Educating Mary, Part 5

Mary was standing on a small dais in the middle of the dimly lit room. She was wearing a pair of tight leather shorts, spiked heels, and a black leather collar around her neck, and nothing else. The nipples of her small firm tits were rock hard and stood straight out, her lips were moist and slightly parted as she breathed in and out through her mouth in short, excited breaths. Her long, black hair hung straight down her back, and her skin glowed with a golden undertone in the light of several small spotlights overhead that were angled down on her body. Along with the hair and exotic dark eyes, her skin tone was a legacy from her Vietnamese grandmother. The sultry look in those half-closed eyes spoke of profound sexual arousal. Occasionally the muscles in her buttocks would clench, and each time a shudder of pleasure ran through her firm, slender body. Every time this display would be followed by a tightening of the muscles in her thighs as she squirmed, trying to squeeze her long legs together to put some sorely needed pressure on her pussy, but for easily discernible reasons, she remained frustrated.

This obvious reason for her frustration was the restraints around her wrists and ankles. Padded but solid leather cuffs encircled her wrists, fine but equally solid steel chains running from the cuffs up to a pair of massive eyelet screws embedded in the solid oak beam that ran the length of the room. The 22-year old woman’s legs were secured by similar leather manacles, bolted directly into the wooden dais on which she was standing. The net effect of this was that Mary was standing in a spread-eagle position, hands above her head and legs apart, incapable of any movement beyond squirming.

She had been standing like that for over two hours. The room was warm, so she wasn’t cold, but her legs were tired and her arms had long since lost all feeling from being extended over her head for so long. Still, Mary wouldn’t dream of complaining. Mistress had said that she would remain there until she came back, and Mistress’ wish was Mary’s command. She had no idea if Mistress had left the house on some errand or if she was still there, but that wasn’t important. The only thing in Mary’s mind was the sweet, throbbing ache between her legs and buttocks, and the fact that she knew that when Mistress returned, she would allow Mary release from her excitement. If, that was, she felt Mary had behaved herself in her absence.

Mary was squirming in silent frustration as the door to the room opened, and a woman stepped through. The newcomer was tall, with long blonde hair piled up on her head. Her eyes were a cold blue, her face finely chiselled with a patrician look, vaulted forehead and high cheekbones, a straight nose and full lips. She was dressed in what looked like a man’s suit, with shirt, necktie, pants and a jacket, but clearly tailored to show off her spectacular figure to maximum effect. The woman had long legs, round hips, a firm arse and a pair of impressive breasts that strained against the jacket.

The blonde woman closed the door behind her, then walked across the floor towards Mary, her hips swaying provocatively. The look on Mary’s face was hovering somewhere between adoration and downright worship.

“I’m back,” the blonde said in a sultry voice. “Have you missed me, Mary?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary moaned. Her breathing had quickened even more just by watching the other woman enter the room.

“That’s good,” Mistress murmured as she reached out and cupped Mary’s face in one hand. Mary closed her eyes, savouring the caress while inhaling deeply of Mistress’ scent. The blonde’s other hand was rubbing Mary’s belly, before moving further down across her leather-clad hip and around to cup one arsecheek. Stepping in close, Mistress pressed her body against Mary’s and kissed her fully on the lips. Mary’s mouth opened eagerly, and the two women’s tongues engaged in a by now familiar dance.

Mary felt Mistress’ large breasts press against hers, and whimpered into the other woman’s mouth as she tried in vain to grind her hips against Mistress’, but the blonde woman kept just enough distance between them that Mary couldn’t reach her. She gave Mary’s arse a last playful squeeze, then pulled her lips away.

“How is your bum doing, then?” Mistress asked.

“It’s fine, Mistress,” Mary murmured, looking down and blushing slightly.

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” Mistress proposed.

Without waiting for a reply, she reached down to the fly of Mary’s leather hotpants, opening it with experienced fingers. With the fly open, Mistress slipped a hand inside, palm up, and caressed Mary’s dripping wet pussy. “Are you wet for me, sweetie?” she whispered in Mary’s ear.

“Y… yes, Mis… Mistress,” Mary panted, having obvious trouble with her voice. She was so excited that the feeling of Mistress’ fingers on her pussy was very nearly enough to give her an orgasm. Mistress wiggled her hand deeper down inside the tight shorts, pushing a long finger up Mary’s pussy. Mary gasped and ground her pussy against the groping hand, desperate for release, but Mistress smiled sweetly and withdrew first her finger and then her hand. Ignoring Mary’s pleading eye, she held her hand up in front of her face, the extended finger wet with Mary’s juices. Mistress held her finger close to Mary’s lips, and the bound brunette stretched her neck and opened her mouth, eager to taste herself from Mistress’ finger. The blonde held her finger just out of reach, and after teasing Mary for another second or two, she put the wet digit in her own mouth, sucking it clean. Mary whimpered in helpless arousal as Mistress slowly pulled her finger out of her mouth.

