The prom night

Few weeks befor the Prom, me and one of my best female friend, Sarah, were talkin about it. Because we share everything, she told me that she wanted to be fucked for the first time in her life, that night, because it was special to her. I was thinking and came up with this great ideea:
"Hey Sarah, listen to me..since we are both such great dancers, why dont we go together to the Prom, because..the Prom King And Prom Queen gets alot of attention from the crowd, so..maybe you will find a hot guy, and I will find a hot girl."
"I dont know Merc..let me think..if we start practicing two weeks we`ll be the best dancers arround.."
"So its a deal?"

After so much training session, the Prom night was finally there. When i went to pick`up Sarah i was pretty stunned, she looked amasing, i never looked at her like that night..she was wearing a black dress and black high`heels which made her ass looks so ferm. She was 1.73 cm tall,36B breasts, black hair, black eyes, tanned skin..she looked so misterious and gorgeous.
"Hi Merc, the night is finally here huh? I hope we`ll get what we want"
"Sure Sarah, lets go" (i couldnt stop thinking about her but she was one of my best friends and I couldnt just screw her.

When we arrived, we started to chat with others and so on for 1 hour maybe. After than we begun to dance, almost everyone was starring at us, because we were incredible good, unlike the others.
The announcement for the king and queen was about to start.
"This is it Sarah, lets own them!"
"You`r damn right Merc!"
So, as I expected i was The prom King, Sarah was very happy for me and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.(my cock was semi`erect already..still thinking about her). I was surprised to hear the The Prom Queen isnt Sarah, but Ashley ( being known as a slut who fucks everybody, She was 1.66cm tall, blonde curly hair, green eyes, and dressed with a white see-trough). At that moment I was very dissapointed, I could see the look on Sarah eyes, almost crying, but i had to dance with the queen. She wasnt such a great dancer as Sarah, just a lil bit pretty but the fact that she was a whore made me thinking about fucking her, why not.
"Wanna go outside, in my car maybe Ashley, maybe have a glass of champaigne?" i said, looking at her boobs(36C)
"Of course, King, take me to your "castle" and make me your servant". Soon after the song was over, we went out straight to my car, we entered and started kissing each other so bad.
"You have a condom, right Merc?" / "Yeah of course" i said as i handed it to her
"Now put the condom on my cock, but first give me a blow job, make me proud of my queen."

Her blowjob skills were amasing, i came after 6 minutes of hard sucking, and after she swallowed she put the condom on my cock and begun to fuck me. It was great, she moaned and came 2 times, i was moaning, but the image of sarah kept appearing in my head. Soon instead of Ashley i saw that Sarah was the one who I`m fucking so pushed harder and harder as ashley kept moaning and squired one hell of a load. Soon after i came on her face i told her:
"Thanks, im done here is over, carry on"
"Thank you Merc, you was great, maybe you and I could start dating, what you say?"
"I`ll think about it Ashley, bye"("if my night wasnt going as i expecter, i could use another fuck with Ashley" i was thinking). After me and Ashley hugged, i went back and start looking for Sarah. When I found her she was pretty sad because every hot guy was on a date, and because she wasnt the prom queen, they wont even look at her.
"Stop it Sarah, you are a beautiful girl, come on lets dance, you are still on a date with me."
I could see the smile on her face when i said that, she was so gorgeous...After dancing,(i was thinking that its now or never) i kissed her on her lips, and i loved the taste of her lips.
"What are you doing?" she said.
"Sorry Sarah, the truth is..this night made me realise that even if we know eachother from the c***dhood, im starting to have real feeling for you, I Lo.."
i couldnt finish the sentence because her tongue was already swimming in my mouth.
"Thank god you said that, i was thinking about telling you the same thing, but i didnt wanted to screw our friendship Merc."
"Dont ever say that again, Im glad you have feeling for me too, but dont be afraid, nothing can screw up our friendship." After that we danced some more, kissed and touching, i was already semi`erect, so i told her:
"Lets go home, Sarah, if you want..maybe I could offer you the special night you told me about."
"Oh my god, i think i`ll pass out, lets go faster"

After we reached her place, we went straight to the bedroom(she was home alone), lighted some candles, and start making out. Soon after that i begun to undress her and lick her from the neck straight to her boobies and start sucking them. I could sense her heart`beat rising, and her nipples getting hard as a rock, so i continued to undres her. I kissed her all over her body, and after pulling her red panties off, i could kiss, smell, lick her beautiful virgin pussy..It was awesome..
"I cant believe that we`re doing this, my best friend popping my cherry, i hope you`r not screwing arround with me Merc, if you do so, i will never forgive you."
"Dont worry Sarah, i wont, now please if you want, could you give me a blowjob?, then i will teach you to put a condom on my cock with your mouth". After i said that she started to lick and suck my rock`solid cock. She wasnt so good at it but the fact that im being sucked by her, made me almost came in her mouth. She told me that my pre`cum taste good, but i cant came now, so after she put the condom on my cock, i slowly begun to rub her pussy. I`ve never fucked a virgin before, and that bl**d dropping out from her pussy made me feel very good, and desired. After popping her cherry, i slowly begun to fuck her, and i could see that she was enjoying it because she squirted 4 times in 10 minutes. After that i started to fuck her harder and harder, and her loud moans made me cum after 4 or 5 minutes.
"This was great, I love you Merc!"
"The night isnt over yet Sarah, now lets take a shower and make up, and after that i will show you some more positions and make you squirt ever more. As i told you, your night gonna be special!"
"Oh my god, quickly lets shower and start fucking again!"

After the shower he had sex two more times, second time i came in her mouth after 30 minutes of fucking, and third time I came on her face after 39-40 minutes. When i woke up with her laying next to me, looking at her naked body gave me a boner. I kissed her and i left her a message, because her parents will be home soon so i didnt wanted them to know that im their daugher`s new lover.

Since that night we became a couple, and i will never forget that night. ( "This is how you tell "How i met your mother" mr TED MOSBY!" this is a joke, and its not a part of the story).

If you enjoyed my story, tell me and i will post more.(First FMF encouter, and about our honeymoon)
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3 years ago
oh yeah, ur right multiguy, but its a minor error indeed
3 years ago
lol great story, post more!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
nice story dude....
3 years ago
A good storm. However a minor error. The height of both girls was expressed in Centimeters, while this is fine there should be no decimal point in the number otherwise the girls will be less than 5 inches tall.