Educating Mary, Part 4

Mary sat quietly on the straight-backed chair, her hands primly folded in her lap, eyes downcast. She was sitting in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the mansion, a room furnished entirely in antique furniture that looked like it belonged in the Victorian era. There were oil paintings of stern-looking men and women on the walls and old oil lamps that had had their wicks and oil tanks cleverly replaced with light bulbs. The walls were panelled in dark oak, and the floor was covered in a thick wall-to-wall carpet.

Mary was dressed in a classic schoolgirl outfit, with a plaid skirt, while blouse with a black floppy bow, white knee socks and shiny black low-heeled shoes. Her black hair was braided into two pigtails, and her face carefully made up to make her look much younger than her 22 years. Her blouse was high-necked, concealing the black leather collar she wore. Mistress had made it very clear that she was to wear the collar as long as she was here, and truth to be told, Mary wouldn’t even dream of removing the collar, which marked her as Mistress’ property. She wore no underwear at all, and her naked pussy felt pleasantly thick and swollen between her thighs.

Mary had been waiting in the room for nearly 10 minutes. She didn’t know why, only that Mistress had something special planned for her. She was perfectly content to stay there for as long as Mistress found necessary.

A door opened, and Mary turned to watch Mistress enter the room. She gave an involuntary little gasp at the sight: Mistress was dressed head to tow in a tight-fitting, shiny red latex catsuit. The smooth material stuck to Mistress’ body as though it had been sprayed on her, emphasising the curves of her large breasts and hips. A zipper ran down the front from her throat to her belly, and another zipper from a little below the first and all the way down between her legs and up to the small of her back. High-heeled boots were a part of the suit, and the sleeves ended in tight, shiny gloves. Mistress’ long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, giving her a severe look. In her hand she held the black rod.

Mistress walked over to Mary, who looked at her expectantly. She took Mary’s chin between her fingers and tilted her head back for a kiss. She slipped a hand under Mary’s skirt, sliding her latex-gloved hand up along the inside of her thigh until her fingers touched her pussy, which had begun to moisten as soon as Mistress touched her. Mary spread her legs, and Mistress slid a finger inside her. The latex was cool and slick inside her pussy, and Mary shifted on the chair, pushing her hips forward on the seat.

“Mmm, you’re wet,” Mistress murmured approvingly. “That’s good, you’ll need it.” She pulled her finger out of Mary’s pussy and held it up to her lips. Mary eagerly opened her mouth and licked the gloved hand clean of her juices. She loved it when Mistress made her taste her own pussy juice.

Mistress walked over to the door, and Mary stared at the long latex-clad legs and arse with hungry worship in her eyes. Shortly after disappearing through the door, Mistress reappeared. But she was not alone. A man, naked but for the black leather collar around his neck, followed Mistress into the room. He was being led on a leash attached to his collar, the other end in Mistress’ gloved hand. The man was a little shorter than Mistress, but powerful, with the sort of muscles you get from zealous weightlifting. His head, like his face, was clean-shaven, and he had several tattoos on his arms and upper chest. With a start Mary recognised several of them, among others several swastikas and the twin lightning-shaped SS-symbol.

Mistress led the man over to the chair where Mary sat. “This is Reggie,” she introduced him. “Reggie has been staying here since a couple of days before you arrived, but I’m afraid he’s nowhere near as good a… student as you are.” She put the end of the black rod under Reggie’s balls, lifting them up as for inspection, and Mary saw the skinhead’s eyes widen in terror. No doubt he was well acquainted with the electric prod. His groin was completely clean-shaven, Mary noticed, just like her own.

“Since you have been such a good girl, Mary,” Mistress said warmly, and Mary blushed with pride, “I have decided that I will let you help me with Reggie’s training. Do you think you’re up to that?”

“Oh yes, Mistress!” Mary gushed. “I’ll do anything you want me to!”

Mistress smiled, like a teacher to a favourite student. “Excellent, Mary,” she said. “Now, as you can see, Reggie here is a member of a group of people who don’t like anyone who aren’t Caucasian, or what they like to call ‘Aryan’.” Mistress sneered. “As I recall, Mary, you’re part Asian, correct?”

Mary nodded. “Yes, Mistress. My mother’s mother was Vietnamese.”

“That’s why I thought you would be right for this,” said Mistress. She pulled at the chain, bringing Reggie closer to the chair. “Why don’t you take his cock in your hand,” she commanded.

Mary reached out a tentative hand, but just as her fingers were about to touch the limp cock, Reggie flinched backwards. “Don’t touch me, you bi…”

That was all he had tome to say. Mistress’ hand, holding the black rod, came up and slammed into Reggie’s back. He screamed and jerked violently, his back arching backwards. As he collapsed to his knees, Mistress backhanded him hard with her free hand, throwing him to the floor. She stood over him and pressed the rod to his chest, and Mary saw her thumb press the activation button. She held it there for a long time, with Reggie convulsing and spasming wildly, screaming like nothing human. Mistress’ jaw was clenched, her pale face almost completely white with fury.

When Mistress finally relented, Reggie stayed on the floor, not moving. Seeing Mary’s wide eyes, Mistress addressed her. “Don’t worry, he’ll regain consciousness in a few moments,” she soothed. She went over and stroked Mary’s hair, kissing her head. “There, there, sweetie,” she whispered. Mary felt herself relax under Mistress’ calming touch.

When Reggie moved, Mistress went back over to him. He was sobbing uncontrollably, his face contorted with pain and fear. “Get up!” she ordered, using the rod to lift his chin. Obviously having trouble with his motor function, Reggie nevertheless stumbled to his feet. When he was standing up straight, Mistress gripped his face hard. “Listen very carefully,” she hissed, her voice pure ice. “If you ever speak with anything except the utmost courtesy in my presence again, I will cause you more pain than you would have thought possible. Is that clear?”