Then the tall blonde cupped Mary’s breasts in her hands, kneading them gently, teasing the erect nipples by scratching her long nails over them. Mary moaned with pleasure, sagging in her restraints as her knees buckled. Mistress stepped close again, kissing her deeply as both her hands wandered around to Mary’s back, trailing down until she slipped both hands inside Mary’s shorts, cupping her buttocks. Using the back of her hands, Mistress pushed the tight leather garment down Mary’s arse, over the swell of her taut buttocks and down to the top of her thighs.

Mistress’ fingers slid between the cheeks of Mary’s arse, moving downwards in the smooth, hairless crack.

And stopped as they touched a piece of plastic between Mary’s buttocks.

Mistress put her finger on the square piece of plastic and wiggled it gently around. Mary moaned in response, a plaintive, begging sound.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Mistress whispered.

“Oh, yes, Mistress,” Mary groaned. “Please… please…” She was almost sobbing.

Two days previously Mistress had inserted a butt plug in Mary’s arse for the first time, and since then she’d been wearing one every waking hour. They’d started out small, barely larger than a finger, and had increased in size. The one she had in her now was nice and thick, and Mary could feel it shift slightly inside her with every step she took, every time she sat or stood or shifted her hips even slightly. The sensation was driving her crazy, keeping her in a state of perpetual arousal.

Erica smiled to herself. She’d had a suspicion that Mary, with her repressed upbringing and her previous penchant for self-denial, would respond very well to anal stimulation once she got over her inhibitions. As usual, she’d been right. Having spent her whole adult life so far as a prude, Mary had, once her latent sexuality had been properly stimulated, swung completely in the opposite direction. She now wholeheartedly embraced every kinky pleasure Erica could think up for her.

“Do you want me to take it out, Mary?” Erica asked her young slave.

“No, Mistress, please!” Mary begged. “Don’t take it out.”

“So, you like having your arse filled, do you?” Erica teased her. She could feel her own pussy grow increasingly wetter between her legs. It had been a long time since she’d had a ‘client’ she’d enjoyed as much as she did Mary.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary panted. “I love having it in my arse. It feels so good, so dirty.”

“Well, I guess we can leave it in a while longer,” Mistress conceded, to Mary’s relief. “In the meantime, I have something else I think you’ll enjoy.”

Mistress grabbed Mary’s shorts and yanked them even further down. Due to the fact that Mary was standing with her legs apart, she only got it about halfway down her thighs, but it was enough.

Stepping back from Mary, Mistress dropped her hands to the crotch of her pants. With deliberate slowness she unzipped her fly, then reached inside. When she pulled out her hand, she was holding a large, flesh-coloured strap-on dildo in her hand. Mary stared at the latex rod with undisguised longing; second only to Mistress’ mouth, it had become her foremost source of sexual satisfaction in the past week. Her pussy contracted with pleasure at the thought of having that 9-inch long shaft pushed inside her.

Mistress pulled the strap-on clear of her fly, stroking it teasingly with one fist. She stepped close to Mary and rubbed the head of the dildo against the brunette’s stomach. Mary pushed her hips against Mistress as far as her restraints would allow her. Mistress grabbed Mary’s hair in one fist, tilting her head back and kissing her soundly on the lips, accepting Mary’s tongue that probed eagerly into her mouth. The tall blonde bent her knees a little, slipping the dildo between Mary’s legs, rubbing the life-like shaft up and down her sopping wet slit. Finally, with Mary all but weeping with frustration, and with their lips still locked in a passionate kiss, she positioned the head of the strap-on directly outside Mary’s pussy hole. Then she straightened her legs, and the dildo slipped effortlessly inside Mary’s hungry cunt.

Mary desperately tried to push her hips against the invading dildo, to impale herself on it, but her restraints didn’t leave her enough wiggle room. Instead, she had to stand there as Mistress fucked the latex rod in and out of her steaming pussy. Mistress was still holding her by her hair, their faces now centimetres apart, breathing each other’s air and looking into each others eyes as the blonde domina fucked her slave roughly.

“Do you like having this big cock inside you, Mary,” Mistress asked.

“It feels so good, Mistress,” Mary moaned. “I love it.”

“And in your arse, Mary. Do you like having a butt plug in your arse?”

“Oh yesssss,” Mary hissed, lost in the wonderful feelings radiating from her groin.

“So you like having both your holes filled at the same time, don’t you?”

“I love it, Mistress. It makes me feel like a little slut.”

“Mmmm, I know,” Mistress murmured in appreciation.

