Here I was, on a Sunday night, going in the club to have some fun.
After few hours of dancing and drinking, one pretty girl came and asked me to dance with her. Looking at her I saw that she`s not a "grenade" so I was thinking maybe I will have some fun tonight so we started dancing. After a while I started rubbing her ass, then I kissed her...OMG she was such a good kisser.
After she broke the kiss she asked me to come to her place and I was so excited that i took her hand and put it to feel my boner.
She gigled and we start walking to her place.
As soon as we arrived..i couldnt stop kissing and fondling her 34B tits. After sucking ther tits and rubbing her ass..i went for her pussy but she stopped me and told me that she wanted to cuff me the the bed and fuck like rabbits.
We went to the bedroom, I got naked then let myself cuffed to the bed. After that she gave me one of the most awesome blow jobs ever...i shot a huge load in her mouth and she swallowed it all. She stopped and said:
"Now its your turn babe.."
"Great I cant wait to work on that pussy..i bet you`re wet down there"
"Yes, yes, please closer your eyes and I will facesitting you"
As soon as I closed my eyes..i heard her getting naked and climbing on top of me. I was feeling her body getting close to me so I opened my mouth and got my tongue out. Soon i felt a cock on my tongue...omg i opened my eyes and saw a 5and a half inch cock entering my mouth...I was so nervous and i couldnt believe my eyes that shes a shemale...i was excited but at the same time freaked out. Seeing my face..she calmed me down and told me that if I didnt wanted to do it she would stop. I was so d***k and horny, so i told her that i will only suck her dick, nothing more and she agreed. It felt so good sucking her tiny cock while fondling her boobies..i was almost in heaven that night. After few minutes she told me that shes gonna cum and i told her to cum in my mouth then ill spit the cum in her mouth and soon after i told her that i felt a hot stream of cum entering my mouth. It tasted nice but i didnt wanted to swallow so she kissed me and i passed all the sperm in her mouth...god that was one hot kiss.

After that i told her to untie me because i`m gonna fuck her ass and cum inside her. After she untied me i fucked her ass for almost 20 minutes untill i shot my load inside her tight man-hole. After that she cleared my cock, we showered together and kissed untill we felt asl**p.
Next morning after breakfest we did a little 69 and i went home....

That was 1 experience ill never forget

90% (25/3)
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10 months ago
It does make for a fun night ... or an incredible experience when with another person.
2 years ago
I like
2 years ago
Very nice
2 years ago