah, but our guest might not” Mary said. “No, no it’s fine” I said. Mary now pushed back harder and ground downwards, pulling at our hands, almost pulling them away. Mark met her actions with firm actions of his own, following Mary downwards. As Mary rose she f***ed our fingers in further. “I love this”. Mark said, “She’s coming already”.

It was then I realised that Mary was demanding “cock, give me cock”, in fact she had been for some time, I just didn’t realise. “I’ll go first,” Mark said and he manoeuvred himself around and pushed in his cock almost before I could get my fingers out of the way. Mary started to scream out. “Shut her up will you” Mark joked, but before I could do anything Mary had reached around to grab at my cock. I got the idea! I let her swallow me whole; She certainly was good at sucking. The thing was I didn’t want to cum and she was going to get it out of me pretty quick if I didn’t do something to stop her.

As Mark hammered her, pushing her on to me, she had all of me in her mouth. Between gagging and sucking and stifled screaming it seemed to make Mark push harder and harder.

Suddenly mark stopped, “come here and finish off, quickly”, Mark said. He pulled out of Mary, his cock twitching and bobbing about, covered in a white cummy fluid from Mary’s pussy. Mary rolled over onto her back and Mark quickly sat over her face, his heavy sack over her mouth.” Go on, go on” demanded Mark So I entered her. Mark was much, much bigger than me. I wondered if Mary even noticed I was in her, but she did. Perhaps it was because of his size, but I felt that she need some more stimulus so I flipped at her clit with a finger as I fucked her open and soaking wet pussy.

I wondered if mark had cum in her as she was so wet, but I was answered in spectacular fashion. Mark faced me and held out an arm to steady himself. Mary had hold of his balls in her mouth and sucked at his balls, pulling his sink on his shaft so tight that it pulled back his foreskin, exposing his purple head. He’d thrust forward as she released her grip resulting in his foreskin almost recovering his helmet. She was wanking him by her mouth.

As I flicked at Mary’s clit she slapped the bed with her hands, unable to speak, as her mouth was full of Marks balls, I carried on. She wriggled more and more and I was going to stop, but the look on Marks face told me not to. Mary was screaming so loud now I thought that we’d have the management banging on the door and then it happened. Mark exploded. I mean litterly. A huge amount of spunk flew from him and all over me. Well in fact all in my face, as I had been facinacted in what Mary was doing to him. Until then I’d never had anyone else spunk on me and now I was covered from head to belly in it. I was shocked, surprised and not at all annoyed, which I thought I would have been if you asked me about that before it happened.

Mark said “I’ve not finished, help me mate”, and without even thinking about it I lent over, grabbed his spunk and pussy cum covered cock and ran my hand up and down, squeezing as tight as I would had I been wanking. Now it was the turn of Mark to grimace and moan. It was hard wanking someone else when you are in front of them, let alone the first time I’d ever wanked another man. Marks face tightened and I could feel his sperm pushing past my grip. He let forth another huge load, this time without the f***e or distance than as before. Perhaps I was wanking him too hard!

As he lent forward I then noticed that Mary had repositioned her arms and whilst I had been wanking Mark she had been fingering his arse as well.

He and I fell onto the bed. I had his spunk on my face and am chest and my hand. Mary came over slid over the both of us and licked at his spunk. That was just the fist half hour of a very long, long weekend and indeed friendship. Perhaps I’ll tell you more if you ask or leave enough comments.

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5 days ago
I sent off heaps of 'contact me' to fiesta readers wives, bet I did one to you as well. lol
Most have a good story behind them.
Different days back then eh - Fiesta must have made a mint - Think they charged 20 pounds to 'forward' mail
10 days ago
I posted and had my photos on readers wives but never had the nerve to meet anyone who contacted
2 years ago
great story....
3 years ago
I really enjoyed ...thank u,spank u
3 years ago
Nice one, a good hot read. I'm not Bi but I could step over the line at a time like that. All about sharing the fun and pleasure.