“Y… yes, Mistress,” Reggie choked out, still sobbing. Mary noticed that he couldn’t bring his eyes to meet Mistress’.

“Good. Make sure you remember,” Mistress said. “Believe me, this was just a mild sample of what I’ll put you through if it ever happens again.” Reggie flinched visibly at this.

Mistress once again led Reggie over to Mary. “Mary, I want you to touch his cock,” Mistress said. Mary reached out, and this time Reggie held still. She took the thick, soft member in her hand, thinking it looked like a soggy sausage. She’d only seen Jeff’s cock on a couple of occasions, but it looked much the same as far as she could remember.

“Stroke it with your fingers,” Mistress instructed, and Mary began rubbing the limp cock between her thumb and forefinger. She saw it swell slightly, increasing in length and girth, and she soon had to use her whole hand on it.

“Now take it in your mouth,” Mistress said. Mary looked at the semi-erect cock dubiously, but it looked clean enough, so she slowly leaned forward on the chair and opened her mouth. Reggie gave a little twitch, but the black rod came up to touch his cheek. “If you move even a little without permission,” came Mistress’ frosty, menacing voice, “it will be a long time before you can move at all without medical assistance.” Reggie went completely immobile, standing rigid as a post.

For the first time in her life, Mary took a cock in her mouth. She had most of it in before she closed her lips around it, feeling the firm flesh on her tongue. She sucked carefully, not quite sure how to do it. She’d been worried about the taste, that she might not like it, but it didn’t taste anything at all. She glanced up at Mistress, unsure about what to do next.

“Suck on the cock while you play with his balls,” Mistress instructed, understanding Mary’s dilemma. “Squeeze his balls carefully and knead them a little. Make him hard.” Mary did so, wondering at the sensation of Reggie’s balls in her hand: a loose sack of flesh with two slippery lumps inside, sliding between her massaging fingers. She sucked harder on his cock in her mouth. “When it gets bigger, move your mouth up and down on the shaft,” Mistress told her. “Take hold with your other hand at the base and stroke it when it isn’t inside your mouth.”

Under her inexpert ministrations, Reggie’s cock swelled to full hardness in Mary’s mouth. It was very strange to have her mouth filled with thick, pulsing cock. It felt like nothing Mary had ever felt before: soft and hard at the same time. Doing it like Mistress had told her, she moved her head back and forth on the cock, using her hand at the base of the shaft.

“That’s good, Mary,” came Mistress’ voice from above her. “We’ll make a good little cocksucker of you yet.” Mistress’ words made Mary’s pussy twitch; she loved it when Mistress talked to her like that. She sucked even more enthusiastically on Reggie’s cock, warming to the task. She squinted down along her nose at the shaft sliding in and out of her mouth, becoming even more aroused at seeing it coated in her own saliva.

“That’s enough,” said Mistress, and Mary reluctantly (but immediately) let the cock slip out from between her lips. It snapped up to point up along Reggie’s muscular stomach, bobbing and twitching slightly.

“Mary, go over to that table,” Mistress directed, pointing at a low, round coffee table nearby. Mary got up and went over there. “Bend forward and put your hands on the table,” said Mistress. When Mary complied, Mistress led Reggie over by his leash. “Kneel,” she ordered him, and the skinhead dropped to his knees directly behind Mary. Mistress ran his leach between Mary’s legs, then pulled it, drawing his face towards Mary’s outthrust arse.

“Lift her skirt,” Mistress told Reggie. Mary could feel her plaid schoolgirl skirt pulled up over her hips, and she knew that the kneeling man had an unobstructed view of her pussy. The thought was both disturbing and exciting at the same time. “Now,” Mistress told Reggie, “I want you to lick her arse.” She gave a tug on the leash. “Go on, put your tongue up her Vietnamese arse. Now!” Her voice cracked as Reggie hesitated. With a moan of despair, Reggie put his hands on Mary’s arse, pulling her buttocks apart, and buried his face in her arsecrack.

Mary gasped out loud as his tongue probed her arsehole. Having anything touch her there, especially someone’s tongue, made her stomach knot. However, only a week ago she would have fainted from shame. Now she stood quietly, breathing fast, as Reggie licked her puckered, hairless anus.

“That’s right, Reggie, get that tongue in there,” said Mistress, keeping the skinhead’s leash tight, preventing him from moving away. “Lick her good.”

Mary was now definitely warming to the situation, her pussy growing increasingly damp as Reggie’s tongue teased her arsehole. Her nipples were stiff and hard, aching to be touched. She pushed her arse back against Reggie’s face, whimpering softly.

“Lie down on the floor, Reggie,” Mistress commanded. Then she turned to Mary. “Mary, kneel down and straddle his face. I think I’ll let Reggie give you an orgasm.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” said Mary as she swung a leg over Reggie’s face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth with a smile of anticipation. She felt Reggie’s tongue make tentative contact with her pussy, then begin to probe in earnest. Mary closed her eyes, luxuriating in the feeling as his lips found her throbbing clit.

“Is he performing well?” Mistress asked after a minute.

“Yes, Mistress, it’s very good,” Mary panted. In truth, Reggie was nowhere near as good as Mistress, but he was doing a fair enough job of it.

“Good. Before Reggie came to me, he had some strange ideas about eating pussy,” Mistress explained. “He was of the opinion that ‘real men’ didn’t go down on women.” She prodded the supine Reggie with one latex-booted foot. “However, as soon as we’d established that Reggie wasn’t a ‘real man’, things went so much better. I’ve been training him for over a week, and while he’s not as good as you are,” here Mistress caressed Mary’s hair, “I think there’s hope for him yet.”

