Educating Mary, Part 3

Mary lay curled up in bed, luxuriating in the pleasant glow of just having awakened after a night’s restful sl**p, her body warm and relaxed, the silk sheets smooth and sensual against her body.

A hand touched her from behind, creeping along her flank and over her to caress her belly. Mary rolled over on her back and turned her head to look lazily at the woman lying next to her in the bed. On her side, Mistress’ blonde hair fanned out on the pillow, a few loose strands hanging down across her face. Mary reached out a hand and tenderly brushed the locks aside, smiling warmly at the woman who was the centre of her universe. Mistress smiled back and raised herself up on one elbow, leaning in to plant a wet kiss on Mary’s lips. The two women embraced, their naked bodies pressing together under the duvet, hands exploring each other’s now-familiar curves.

“Good morning, Mary,” said Mistress.

“Good morning, Mistress,” Mary replied. “Have you slept well?”

“Very,” said Mistress. “I was very tired from last night.” She winked.

Mary blushed with pleasure. Compliments from Mistress made her feel warm inside. She buried her face in the other woman’s neck, inhaling the scent of her hair and warm skin. Mistress threw a leg over her hips, pulling her even closer; Mary could feel her pussy hair tickle her thigh. She moaned deep in her throat, feeling arousal stirring in her from the touch.

“I want you to eat my pussy, Mary,” said Mistress, and Mary smiled.

“Oh yes, please Mistress, can I?” she pleaded. Mistress smiled at her and sat up, letting Mary stare at the perfection of her body. The beautiful face, slender, strong arms, large proud breasts standing out from her body, and a flat, muscular stomach.

“Give me your arms,” commanded Mistress, and Mary stretched her arms over her head, delighting in what she knew was to come. She offered her wrists eagerly as Mistress fastened the leather restraints that hung from a metal bar set horizontally into the solid oak headboard. Lying on her back, her arms securely fastened above her head, Mary wet her lips in anticipation.

Supporting herself on the headboard with both hands, Mistress swung a slender, well-muscled leg over Mary, straddling her head. Slowly she lowered her pussy down to Mary’s eagerly waiting mouth. For a moment she held it deliberately just out of reach, then took pity on the submissive brunette and lowered herself the rest of the way down.

Erica shuddered with pleasure, not all of it physical, as Mary’s tongue licked wetly along the length of her moist slit. It had been seven days to the day since she’d come here to stay for two weeks, delivered by her husband. Mary had been quite frigid, and her husband Jeff had eventually become so frustrated that he contacted Erica, whom he’d learned of through a friend. Erica had taken Mary in for two weeks, whereupon she would be returned to her husband as a willing, uninhibited sex partner. Now, halfway through her training, Mary was perfectly obedient, living only to satisfy her Mistress’ every sexual need and desire. Intensive conditioning over the past week ensured that the slightest touch from Erica would be enough to excite her, and the taste of her Erica’s pussy drive her wild with lust.

Mary was plunging her tongue in among the slimy folds of Mistress’ pussy, working the swollen flesh with her mouth. Her own pussy was sopping wet and tingling with desire, but since her arms were bound over her head, she couldn’t reach down to finger herself. That was, of course, the whole point. This was Mary’s favourite position, bound and helpless on her back, with Mistress riding her face. It made her feel deliciously submissive and powerless, and she knew that if she pleased Mistress, she would have mercy on her and bring her to orgasm with either her fingers or her mouth.

For the past few days the entire focus of Mary’s life had been to please her Mistress, and be rewarded with pleasure in turn. She remembered her previous life, of course; there was nothing wrong with her memory. It was simply that it no longer mattered. She remembered Jeff, her husband; their house, her work and her colleagues, everything, but compared with Mistress, none of those things were truly important. She remembered having felt resentful and angry towards Jeff for abandoning her with Mistress, but she no longer felt that way. When she thought of Jeff at all, which was seldom, nowadays, it was with gratitude for having given her to Mistress.

Mary was quite proud of the fact that Mistress had not needed to discipline her for several days, now. When she first arrived, Mary remembered, she had been wilful and difficult, and Mistress had been f***ed to punish her to show her the error of her ways. It was now three days since Mistress had had to use the rod on her; Mary now instantly obeyed her every command, and was rewarded with pleasure she’d never knew existed. She felt like kicking herself when she thought of all that time she’d wasted, resisting Mistress’ instructions, not realising that Mistress only wanted what was best for her.

