Craigslist ad to get my ass and balls sniffed

When I was younger as weird as it may seem, I always enjoyed my own scent. As a teenager I would go play basketball and come home and jerk off before I would take a shower and got use to the scent of a sweaty male body (mine). Every girlfriend I had I enjoyed the scent of their asses. 69 was my favorite position besides doggie =-).

There was one GF (several years ago) that I had the love to sniff my balls for whatever reason, which got me turned on. Every since that point I've been hooked. Unfortunately all the other girls that I have gotten with didn't do the same.

Personally I love the scent of sex. Not dirty or soiled or anything, just some sweat and natural musk. Thats why morning sex is so good IMO.

Anyway I never had a gay experience until one day (this year, I'm in my early 30's) I was horny as hell had no GF and haven't fucked my two regulars (FWB) in over 3 weeks. It was a Saturday and the last time I took a shower was Thursday night and was jerking off to some boring porn yet I could smell the light musk of my balls. I thought about wanting it sniffed and how I wasn't going to experience that again.

Then I thought to myself, dudes are nastier than girls and usually straight to the point. So I went on Craigslist curious to check out the men on men personals. As I was reading some turned me on, more mental than the usual visual with women. I decided to write a personal, with the ad basically saying 'I want some dude to sniff my sweaty balls'. I got a good number of responses and one that a mid 40's Filipino sent me. He seemed normal enough on email but I was aware that I was in undiscovered land, not only was it my first CL meet up, but it was also with a guy which I have never had an experience with.

I was your typical straight guy, and yeah I watched gay porn voluntarily but not often. Every dude has seen a gay porn for more than a few seconds at least once in their life whether they admit or not. Doesn't mean they are gay for it because there is nothing wrong with curiosity, contact is another story altogether and I was getting ready to go over some dude's house that I never met before and have him sniff my nuts while I jerked off.

I came to his house, and when he opened the door he seemed cool and mellow which was cool. He was shorter than I was (5'5-6ish, I'm 5'11), with a nice smile. Now I have never been attracted to males visually, females attract me in that sense. But I am attracted to the primal hornyness that is the male human being lol. I'm horny all the time and I know most men are also. I know that if horny enough we'll fuck a hole in the wall (an exaggeration, but not really). Putting up the ad, getting an answer and walking into a stranger's house to get my balls sniffed was a mind fuck. I was aroused and full of adrenaline and had butterflies in stomach. We basically said, hi nice to meet you before heading to the bedroom.

I knew I was funky (not dirty, but funky)so I told him to get on his knees and unzip my pants which I take off completely. I then put his face on my crotch and he starts to sniff with a look on his face that's pure horn dog. He sniffs my dick and balls real good jugging them with his nose. He sniffs my inner thigh next to my sack and goes under to the pit. At this point my dick is growing and getting hard on his forehead and I'm getting turned on.

He then asks if it's ok to sniff my ass. Didn't think about that but the thought turned me on. I thought to myself you nasty fuck hehe I like that. So I turned around and spread my asshole, he let out a "ahh man" and put his nose close to my crack and takes a big whiff. He let's out "man you smell so good, nice a sweaty". I'm hard at this point and spread my ass even more. He put his nose on my asshole and rubs it sniffing all the while. I could feel his breath and feel his arousal.

He asked me to lie on my back while he put a pillow on my lower back so that my ass and crotch was higher elevated. He then pulled my legs back and started licking and sucking on my balls. He would go up and down from sucking my dick, licking my shaft, sucking on my balls and licking my ass. I was in heaven.

I started to jerk off while he was tongue fucking my virgin ass and I busted all over my shirt. I got dress, we thanked each other and I left.

True story btw.
80% (6/1)
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3 years ago
hmm wow never though of sniffing balls b4 does it actually fell good I hope one way to find out, huh?