Mary kept riding Reggie’s face, the tingling in her pussy becoming stronger and stronger. She looked up at Mistress. “Mistress, may I touch my breasts?” she asked, her voice breaking.

Mistress’ eyes widened in pleasure, and a warm smile spread across her beautiful face. “Why Mary, how thoughtful of you to ask first. You’re being a very good girl today. Yes, you may play with your tits, but don’t remove your blouse.”

“I won’t, Mistress; thank you,” Mary said, her hands going to her breasts, squeezing them through her blouse. Her nipples were hard against the starched cotton, and she pinched and rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers.

Erica smiled at the sight in front of her. Mary’s orgasm was clearly getting closer, and although Reggie’s humiliation must be profound, she noticed his cock was still hard. “I want the two of you to stay just like this,” she told them, “while I go upstairs and get something.” She touched her rod to the inside of Reggie’s thigh. “That goes especially for you, Reggie. Stay exactly like this.” With a final look over her shoulder, she left the room and headed for the stair. What she had planned would serve to both initiate the final stage of Mary’s training as well as completely break Reggie. Two birds with one stone.

Mary wasn’t sure how long Mistress was gone, but it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes. At first she was a little worried about being alone with Reggie, who was big and strong and obviously didn’t like her much, but he stayed precisely where he was, eating her pussy and not moving an inch otherwise. Clearly Mistress’ threat was working. She wanted to come, feeling her orgasm close, but she also wanted to wait for Mistress to return. Gritting her teeth, she concentrated on holding back.

Her orgasm was just seconds away when Mary saw Mistress re-entering the room. Before she had a chance to speak, Mary blurted out: “M… Mistress, can I co… come now please?”

Again she was rewarded with that brilliant smile. “Go ahead, Mary,” said Mistress huskily. “Come for me.” With a gasp, Mary let go of all her self-control, grinding her pussy against Reggie’s face. Her orgasm tore through her, nearly toppling her; she had to lean forward and support herself on the carpeted floor with both hands.

When she looked up again, Mary noticed that another man had entered the room after Mistress. He had several things in common with Reggie: his head was shaved, he was completely naked and very muscular, his pubic hair shaved off, and he wore a leather collar. There was, however, one major difference between him and Reggie: the newcomer was black. He was tall, even taller then Mistress, and stood patiently behind her, eyes downcast.

“Mary, Reggie, this is Lawrence,” Mistress introduced the black man. Reggie stirred under her, and Mary swung off him so that he could see what was going on. When Reggie saw Lawrence, his eyes widened, but he wisely kept his mouth shut.

“Lawrence here is fully trained,” Mistress went on, “and I’ve told him to come over so that he can assist me in the training of the two of you.” She hooked a finger in the steel ring on Lawrence’s collar and led him over to the other two people. “One of the most fascinating things about Lawrence is that he’s gay,” Mistress explained. Reggie gave a start and stared at Mistress in dawning horror. “With some coaching, though, Lawrence has come to realise that sexual preferences are completely subordinate to the pleasure of his Mistress. Isn’t that right, Lawrence?”

The big man nodded. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied in a deep bass voice.

“Perhaps a demonstration would be in order,” Mistress murmured. “Mary, kneel down in front of Lawrence.”

Mary instantly scooted over to Lawrence, positioning herself in front of him, his limp cock dangling in front of her face.

“Now play with his cock,” Mistress instructed.

The thick organ was heavy and warm in Mary’s hand, like a sl**ping snake. She grasped it in one hand, squeezing gently, and began to stroke back and forth with her fist. She kept doing this for maybe a minute, but there was no response. Lawrence’s dick remained limp.

“Let go,” Mistress commanded, and Mary dropped her hand back into her lap. With a latex-gloved hand, Mistress reached down and grasped Lawrence’s cock and began stroking it firmly. Almost immediately the black member began to swell between her fingers, growing to full size in less than ten seconds.

Mary stared in awe at the big cock in Mistress’ hand. It was almost as large as the strap-on Mistress had first introduced her to a couple of days earlier, and she felt her pussy grow wet with excitement. The sight of Mistress’ shiny red fingers stroking the black cock was very arousing.

“All right Mary, now I want you to suck Lawrence’s cock the way you sucked Reggie’s,” Mistress instructed. “Show me that you remember how it’s done.”

Without hesitation, Mary took the large black cock in her mouth and began sucking. She moved her head back and forth, keeping her lips tightly sealed around the shaft, rubbing the underside with her tongue. The cock was much too big for her to get all of it inside her mouth, so she put her hand around it down at the base, just like she had with Reggie’s, and began stroking it in rhythm with her sucking. Gay or not, it was clear by Lawrence’s reaction that a warm, sucking mouth on his cock was appreciated, whether it belonged to a man or a woman. He moaned softly, and Mary saw the well-defined muscles in his stomach tighten in response to the blowjob.

“Mary, I want you to take only the head of his cock in your mouth,” said Mistress. When Mary did so, she went on: “Use your tongue on the head. Rub it around the edge, then work it in a spiral in towards the hole on the tip. Understand?”

Mary made an affirmative grunting noise, not taking her mouth from the huge shaft between her lips. She went to work with her tongue, licking like Mistress had instructed, feeling the slightly spongy texture of the cockhead on her tongue. A drop of something salty leaked out, but Mary kept right on.

“How is she doing, Lawrence?” Mistress asked the big black man. “Is she doing it right?”

“She’s very good, Mistress,” Lawrence replied.