Licking her Mistress’ pussy with skill born of intensive training, Mary relished the taste of her juices and the texture of the soft, slick folds of her cunt. Working her way along the blonde’s slit, she at last came to her clitoris, which stuck out through her swollen pussy lips, nearly three centimetres long. Mary sucked it into her mouth, moving her lips up and down its length as though she was sucking a tiny cock. A rush of pleasure shot through her when she heard Mistress moan in ecstasy. Mistress leaned on the headboard with both hands and began moving her hips on Mary’s face, fucking her engorged clit in and out of the bound brunette’s mouth. Long since having learned the signs, Mary knew that her Mistress was fast approaching her orgasm; the first of many Mary would give her that day.

With a soft whimper Erica reached her orgasm, rubbing her pussy against Mary’s mouth. Like most orgasms she had early in the morning, this one was slow and sweet, flushing through her body in gentle waves. She took long, deep breaths, pressing her pussy against Mary’s mouth, trying to prolong the climax for as long as possible. After a while, though, the orgasm ended, and Erica swung her leg over Mary’s body and lay down next to her, her fingers trailing lightly over the brunette’s belly.

“Mmm, you’re all wet,” she said huskily, noticing the moisture glistening on the insides of Mary’s thighs.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary panted.

“Would you like me to make you come?”

“Oh, yes, please do, Mistress,” Mary begged, trying to push her hips up against the teasing fingers that trailed across her belly and thighs.

“I will, sweetie,” Erica whispered, “I will. But maybe it’s time to try something new.” She rose from the bed and walked over to the large commode by one wall. Erica could feel Mary’s hungry eyes on her back and arse, and put a little extra sway in her hips as she moved. She opened a drawer and rummaged through it, then straightened up with something in her hand.

Mary’s eyes widened when Mistress turned to her. At first she thought Mistress was holding the rod she used for punishing her, but she immediately saw that this was thicker, and with what looked like fastenings dangling from one end. Only when Mistress came back to the bed did she see what it was.

Mistress was holding a flesh-coloured dildo in her hands; about nine inches long and so thick around Mary doubted she would be able to close her fingers around it. The bottom end was fastened to a piece of thick leather, with straps and buckles designed to hold it firmly in place on its wearer.

Smiling naughtily at Mary, Erica stepped into the harness and pulled it up around her hips. Then she started buckling it, making sure the straps were tight and the large latex cock firmly in place. She stroked it in her fist, relishing the look in Mary’s eyes, hunger tinged with anxiety. The dildo was far bigger than Jeff’s cock, Erica knew from personal experience, and as such would easily be the biggest thing Mary had had inside her. Erica felt her pussy tingle at the thought of the sexy, innocent brunette impaled on the strap-on cock.

With the dildo bobbing up and down as she moved, Mistress moved to the headboard of the bed and released Mary’s hands from the restraints. This surprised Mary some; she’d expected Mistress to take her while she was lying there helpless.

“Turn around,” Mistress commanded, and Mary instantly rolled over on her stomach. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Mistress climb into bed behind her, the big fake cock standing out in front of her. “Get on your hands and knees,” Mistress ordered, and Mary obeyed. She could hear from the sound of her voice that Mistress was excited, and this pleased Mary like nothing else ever had. Her body, she knew, was an instrument with which to give Mistress pleasure.

On her hands and knees, Mary saw Mistress positioning herself behind her, dildo in hand. She placed a hand on Mary’s hip, using the other to guide the head of the ersatz cock to her shaved pussy. The large head butted against Mary’s cunt, and she felt her pussy lips split as Mistress slowly pressed the huge shaft inside her. Her pussy was dripping wet, but it was still not easy to get the cock inside her; Mary groaned and bit into the pillow as her pussy was invaded by the massive dildo, feeling how the walls of her cunt stretched to accommodate it. It seemed to go on forever; no matter how much she felt had already been pushed inside her, there was always another inch to go.

After what felt like an eternity of pleasure mixed with pain, Mary felt Mistress’ hips press against her arse, and knew that the strap-on was all the way inside her. She made herself take slow, deep breaths, adjusting to the feeling of being so… full.

