my first huge cock

I was looking at a dating site, just checking who was online in my area when a message popped up from a guy i didn't recognise. I thought, what the hell so we exchanged pics and chatted for a bit. He was very good looking. We agreed to meet that morning so i got ready and went to his house.

When Jay opened the front door i was shocked just how gorgeous he was in the flesh. He invited me in and led me upstairs. He was wearing tight fitting trackie bottoms and his arse looked so good i wanted to bury my face in it right there and then.

Once in the bedroom we undressed nervously and lay on the bed. He put his arm round me and we started chatting to break the ice. The chatting didn't last long as he pulled my lips to his and started kissing me. It was so gentle that it turned me on so much my cock was soon stiff and throbbing.

We run our hands over each others bodies, still kissing but still tender. I sucked and kissed his nipples, making him groan with pleasure before kissing slowly down towards his huge cock. His cock must have been about 9 inches and was quite thick.

I slowly took as much of his cock in my mouth as i could, sucking gently and running my tongue over the head and down the length of it. His moaning and writhing turned me on even more until he couldn't handle it.

He flipped me over and pinned me to the bed kissing me, then grabbed my cock and took the whole length in his mouth. I was in extasy. I wrapped my legs around him and puched my cock deep into his mouth. This seemed to last forever like i was in heaven.

When i couldn't take it any more i got up and grabbed his arse and stuck his raging cock back in my mouth sucking harder than ever and making him shudder with pleasure, while he stroked my cock madly making me erupt all over myself, followed quickly by him shooting his hot sticky load all over my chest. We both lay there and laughed nervously gasping for breath.

I couldn't believe how amazing it had felt.

I can't wait to see him again for a repeat performance.
87% (12/2)
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3 years ago
I would also like to suck your cock
4 years ago
Loved the story - 9 inches!! Wow, I'm jealous, I don't suppose you share!?? lol Hopefully catch up soon x
4 years ago
Wow that was so great you got the tocuh thanks
4 years ago
tell me whats it like sucking another guys cock.i curious and like the idea of a mans lips around my shaft.great story by the way