“Don’t hold back on me,” Mistress cautioned. “She needs to learn this, and I can’t teach her unless you’re completely honest.”

“Uh, she could use her tongue a little harder, you know, push harder,” Lawrence explained, his voice not completely steady.

“Did you hear that, Mary?” inquired Mistress. Mary grunted again and immediately applied more pressure with her tongue. She’d never done this before, never had a cock in her mouth before today, and had been afraid to hurt Lawrence; she’d heard that a man’s penis was frightfully sensitive. “Don’t be afraid to hurt him,” Mistress said, as if she’d been reading Mary’s mind. “As long as your teeth don’t sc**** him, there’s no way your mouth could do any damage.”

Reassured by this, Mary went back to concentrating on the cock in her mouth. It was a little tricky at first to remember to suck while simultaneously using her tongue, but eventually she began to get the hang of it. Lawrence was beginning to push his hips forward, trying to get more of his cock inside her mouth.

“That’s enough,” came Mistress’ voice. “Lawrence needs to conserve his strength; there will be plenty for him to do today.” Mary obediently let go of the black cock and sat back on her haunches, awaiting Mistress’ next order. It wasn’t long coming.

“Is your pussy wet, Mary?” asked Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Mary truthfully.

“Good, you’ll need it.” Mistress pointed at Reggie, who was still lying on the floor, then snapped her fingers and pointed to the sofa by the wall. “Get up there,” she ordered, and Reggie prudently scrambled over and sat on the sofa. His cock swayed half-limp in front of him. “Lawrence, go over and suck Reggie’s cock until it’s hard,” Mistress ordered.

Reggie stared at the large black man as he approached him, but a chilling glance from Mistress held him frozen in place. Dropping to his knees in front of the skinhead, Lawrence lowered his head into Reggie’s lap and took his cock in his mouth. Mary could see his cheeks dimple as he sucked, and Reggie gave an involuntary jerk as if stung. He gasped for breath, and Mary saw a drop of sweat trickle from his brow and down in his face. His eyes were wide with horror, and his fists clenched so hard the pumped-up muscles in his arms bulged impossibly thick. Nevertheless, every time Lawrence’s head bobbed up, Reggie’s cock had swollen a little more, and within a minute it was as hard as ever.

“That’s enough,” said Mistress, and Lawrence rose and stepped aside. Reggie was staring at his own cock with bulging, disbelieving eyes. The traitorous organ was standing erect, glistening with Lawrence’s spit.

Mistress motioned Mary towards the sofa. “Mary, I want you to sit on Reggie’s cock,” she explained. “Straddle his lap and put his cock inside you, slowly.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Mary, her mouth a little dry with apprehension. Her pussy, on the other hand, was as wet as it could get. Her plaid skirt swishing around her round hips, she walked over to Reggie, who looked at her with something like relief in his eyes. Clearly he now viewed Mary as the lesser of two evils by far.

Mary climbed onto the sofa, one knee on either side of Reggie’s hips. Her skirt fell over his lap, concealing his cock, but Mary imagined she could feel the heat radiating from the stiff pole pointing up between her thighs. She reached under the skirt and found Reggie’s cock, feeling it pulse in her hand. She cast an inquiring glance over on her Mistress, who nodded encouragingly.

“Reggie, pull up her skirt so we can see,” Mistress instructed, and Reggie pulled Mary’s skirt up over her hips and held it there with both hands. “All right, Mary, sit on his cock,” said Mistress.

Erica watched with fascination as Mary slowly lowered her hairless pussy down to the waiting erection. The brunette held the cock in her hand, guiding it towards her wet opening, while supporting her weight with her other hand on Reggie’s muscular shoulder. The blonde domina’s pussy was tingling with excitement under her tight latex catsuit, and she savoured the sensation, knowing she had three obedient slaves with no other purpose than to satisfy her needs.

With warm anticipation, Erica watched as Mary’s pussy came into contact with the tip of Reggie’s cock. With agonising slowness her pussy lips parted around the head as the beautiful brunette impaled herself on the throbbing erection in her hand. Now the head was completely inside her, and Erica bit her lip, knowing that this was the second cock to ever enter Mary’s tight pussy. Slowly, slowly more of the shaft disappeared inside her, the swollen pussy lips clinging wetly to the rigid pole, and finally Mary sat with her full weight on Reggie’s lap, only his full balls visible under her arse.

Mary, having had a variety of dildos and vibrators inside her over the past few days, knew what was expected of her. As soon as her pussy had grown accustomed to the cock inside her, she raised herself up, feeling the walls of her pussy contract as the cock slid wetly out of her. With only the head left inside her, she stopped and lowered herself back down, feeling the hot flesh fill her again. It was a strange sensation, Reggie’s cock being smaller than most of the dildos Mistress had used on her, but unlike the latex substitutes, the cock felt warm and somehow different inside her.

Now Mary was beginning to pick up the pace a little, her eyes closed, raising and lowering her body on the stiff cock. The friction was creating a warm glow in her pussy, a glow she was eager to feed and develop into a raging fire. She supported herself with both hands on Reggie’s massive chest, feeling the hard muscles under warm skin, and dug her fingers into his flesh.

Erica walked over to Mary and Reggie, placing her hands on the brunette’s shoulders. She leaned forward and inhaled the fresh scent of her hair, then tilted her head and bit Mary’s neck gently. Her hands wandered down Mary’s back, then slipped under her arms and to her chest, gloved hands cupping the riding woman’s breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect, poking at the cotton blouse. Mary moaned as her Mistress’ hands caressed her. With slow deliberation, Erica began unbuttoning the middle buttons of Mary’s blouse, making an opening just big enough to expose her firm tits.