Mistress leaned over her, kissing her neck. “How does it feel, sweetie?” she asked.

“It’s so big, Mistress” whispered Mary.

“That’s the idea,” Mistress chuckled, and Mary felt proud that she’d pleased Mistress. “What I want you to do,” Mistress explained, “is to fuck yourself back and forth on this dildo. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Mary. Reaching up, she grabbed hold of the metal bar set into in the headrest with both hands. Taking a deep breath, she pulled forward, easing herself slowly off the huge cock filling her until only the head was inside her pussy lips. Then she pushed backward, impaling herself on the thick tool. It went easier this time, and Mary felt herself warming to the sensation of having her pussy stuffed to capacity. When her arse touched Mistress’ hips, Mary moved forward again, the dildo sliding wetly out of her pussy before she plunged back on the shaft.

Erica was kneeling behind Mary, watching the young woman fuck herself on her strap-on. It was an incredibly sexy sight, how those clean-shaven swollen pussy lips stretched to the limit to accept the huge cock; how her pussy coated the latex rod in slimy juices. Mary was panting now, as the thick dildo stimulated her clit as she impaled herself on it again and again. Leaning slightly forward, Erica reached under Mary, filling her hands with the brunette’s firm tits, pinching the nipples. Then she began moving her hips slightly, meeting Mary’s movements with small thrusts of her own, establishing a rhythm as she began to fuck her slave from behind. Little tingles began to shoot through her pussy as the strap-on’s harness rubbed against her swollen clitoris.

With Mistress’ hands on her breasts, Mary was encouraged to increase the tempo, and soon she found Mistress was beginning to fuck her back. At some point during the next minute control of the rhythm passed from Mary to Mistress, and the brunette relaxed, willingly, even eagerly letting the blonde assume control. She grunted with each thrust as the big dildo pumped in and out of her. Being on her hands and knees like this, submissive and subservient, completely under Mistress’ control, was fulfilling in a way Mary had never dreamed possible. She could feel her orgasm starting to build inside her and arched her back, pressing her hips back against Mistress.

“Does it feel good, sweetie?” Mistress whispered into her ear. “Does my big cock in your pussy make you feel good?”

“Oh yes, Mistress,” Mary panted. “I’m going to come on your cock.” She thrust her hips backwards, trying to take as much of the dildo inside her as possible.

Erica could feel her own pussy begin to throb, and knew that she, too, was close to coming. The leather harness rubbed rhythmically against her clit with every thrust, and she expertly timed her movements to let her own orgasm coincide with Mary’s. She could tell from the little jerks and twitches of Mary’s body, as well as the guttural moans she was making, that her slave was very close to coming. Moving one hand from Mary’s breast to her pussy, Erica rubbed the brunette’s clit, hurrying her orgasm along.

Even with the extra stimulation of her fingers on Mary’s clit, Mistress was the first to come. With a throaty moan she buried the strap-on deep in Mary’s pussy, leaning over her back and biting her neck as she shook with the f***e of her climax. Mary felt Mistress’ large breasts squashed flat against her back and her teeth on the soft skin of her neck just below the leather collar she wore, and the knowledge that she was the one to give Mistress such pleasure was what pushed her over the edge. She pressed her body back against her Mistress, and the two women trembled together as their orgasms flushed through their sweaty bodies.

Afterwards Mary lay flat on her belly with Mistress on top of her, the huge latex dildo still buried to the hilt inside her. She loved the feeling of Mistress’ body atop her, being pinned down under her weight. She didn’t want to move for fear that Mistress should think that she wanted her to get off.

After a few minutes of quiet post-orgasmic bliss, Erica at last sat up, ignoring Mary’s protesting little whimper. She slowly pulled the thick cock from the brunette’s pussy, watching with satisfaction as the thick, glistening shaft oozed out of Mary’s tight hole.

“I hope you liked that,” she said to the collared woman, slapping her trim arse gently for emphasis.

“It was fantastic, Mistress,” Mary replied honestly, silently lamenting the hollow feeling in her pussy as the dildo was withdrawn.

“That’s good,” said Mistress, “because this was only the beginning. Your pussy is in for a proper workout this week.” Mary smiled at Mistress over her shoulder. Whatever Mistress wanted, Mary would happily do.

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