Letting go of her hair, Mistress’ hands dropped to Mary’s tits, kneading the firm flesh and rubbing her nipples with her thumbs. Mary pushed her chest against the warm hands cupping her while the strap-on slid smoothly in and out of her. Then Mistress leaned back a little and began unbuttoning her shirt. Mary’s eyes followed every movement those manicured fingers made. When she’d unbuttoned the shirt all the way down to her bellybutton, Mistress pulled it open, exposing her large breasts, the necktie hanging down between them. Mary’s mouth watered at the sight of those big mounds, the hard pink nipples and the soft, creamy skin. Mistress wasn’t wearing a bra, but the twin globes stood out from her body, the firm, heavy flesh shaking each time she thrust the fake cock into Mary.

Mary bowed her head, straining to reach Mistress’ tits with her mouth, but they were just out of range.

“Are these the ones you want, sweetie?” Mistress inquired.

“Oh yes, Mistress. Can I suck on them, please?” begged Mary.

“Oh, all right then,” replied Mistress, faking exasperation. She put one hand under her breast and lifted it up to Mary’s open mouth. The submissive brunette closed her lips around the nipple with a blissful look on her face, suckling like a hungry baby.

After a few more thrusts, Mistress suddenly stopped fucking Mary. The pretty brunette made a plaintive noise of protest and tried moving her hips against the cock that filled her so deliciously, but Mistress just smiled at her and slowly withdrew the latex shaft form Mary’s hungry pussy. As it slipped out of her, a drop of her juices hung dangling from the head, shining silver in the light from the spotlights in the ceiling.

“Please, Mistress,” Mary pleaded, “put it back in. I want it so bad.”

“I will, sweetie,” Mistress soothed. “In just a minute.” She smiled he naughtiest smile, and Mary felt a shiver of anticipation run down her back. When Mistress smiled like that, it meant she had something special in mind.

Mistress slowly walked around Mary, her big breasts and the wet strap-on standing out from her still fully clothed body. Standing directly behind Mary, she leaned over her shoulder and spoke softly into her ear.

“I think it’s time to take this out now, don’t you?”

“Oh no, Mistress,” Mary pleaded. “Please, leave it in there. I love having it in my arse.”

“I believe I can think of a better use for your little arsehole, Mary,” Mistress said in a mock-menacing voice. Grabbing the base of the butt plug between her fingers, she pulled, slowly easing the thick lower part of the cone-shaped instrument out of Mary’s arse. The tight hole distended widely as the plug came out. Mary moaned in protest as it left her hole.

Then Mistress put the head of the strap-on against Mary’s gaping arsehole. Taking a firm hold of the bound woman’s hips, she gave a brutal shove, burying half the dildo in Mary’s arse. The brunette yelped in pain and tried to squirm away, but to no avail.

“Oooh, did that hurt?” Mistress cooed in her ear. “I thought you said you liked having your arse stuffed.” She pushed even more, and another 5 centimetres of thick latex cock went up Mary’s tender behind. “Just a little more, sweetie, and it’ll all be in,” Mistress whispered. Mary just whimpered in pain, her arse on fire.

The final thrust that embedded the last of the thick shaft in Mary’s arse f***ed a guttural groan of agony from her throat, but at last the whole thing was in. Erica stood with Mary’s firm bum pressed against her, and wrapped her arms around the brunette’s waist, kissing the side of her neck.

“Sshh, it’s all in now,” she soothed. “It’s going to feel better soon, I promise.” She nuzzled Mary’s ear. Her hands rubbed the soft skin of Mary’s belly, then went up to fondle her breasts. Her own large globes were flattened against Mary’s warm back. Mary whimpered a little more, but relaxed into Erica’s embrace, turning her head, seeking a kiss from her Mistress. Erica kissed her, savouring the taste of her lover’s mouth. She was immensely pleased with Mary; she was an extraordinarily apt pupil and a fantastically gifted lover. Still playing with Mary’s tits, Erica began shifting her hips slightly, making the strap-on move ever so carefully inside Mary’s arse.

Mary moaned, mostly in pain but also in re-awakening pleasure. The feeling of Mistress’ large breasts pressed against her back, her hard nipples poking her skin, was very arousing, and although her arse still burned painfully, there was a stirring of that profoundly sensual feeling the butt plugs had induced in her. Slowly, over several minutes as the two women feasted on each other’s lips and tongue, she began to move her bum back against Mistress. She once again became aware of her swollen, tingling pussy and the orgasm she’d been so close to reaching before Mistress had pulled out of her.

Soon Mistress was fucking the big dildo in and out of Mary’s arse, shafting her tight tunnel with deep, slow strokes. Mary wished she could have seen what it looked like, but had to contend herself with the sensation of having her first arsefuck. As the pain subsided, the pleasure began to mount in a familiar way, and Mary found herself moaning and grunting with enjoyment. It was a unique feeling, a sort of pressure spreading out from her tender arse and throughout her lower abdomen and pussy. The fact that she was bound and helpless, unable to play with herself, only added to the experience.