Mary rode Reggie’s cock slowly, trying to only move her hips while keeping her body still, so that Mistress could open her blouse and get to her tits. When she finally felt the smooth latex on her breasts, Mary shuddered with pleasure. Mistress pinched her nipples, causing Mary to moan and increase her tempo on Reggie’s cock.

Reggie was now beginning to get a glazed look in his eyes, a sign that his orgasm was building. Leaning over Mary’s shoulder, Erica recognised the sign and smiled to herself. “Lawrence, come here,” she said. The black man came over and stood deferentially by his Mistress’ side. “Get up here,” said Erica and indicated the sofa next to Reggie. When Lawrence did as he was told, Erica took hold of his cock and pulled, guiding it towards Mary’s face. “Open your mouth, Mary,” she instructed, and Mary, seeing the cock approaching her face, immediately parted her lips, only to close them around the shaft that was being guided into her mouth.

With one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, as well as Mistress’ hand caressing her breasts, Mary was in heaven. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that sex could be so good. She felt filled from both ends, as if the two cocks were connected and ran entirely through her as one thick column of rigid flesh and she was sliding up and down on it. Her pussy was leaking copious juices down along Reggie’s shaft, and Mary knew that, Mistress permitting, she would come soon.

With a gloved hand, Mistress pulled Lawrence’s thick cock out of Mary’s hungry mouth. She stroked it slowly as she looked evilly at Reggie. “Does her pussy feel good, Reggie?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Reggie replied, his voice hoarse.

“Well, from now on, I’m instituting a new rule,” Mistress explained. “Starting right now, you will only ever be allowed to come if you have a cock in your mouth. Or, of course, up your arse,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

Reggie’s eyes bulged and his lips moved, but not a sound came out. Mistress just looked at him calmly. The black rod had appeared in her hand as if by magic. “So this is how it is,” she explained. “I’ll allow you to come in Mary’s pussy, but only when you have Lawrence’s big, black cock in your mouth. Come on, Reggie, open wide.” Mistress smiled as, with a twist of her wrist, she brought the wet cock towards Reggie’s mouth. Reggie jerked his head away, but was brought up short as the electrical prod in Mistress’ hand touched his cheek. “A simple choice, Reggie,” Mistress purred. “I have a black rod in each hand; one of them is going into your mouth. I’ll let you decide which one.” The metal ball on the end of the prod stroked along Reggie’s cheek to the corner of his mouth. “Open wide, Reggie,” Mistress whispered.

With a groan of terror and defeat, Reggie turned his head to the left, towards the cock in Mistress’ gloved hand. Opening his mouth, Mary watched as Mistress guided the rigid flesh into his mouth. “Good boy,” Mistress whispered. “Now suck it, and do a good job.” Looking up at Lawrence, she nodded. “He’s all yours, baby,” she said.

Reggie’s cheeks dimpled as he sucked on Lawrence’s huge cock. Mary, having almost forgotten herself as she watched Mistress dominate the two men, resumed her measured bouncing up and down on Reggie’s cock. In spite of the skinhead’s humiliation, his cock was still rock-hard and throbbing inside Mary’s tight pussy. Lawrence was fucking his cock in and out of Reggie’s mouth just centimetres from her face, and the sight aroused her even more. She felt Mistress’ hand on her breasts, then it moved down her partially uncovered belly and down between her legs, where the red-gloved fingers expertly found her clit and began playing with it. Reggie’s bulging eyes took it all in, and he twisted his head to watch as far as the cock in his mouth would allow. Mary heard him groan around the wet shaft, and felt his hips buck desperately under her. Suddenly he groaned even louder, and Mary could actually feel his cock swell and twitch inside her as spurt after spurt of come pumped from his balls and into her waiting pussy.

Between Reggie’s orgasm and Mistress’ fingers on her clit, Mary finally had her second orgasm of the day. She sat heavily on Reggie’s cock, her hips grinding hard back and forth, as she dug her blunt fingernails into his chest. Mistress’ lips and tongue caressed her cheek, and Mary eagerly turned her head, trying to capture her Mistress’ mouth with her own. Mistress let her, and the two women shared a deep, wet kiss as Mary’s orgasm flushed through her.

“You liked that, didn’t you Reggie?” asked Mistress, and was rewarded with a reluctant nod from Reggie, somewhat constrained by the cock in his mouth. Mistress gave Lawrence’s butt a sharp slap. “That’s enough,” she said. “Now it’s my turn.” She pointed to the floor. “Mary, Reggie, get down there.”

Mary rose, a little unsteadily, and heard a soft plop as Reggie’s cock slipped out of her come-filled pussy. She knelt on the floor, and Reggie scrambled off the sofa and knelt beside her. They both watched as Mistress reclined comfortably on the sofa, right leg on the floor, the left stretched out along the back of the sofa. Reaching down, the statuesque blonde pulled the zipper in her groin, the catsuit peeling aside to expose her sopping cunt. It was swollen and red, the thick pussy lips gaping, ready to accept a cock. Mary felt her mouth water at the sight; she hadn’t tasted Mistress’ pussy since the previous day.

With an imperious wave of her gloved hand, Mistress motioned Lawrence closer. The black man obviously knew what was expected of him, as he knelt on the sofa between Mistress’ legs. He leaned over her, supporting himself with a arm on the back of the sofa, and Mistress took his big, hard cock in her hand and pulled it towards her pussy. Lowering himself carefully on top of her, Lawrence’s cock disappeared between Mistress’ thighs and entered her cunt.

