A Roommate

Just before coming to college, my girlfriend and I ended it. Though I had slept with a few girls since then, I still couldn't get over my ex.
At college, I live in a dorm room, and have a few friends on the same floor as me. Seeing me upset over my not so recent break-up, one of my buddies asked if I wanted to have a few beers and watch a movie. Thinking that it would take my mind of things, I agreed.
After a few beers and much searching, we finally agreed to watch a comedy movie, he told me that he had seen it just last week with his girlfriend but would like to see it again. As the movie started, I turned of the lights and sat down on the couch beside my friend.
A few minutes into the movie, there was a sexual scene which I particularly liked, so much in fact that it gave me a boner. Wearing sweat pants, it was pretty clear that I was pitching a tent and uncomfortable about it. My friend assured me that it was alright and not to be embarrassed, he admitted to having a hard on of his own but was embarrassed because it wasn't as big as mine. I told him that I'm sure it was fine and not to be worried. He asked if we could see who is bigger. Reluctantly, I agreed.
We both stood up off the couch and pulled down our pants, I was wearing some loose comfy boxers. He was wearing tight Calvin Klein briefs which made his bulge look huge. I told him that there is no way that his dick is smaller than mine, then, we both took off our underwear to compare.
He was right, his cock was a little smaller than mine, only by half an inch or so. Surprisingly, I looked down to see that my boner was back, and bigger than ever. I stared at his cock, smoothly shaved and defined with the rest of his body. He took a step closer to me and reached down and put my cock in his hand. I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. He told me that I had the biggest cock he had ever seen, at this point I was dying for a blowjob.
Seeing the despair in my eyes, he asked me if I wanted him to suck it, confused, I told him I wasn't gay and didn't want a guy down there. He told me that it was alright because we are just two friends helping each other out, and it wasn't like we were in love.
Finally, I agreed.
He got down on his knees and started stroking my long hard cock with his hands. He put his lips on my head and then moved them all the way down my shaft. I was surprised how good he was at this, better than any girls that I had ever been with.
He pulled his head back and forth, up and down my cock, I was just about to cum when he stopped.
He told me that it was my turn. I thought that it was only fair to return the favour, even though I had never done anything like this before.
He stood up and I got down on my knees, his cock staring me in the face. I slowly put my mouth on his cock, it was warmer than I had expected it to be. I put my lips around him and slid down, moving my tongue in circles as I went.
I kept going, and felt his hands grab the back of my head and push me in and out as I went. I guess I was pretty good at this.
I could see that he was about to cum so I stopped like he did to me. He told me to keep going, and he would finish me after, so I did.
I kept sucking on his hard cock and then I felt his warm cum hit the back of my mouth, he grunted. It was different that I would've expected it to taste.
I got up and told him that he had to finish me off. He told me that he would, but he wasn't going to blow me again. Confused, I asked what he was going to do.
He then got on the couch and stuck his muscular ass in the air. He told me to do it as if I were fucking a girl.
I walked over and guided my cock into him. It felt amazing, I kept going, faster, and faster. I pulled out and came all over his back, I felt a little bad but didn't really care.
That was the best sex I had ever had.

After, we both got dressed, and he left my room as if nothing had happened.
I see him in the showers sometimes, and whenever we walk by each other in there, he glides his hand on my cock in passing.

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11 months ago
Good story! I've done a lot of the same.
1 year ago
damn i wish i would have known someone like that in college
1 year ago
nice story
1 year ago