Erica was watching delightedly as the thick shaft slid in and out of Mary’s arse, the ring of her anus stretched almost obscenely to accommodate it. She considered reaching around to bring Mary to climax with her fingers, but decided against it; better if her orgasm was induced entirely by the fake cock in her arse. She increased her tempo, enjoying the firmness of Mary’s spectacular bum against her hips every time she sank the strap-on in her to the hilt.

After another 10 minutes of anal penetration May was wild with lust. She could feel her orgasm building inside her, but with such agonising slowness! Had it been in her pussy, she would have come ages ago. But then again, she doubted whether any orgasm reached the ‘traditional’ way would have been as powerful as this one promised to be. It was building and building inside her, and every time Mary thought she would explode, she found it could build even more. She was almost afraid to come, but at the same time she couldn’t wait to experience what promised to be the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Finally, when Mary was sure she would faint from the pressure inside her, something gave, and she was plunged into ecstasy with a loud scream. Mistress clutched her hips and buried the cock all the way inside her, and hung on for dear life. Mary screamed herself hoarse, a primal, awesome sound, as her insides clenched around the whole nine inches of the dildo and her body shook like a rag doll in a hurricane. If not for the solid restraints, she might have hurt herself. It was what she imagined being electrocuted was like, only this was pure pleasure, every nerve in her body vibrating like a guitar string, every muscle tensing so hard it hurt. Mary screamed until her lungs were empty, then tried taking a deep breath, but found that her diaphragm was nearly paralysed. She wondered, in an abstract fashion, if she would suffocate, but right then she didn’t care; if she died now, she’d die happy.

In the end even that orgasm burned itself out, and Mary hung dangling by her arms, no strength left in her. She felt in a daze Mistress’ strong arms pulling her upright, holding her protectively, making soft, comforting noises in her ear.

“Was that as good as it sounded like?” whispered Mistress in her ear. For the first time ever Mary heard something very much like awe in her voice.

“That was… fucking… fantastic…” Mary panted. She tried standing, but found her legs wouldn’t support her. “I don’t… think I… can stand up,” she said.

“I’ll help you,” Mistress assured her. Delicately she pulled the dildo out of Mary’s arse. Spontaneously she crouched down behind Mary and, parting her buttocks with her hands, licked the gaping orifice carefully before plunging her tongue inside and swirling it around. Mary moaned throatily and pushed her arse back against Mistress’ mouth.

After a few more seconds of rimming, Mistress got up and walked in front of Mary. From a pocket in her suit jacket she pulled a small digital camera. She snapped several shots of Mary, hanging there by her wrists, then walked around her and shot a few more. She’d taken lots of pictures of her in the past few days, sometimes during sex but mostly just afterwards, with Mary looking like a used-up, exhausted fuck toy, dressed in a variety of costumes.

With the camera back in her pocket, Mistress released first Mary’s legs, then her wrists. Mary collapsed against the blonde, who held her up with one arm around her waist as if she didn’t weigh a thing. The two of them, staggering slightly, exited the room in the attic of the large Victorian mansion and made their way back to the first floor, where Mistress brought Mary to her room and eased her down on her bed.

Lying on the bed, Mary saw Mistress smile down on her. “I have news for you, sweetie,” she said. “Tomorrow you will have been here for two weeks, and on the day after tomorrow, your husband is coming here to take you back home.”

Mary looked up, alarmed. “But Mistress, I don’t want to leave you,” she exclaimed.

“You’ll have to go home sooner or later,” Mistress explained patiently. “I’m sure Jeff misses you.” She smiled wickedly. “And besides, if you like it here with me so much, don’t you think it’s appropriate that you show him how grateful you are to him for having sent you to me?”

Mary nodded slowly. “I suppose,” she said hesitantly. “But will I ever see you again?”

Mistress smiled and caressed her cheek. “Of course you will, silly,” she smiled. “You’ll see me many, many times. If you want, you can even come back here and stay for a weekend every now and again.”

“Oh yes!” Mary said. “Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Mistress!”

“You’re very welcome, sweetie,” said Mistress. “Now, tomorrow we’ll go through the last details of your training, and then we’ll spend Wednesday morning getting ready for Jeff.”

“What do you mean, getting ready?” Mary asked.

“Well, we’re going to give him a little demonstration of the things you’ve learned here,” Mistress grinned.

“Which of them?” Mary asked, her eyes aglow with anticipation.

Mistress smiled conspiratorially. “Oh, I’d say just about all of them.”

Mary squealed and wiggled with delight on the bed.

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