Erica placed one hand on Lawrence’s chest, fingers splayed, and the other one around his neck. Her left foot she hooked behind his thighs. With a little twitch of her left ankle she commanded him to start fucking her; more pressure would increase his pace, while a push from her hand on his chest would decrease it. She was like a rider controlling her horse through subtle body movements; the black man might be towering above her, but there was no doubt who was in control. It had taken Erica a long time to train Lawrence to the point where he was an obedient and talented sex slave, but she had eventually broken him, like she eventually broke everyone. Lawrence, who wouldn’t as much as look at a woman in his personal life, would service her without restraint or reservation. Erica leaned back, relishing the feeling of a thick cock sliding wetly in and out of her swollen pussy with deep, measured strokes.

Erica’s orgasm was building fast, every stroke of that big cock taking her a little closer to the edge. The feeling of power was intoxicating, controlling the big strong man towering over her with a mere tightening of her arms and legs, knowing that he resented even touching her, but would still obey her every command. The fact that Lawrence didn’t like women was one of the things that made him a good lover; the lack of psychological arousal, even though his cock was certainly hard enough, meant that he could keep going longer before coming. Even so, the black man’s face was wet with sweat, his eyes getting that glazed look that signalled he would come soon, and Erica knew she couldn’t postpone things much longer if her plans were to come to fruition. With a noticeable mental effort she relaxed the rigid self-control she imposed on herself at all times, and thrust her hips upwards, her leg behind Lawrence’s thighs tightening to signal that he should fuck her faster.

With a groan, Lawrence increased the tempo, and Erica pushed herself up from the sofa, meeting every thrust with equal f***e. After ten or twelve thrusts she let herself go completely, throwing her head back and grunting as the orgasm hit her. Her hand on his chest froze Lawrence in his tracks, and he held completely still inside her. Erica trembled and shivered, feeling almost liquefied, the hard cock inside her feeling like a pole. It was as though it was the only solid thing in her, a rigid core around which her whole body trembled like a plateful of jelly.

Mary watched in awe as Mistress came on the large black cock, feeling excited and envious both. Reggie’s come was trickling slowly out of her pussy, making her feel cheap and slutty, just as she had come to enjoy lately. She stared with admiration at the glistening shaft that slid out of Mistress’ pussy as the latex-clad woman pushed her lover off of her and rose from the sofa.

With a flick of her wrist Mistress flipped her blonde ponytail back over her shoulder to hang down her back. She walked over to where Mary and Reggie were kneeling on the floor, and picked up Reggie’s leash. With a firm tug she led him over to the straight-backed chair Mary had been sitting on previously. “Mary, there’s a tin over in the top drawer over there,” said Mistress, pointing. “Get it for me.”

Mary went and opened the drawer, taking out a small tin of Vaseline. In the meantime, Mistress had sat down on the chair, facing Reggie. His cock, hard and erect after watching the show on the sofa, stood out in front of him. Mistress took it in her hand, stroking it gently. With her other hand, she motioned Mary to stand where she was, a little behind Reggie and out of his field of view.

“Did you enjoy watching that, Reggie?” asked Mistress in a soft voice.

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Reggie hoarsely.

Mistress leaned forward. “Would you like me to suck your cock, Reggie?” she teased.

“Oh yes, Mistress!” Reggie croaked.

Erica smiled, then opened her mouth and leaned in. Slowly, without taking her eyes from Reggie’s face, she lowered her mouth onto his shaft and closed her lips. Reggie groaned, his eyes rolling back in his sockets. Erica held still for a moments, then began sucking in earnest, her cheeks hollowing and her jaw muscles working as her tongue played along the shaft in her mouth. Her hand was kneading Reggie’s balls expertly. She had, very deliberately, not let Reggie inside her while he’d been staying here. His orgasm had been either self-inflicted on her command, or, on a few occasions, administered with her skilled hands. She knew Reggie had been desperate to have his cock in her for some time, but she’d been saving it for now for maximum effect.

After a couple of minutes of an impressive display of oral skills that left Reggie on the verge of passing out, Mistress took her mouth from his cock. Mary had been watching with rapt attention, marvelling at the way Mistress was controlling the muscular man with nothing but her mouth, playing him like an instrument. Stroking his cock in one gloved fist, Mistress looked up at Reggie’s flushed face.

“Would you like to come in my mouth, Reggie?” she asked.

“G… God, yes!” Reggie blurted out, not believing his luck. He’d never wanted anything so bad in his life.

“Do you remember what I said earlier?” Mistress inquired. “About how you could only come if you had a cock in your mouth or arse?”

Reggie’s eyes bulged with horror. “Mistress, please don’t…” he stuttered.

Mistress’ hand squeezed his balls, shutting him up. “Does that mean you don’t want me to suck your cock?” she asked. When Reggie didn’t reply, she took his cock in her mouth again, all the way in, and let it slide slowly out between her lips while she sucked hard. Reggie groaned in ecstasy and helpless fear. “Are you sure about that?” she asked.

“Please Mistress,” he groaned. “Please suck me.” A tear trickled down his cheek.

“Even if it means having a cock up your arse?”

Reggie nodded mutely, squeezing his eyes shut.

“No, I don’t think that’s good enough,” Mistress mused. “When Reggie opened his eyes and stared uncomprehendingly, she continued: “It’s not enough that you agree to be fucked up the arse, Reggie. You have to ask for it. Beg me for it, in fact.” She looked at him, still playing with his cock. “Are you going to beg me for it, Reggie?”

“No… no, please,” he whimpered.

