What an opportunity

When I was about 20 years old I visited one of my favourite toilets in my home town one evening looking for some fun. I entered one of the cubicles which had a glory hole on the door. I dropped my trousers and pants and sat down to read some of the sexy stories on the wall. I started to masturbate and a short time later I heard someone entering the toilet. The man stood at a urinal opposite my door and I was sure that he would be able to see me tossing myself. The guy then turned round and showed me his cock. It was huge and rock solid.

He approached my door and slid his beautiful cock through the glory hole. I just had to taste it so I bent down and licked it. I then took it into my mouth and started to suck it. The guy then removed his cock and looked into the glory hole. He asked me if I would come out and join him. The temptation was too much for me so I pulled up my trousers and pants and left the cubicle. The guy was about 50 years old and very good looking. I stood up beside him at the urinal and we caressed each other’s cocks. When he asked if I would like to go to his home I jumped at the chance and agreed.

I drove behind his car until he drove into the drive of his house. I followed him into the house and after he shut the door behind us he took me in his arms and kissed me gently at first but our kisses became more and more passionate. He then took me into his front room and I sat down on the settee. He poured two glasses of whisky for us and sat down beside me. He asked me if I would like to watch a gay movie “to get us in the mood” and I readily agreed.

He switched on the video player and the movie started. I had never seen a gay movie before and I found it very exciting. We finished our glasses and he took me in his arms again and we continued kissing. He unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it off and started to suck my nipples. This felt great and I could feel my cock hardening again. He knelt in front of me and removed my trousers and pants. When my cock sprung out he started to lick and suck it with great passion. I asked him to stop because I didn’t want to come too soon.

He then stood up and slipped off his shirt , trousers and pants. When I saw his cock again I was overcome with desire and took it into my mouth . What a lovely feeling it was to taste this lovely cock once more.

He then climbed on top of me and asked me to fuck him. He got some gel from under the settee and greased my cock and his hole. “Now” he said, “Fuck me hard”. My erect cock slid into his hole and he started to bounce up and down on it. This felt so good as I fucked him as hard as I could. I couldn’t keep going too long and eventually shot my load up into his juicy hole. “Wow was that great”, I said.

I laid back on the settee as he climbed off. I was totally exhausted. He started to caress my naked body and kiss my nipples. His hand went down between my legs and I felt his fingers exploring my hole. I couldn’t resist opening my legs in an open invitation to his cock. He said,” Do you think you will manage a cock as big as mine?”

I asked him to be gentle as his was the biggest cock I had ever seen. He promised to be kind and gelled my hole with one finger and then two. He produced a small vibrator from a drawer in the settee and asked if I wished him to warm me up with it first. I agreed and he slid the vibrator slowly into my hole. This felt so good but, after a few minutes, I told him that I was dying to feel his cock in me.

He gelled this gorgeous weapon and placed against my hole. He pushed gently and I could feel my hole opening gradually until the head of his cock popped up. “Ooooh”, I said, “Take it easy” and he started to caress my body concentrating on my nipples. I felt myself relaxing and he kissed me fiercely which really got me going. I needed him in me now and I clicked my heels round his bottom and pulled him into me.

Now his cock slid right into me giving me the greatest feeling of my life. He fucked my slowly and gently while we caressed each other. His body was close to mine and we were now in total unison. I had never felt a cock so big but boy was I enjoying this fuck as I drifted away in complete abandon. His fucking started to increase in rate as we held each other close and he said, “Do you want me to come in you or would you rather suck me off?”

I pleaded to suck him off and he fucked me more and more rapidly until he said, “Here we go” and pulled out. He stood up and I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him so hard until his come shot into my throat. I swallowed all his come and licked him dry.

We both collapsed on the floor with our naked bodies cling together. We kissed and kissed until the passion slowly faded. I have never forgotten this meeting and I visited him several times thereafter. Our sex together was always as passionate. I will never forget our first encounter.
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got me hard
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Well what about the next time you gottogether should make some very fine story thanks