My french teacher

Few years ago, when I was in highschool, I asked my french teacher if she could help me to study french language because i was going to visit France in the summer holiday. She agreed and told me to meet at her place @ 18:00 o`clock.

At 18 o`clock i was in front of the door and i knocked...being a little nervous. When she answered i was shocked..i couldn believe my eyes..she was way hotter than i imagined. She was a mature french lady, arround 43` years old but for me..she was gorgeous at the moment. She was 1.70m tall, green eyes, slim body, curly black hair and she was wearing a pair of slim jeans and a pretty tight white tshirt as i could admire her 34B boobs.

"Hi Merc, please enter and make yourself comfortable" she said.
"Ohh..Hi mrs Carla, sure and i want to thank you again for your help." I said as i walked in the living room and getting ready for 2 hrs of studying.
"Avec plaisir("your welcome") anyway im kinda lonely since my husband went back to Lyon with his Law will be nice to have someone to talk to. Well then lets begin with the basic words, because you will use them alot in your trip to France"
"Ok then lets start."

After 25 minutes of studying..i started to stare at the boobs..they were so ferm and nice..i could feel my cock getting harder and harder as i started to wonder how mrs Carla looks naked.(I couldn believe myself..i was in the middle of a study session and i was thinking about how my teacher look`s naked.) Suddently i heard mrs Carla saying:
"Merc are you ok?"
"Yes mrs Carla, sorry i was thinking about the holiday"
"Focus please..if you really wanna learn something"
"Sure, it wont happen again i promise" but my erection wouldnt go away so easy..i was still looking at her boobs but i was more careful. I think she saw what i was doing because she aproached me and started to talk verry calm and relaxed"

The study session was over finally ( i didnt learned too much ) and i couldnt wait to get home and masturbating thinking about my lovelly teacher.
"Au Revoir! Next study session is Friday..dont you dare to skip it!"she said
"Au revoir mrs Carla, i wont miss it!" then, as i was leaving the house i can swear that she took a glance at my hard`on. Thinking about this drove me insane. When i reached home i runed to the bathroom and started to masturbate..that was awesome..a student thinking and masturbating about his mature all felt sooo good.

Friday when she opened the door..she was dressed only in her pj`s and i swear she didnt had any bra because i could see her nipples. That gave me a huge hard`on and i couldnt let this goint wild so i asked:
"Can i use your bathroom mrs Carla?"
"Sure Merc, just dont forget to was your hands"
As i was masturbating i took a look in her laundry basket and i found some panties to smell. The smell of her panties was incredible. After i came i flushed the toilet and quickly washed my hands.
"Done mrs Carla, lets start"
Everything was going great until, halfway trough the study session, after she went to the bathroom, she said
"What the hell happened in there Merc?"
" sorry mrs Carla but i dont think i need to study french anymore, i will leave now..."
"Why Merc? you dont speak french at all yet, i`ll forgive you for droping my towel in the sink..its not big deal"
"Well..i must tell you the truth mrs Carla, the reason i dont want to study anymore is because i cant focus"
"Why cant you focus?"
"Because i cant stop thinking about you mrs Carla, I cant learn a word...i cant stop starring at your slim awesome body, at your ferm boobs, imagine you naked, doing nasty things to you..sorry, i will leave now.."
"Merc..thank you for your blushing..maybe i can help you somehow"
"You cant help me mrs Carla, nothing can help me now, you have a husband i really want you.."
"Well in that case..." she said then she pushed me into the couch and started to kiss me so wild...her tongue was swiming inside my mouth..and my cock was rock solid at the moment. "Is soo fucking good to touch a man, i forgot what was it like, my husband is away since last year and i need this soo much, thank you Merc for conffesing me your fantasies" and then she pulled my shirt off and started to rub my cock. The feeling was awesome and i pulled her pj`s off and started to lick her nipples while i was rubbing her pussy with my left hand.

Soon she stands up and slaped me then she told me to lick her cunt until he came or no cock in her pussy today, then slaped me again. That moment was incredible..i relentlesly started to eat her pussy as she was pushing my head into her pussy. In about 10 minutes of heavy pussy eating i could feed her warm fluids into my mouth and body.
"Mmmm It taste soo good..i love you" i said while she was moaning as hell
"Now its time to please you baby"
She kneeled in front of me the she started to slowly lick my penis while asking "You like it? im a good licker or im too old for this?
"Oh Carla, you are awesome, I see you as a young beautifull girl, for me age doesnt matter!"
"Wonderful words young boy, now its time for desert..she standed up then she put my cock into her warm, soft pumped pussy.." She moaned lowder and lowder as i stardet to fuck her faster and faster. When i was about to came she slaped me and said "Do not dare to cum into your teacher's pussy, I want to taste your young cum!" then she kneeled and waited for my load. After i came, she swallowed all of my cum and cleaning my dick she said
"That wasOne hell of a fuck, thank you Merc!"
"Avec plaisir!" i said. Then we started to make out for another hour. When i was about to leave she asked me "When i will need you again, dont you dare to miss or i will slap your cock until it falls!"
"I will miss you mrs Carla, thank you for the wonderfull time, i will come to see you whenever you call Carla, I promise!"

This is the end of my first High School Story. If you enjoyed it, please let me know and i will write some more about the prom night, the trip to france..and many others!
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2 years ago
really was a great story
3 years ago
love to hear about your glory days at your prom night and france. hot sexy over there, i know about french women and their high sex drive.
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
thanks, i will
3 years ago
definitely write more it was a great story!