Mistress smiled and leaned down, sucking his cock back into her mouth with a slurping sound. When she pulled away, a tendril of saliva connected her lower lip with the head of his cock. Reggie stared in longing. “Say please, Reggie,” said Mistress. Reggie whimpered wordlessly, the look on his face that of a man teetering on the brink of his private little hell. Tears were running down both his cheeks now. Mistress took the head of his cock in her mouth; Mary could see how her tongue was swirling around the sensitive glands inside her mouth. “Ask me nicely, and I’ll make you come like you’ve never come before,” Mistress promised huskily.

With a final racking sob, Reggie broke. “Pl… please, Mistress,” he whimpered, “can he fu… fuck me?”

“What did you say, Reggie?” asked Mistress.

“Can he fuck my… my arse,” Reggie muttered, eyes downcast in shame.

“You want Lawrence to fuck you?” Mistress asked. “Do you want him to put his black cock up tour arse?”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Reggie. “I want him to fuck me.” His voice was flat with despair.

Mistress smiled magnanimously. “Of course, Reggie,” she said. She turned to Mary. “Mary, why don’t you use that Vaseline on Lawrence’s cock.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Mary. Opening the tin, she scooped up a dollop of the greasy substance and applied it to Lawrence’s cock. The big black organ twitched in her hand, while Lawrence’s eyes were fixed on Reggie, gleaming with anticipation.

When Lawrence’s cock was thoroughly lubricated, Mistress waved Mary closer. “Now put some of that in Reggie’s arse as well,” she told her. “Get him good and ready for his first cock.” She smiled at Reggie as she said this, playing with his hard cock. No one looking at his face now would have any doubt that they were watching a soul in torment.

Mary smeared a big glob of Vaseline in Reggie’s arse, plunging a finger inside the clean-shaven anus, getting lots of the greasy stuff inside him. Finally she stood back, satisfied. Her pussy throbbed with excitement at what she was going to see.

Lawrence stepped up behind Reggie, a hungry look in his eyes. He put one hand on the skinhead’s hip while the other held his Vaseline-coated cock, pointing it straight between Reggie’s buttocks. Mistress pressed one hand against Reggie’s stomach while tugging on his leash, bending him forward and presenting his arse to Lawrence.

Lawrence held for a moment with the head of his cock touching Reggie’s sphincter. Then he pushed, the large head popping inside Reggie’s arsehole. The skinhead gave a brief cry in pain as the black shaft invaded his anus, but Lawrence paid no heed. He kept pushing, centimetre after centimetre disappearing inside Reggie’s virgin arsehole. Reggie cried like a baby, tears of pain and humiliation streaming down his face.

“Good boy,” Mistress praised softly. “Here, I’ll make it better.” With this, she slipped off the chair and dropped to her knees in front of Reggie. She took his cock in her mouth, sucking it all the way in until her nose was pressed against Reggie’s belly. Then she slapped Lawrence’s hip, and the black man began to fuck Reggie’s arse with deep, powerful strokes.

Mary had to fight to keep her hand from slipping under her skirt to her pussy. The scene in front of her was incredibly arousing. Every time Lawrence’s cock plunged into Reggie, the skinhead’s hips were driven forward, which in turn pushed his cock deep down Mistress’ throat. She made soft little moans every time the cock disappeared entirely inside her, deepthroating Reggie like a true expert. Reggie’s face was a twisted mask of equal amounts of pain, self-loathing and pleasure. Lawrence was sweating profusely, his impressively muscled torso glistening like black silk, muscles rippling under his skin as he pistoned his cock in and out of Reggie’s arse.

Neither of the men lasted very long. Lawrence came first; with a wordless cry he plunged inside Reggie, forcing his large cock all the way inside as he came. Mary saw the muscles in his butt tighten as he bent almost double over Reggie’s back, shooting squirt after squirt inside him. Seconds later, Reggie groaned and shot his load into Mistress’ mouth. She kept her lips firmly closed around his cock, her throat working as she swallowed every last drop.

Mistress stood, delicately wiping her lips. She looked down at Lawrence’s cock, hanging semi-stiff between his legs, coated in semen and Vaseline. “My, my,” she said. “Look what a mess you boys have made.” She looked at Reggie. “Reggie, get some tissues in that drawer over there and clean up Lawrence’s cock.”

“Right away, Mistress,” Reggie muttered. There was no fight left in his voice now.

Mistress walked over to the sofa and sat down, a content smile on her red lips. She looked at Mary and smiled. “Come here, sweetie,” she said softly. Mary got to her feet and hurried over to Mistress. The blonde pulled her down to her on the sofa, one hand stroking her hair. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you,” she said. One hand slipped inside Mary’s open blouse, cupping a breast. Mary leaned down, and their lips met in a long kiss.

Mistress took Mary’s hand and brought it up to the zipper that ran down her chest; Mary pulled it down, releasing Mistress’ large breasts. The blonde leaned back on the sofa, pushing her breasts out, and Mary eagerly sought a nipple with her mouth and began sucking on it hungrily, making content little noises in the back of her throat.

After having nursed on Mistress’ nipples for a while, Mary lifted her head and looked up on the woman who was the centre of her life. “Mistress, can I lick your pussy?” she asked breathlessly.

“Of course you can, sweetie,” replied the blonde. She spread her legs as Mary slid off the sofa to kneel on the floor. Leaning forward, the brunette inhaled the musky scent of the wet, swollen pussy in front of her, her eyes glowing with hungry anticipation as she eyed the moist folds and the large clitoris protruding between them. She leaned in, her tongue extended, and touched it gently to the soft flesh directly below the clit. A little further, and her lips closed around the erect miniature penis. Mary began sucking gently on the clit while flicking it with her tongue, just as Mistress had thought her. She was rewarded with a low moan, and looked up to see Mistress playing with her large breasts, smiling down at her.

Looking up from the lovely brunette’s face between her thighs, Erica took in Reggie and Lawrence. The former had just finished cleaning the latter’s cock, and they were both eyeing the two women on the sofa, Reggie with considerable more interest than Lawrence. Erica gave them her most wicked smile. “Reggie,” she said, “get down on your knees and make Lawrence hard again.”

Without a word, Reggie did as he was told, closing his mouth over Lawrence’s big cock. Erica looked at them through slitted eyes, enjoying the ministrations of her star pupil between her thighs. When Lawrence’s cock had swelled to full erection, she waved her hand dismissively. “That’s enough. Lawrence, kneel down behind Mary.” She looked carefully for any sign of relief on Reggie’s face when the cock was withdrawn from his mouth, but there was nothing. The skinhead was well and truly broken.

Lawrence dropped to his knees behind Mary and looked at Mistress, awaiting her instructions. Mistress caressed Mary’s hair. “Mary, now Lawrence is going to fuck you from behind while you eat my pussy,” she explained. “Would you like that?”

Mary lifted her head from between Mistress’ thighs, her lips and chin wet with juices. “Oh Mistress, please, let him put his cock in my pussy,” she pleaded.

“Go ahead, Lawrence,” commanded Mistress. “Shove it in deep.”

Mary could feel how her skirt was lifted up to uncover her arse. Then the head of the thick cock touched her hypersensitive pussy lips. She buried her face in Mistress’ pussy, licking and sucking the fat pussy lips, trying to fill her mouth with as much tangy juice as possible. The cockhead pressed firmly against her pussy, and Mary noticed how her pussy lips were slowly yielding, splitting apart to allow the shaft inside her. She grunted into Mistress’ pussy and arched her back, presenting her arse to the man about to take her from behind. Slowly Lawrence’s cock penetrated her, the walls of her tight pussy stretching to accommodate his girth. Then, with a final push, he was all the way inside her.

Erica squeezed her large breasts as she watched Lawrence take Mary from behind. He began fucking the kneeling brunette in the school uniform, first slowly, then with short hard strokes. Mary moaned again into Erica’s pussy, her tongue darting around the wet folds like a trapped little a****l. Her body shook with the f***e of Lawrence’s thrusts, and with every thrust her face was pressed against Erica’s pussy. Erica grabbed Mary’s head and guided her mouth to her clit, which was sorely in need of some attention. Mary immediately caught on, and her lips closed around the large nub, sucking and licking vigorously.

Mary was having the time of her life. A big, hard cock was pounding her pussy roughly from behind, while she herself was kneeling with her head between Mistress’ thighs, her lips sticky with Mistress’ juices. She supported herself on Mistress’ thighs, getting a thrill out of the sensation of warm flesh covered in latex like a smooth second skin. She spread her legs even further and pushed her arse back against Lawrence, trying to allow more of that fantastic cock inside her. Little whimpering sounds were escaping her lips, partly muffled by Mistress’ pussy, and Mary could already feel her orgasm building inside her. She took one hand of Mistress’ thigh and inserted a probing finger into the blonde woman’s pussy, feeling the walls contract around the digit. Then she added a second finger and began pumping them in and out in rhythm with her tongue and lips on Mistress’ clit.

Her orgasm overtook her in a slow, languorous manner, as if trickling in from somewhere and rolling through her like huge waves. Mary moaned in pleasure and took her mouth from Mistress’ pussy for a moment, heaving for breath. Then Mistress’ gloved hands on her cheeks pushed her face back between her thighs, and Mary continued licking the beautiful pussy in front of her. Somewhat to her surprise, instead of the usual post-orgasmic heavy, relaxed feeling it was almost as if the intensity of pleasure had only dropped off temporarily; she could feel a second orgasm approaching, growing closer with every one of Lawrence’s thrusts. A mere half-minute after her first, Mary’s second orgasm poured into her, as slow and lazy as the first, and she groaned and trashed, arching her back and pushing back against Lawrence. And as soon as it was over, she could feel another one building.

Erica watched with delight as Mary came again and again, the multiple orgasms washing over her like waves of an incoming tide. Again and again the brunette trembled and moaned, and Erica felt almost envious. Her own climax was impending, though, and it promised to be anything but gentle. Likewise, Lawrence’s body was glistening with sweat, and his eyes were wide and frantic as he relentlessly fucked Mary from behind, a good grip on her round hips. Between her legs, Erica noticed Mary shudder as her fourth orgasm surged through her.

Before she could come again, though, it was Erica’s turn. Her muscles tightened like steel wires, and the blonde ground her pussy against Mary’s face, her thighs clamping down around her head. Erica shook uncontrollably, tossing her head from side to side as her climax ran its course.

Just as Mistress was coming down from her orgasm, Mary felt Lawrence hammer his cock deep in her pussy and loud groan. His cock twitched inside her, filling her pussy with hot sperm. The big man lifted her up by the hips, picking her up from the floor as if she didn’t weigh anything at all, and held her arse hard against him as he emptied his balls inside her. When he finally lowered her back down so her knees touched the carpet, Mary collapsed in a heap. The succession of orgasms had put a strain on the muscles in her thighs and abdomen, and now those muscles felt much like boiled spaghetti. Mary lay stretched out on the floor, gasping for breath, the wonderful taste of Mistress’ pussy on her lips and tongue.

“It looked as though you were enjoying yourself there,” Mistress said as she knelt down beside Mary, stroking her hair.

“Oh yes, Mistress, it was wonderful,” replied Mary.

“That’s good, sweetie,” murmured Mistress. “I believe your husband will be very pleased when he gets you back.” She caressed Mary’s cheek. “Very pleased indeed…”

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