Educating Mary, Part 2

Watching the streets of London go by, Mary sat in the passenger seat of their car. Two days earlier Jeff had sprung the surprise on her: that he was taking her to France for a fortnight. Mary was, of course, thrilled with the idea, and had packed in a hurry, taking time to call her mother and some of her friends with the good news. She’d had to do some juggling of schedules at work, but in the end she’d been able to get a couple of weeks off.

The only fly in the ointment, as far as she was concerned, was her worry over the fact that a vacation in France was supposed to include lots of romance and sex. Romance was fine with Mary; she loved her husband very much, but sex, on the other hand, made her very uneasy. She suspected that Jeff planned for this vacation to somehow re-vitalise their marriage, and she felt her stomach contract to a ball of anxious nausea at the thought of having to turn him away night after night.

It wasn’t that Mary didn’t like sex, per se. She knew she was capable of enjoying it very much. It was just that in order to enjoy sex, you had to be excited, and there was the core of Mary’s problem. She simply could not bring herself to becoming aroused.

Mary’s upbringing had been very strict and puritanical, with a dominating father and a thoroughly cowed mother. Everything below the navel had been strictly taboo; her parents used to make sure that she and her s****r both slept with their hands above their blankets, so they couldn’t touch themselves even in their sl**p. They had been kept home from school during sex education, and never been allowed to date while they lived at home. Mary had not been able to escape her parents’ controlling influence until she met Jeff and married him.

She’d had precisely three orgasms in her life: no more, no less. One had been a few weeks before their wedding, another one just after; both times she had been quite d***k. The third had been on her wedding night, when it was understood that a woman was allowed to let herself go. For Mary, though, sexual excitement had always been closely associated with shame, something filthy and nasty that decent people avoided if at all possible. Jeff had one suggested that they go see a f****y councillor, someone who could help them past their problems (Jeff had never until very recently even hinted at things being her fault). Mary had flatly refused; the idea of talking about one’s dirty bodily functions to a complete stranger filled her with revulsion. Jeff had even once asked her if she was seeing another man. That had been horrible; that he could even think something so awful about her. Mary had never had the slightest interest in any other men; the idea of having an affair was completely alien to her.

At the beginning of their marriage, and the time before their wedding, she’d had no problems becoming aroused by Jeff. However, every time she felt ashamed and dirty, and she would remember those feelings the next time they were together, thereby making it harder to become excited. This she would interpret as her conscience fighting the dirty primal urges of her body, and that would make it even more shameful. It was a never-ending downward spiral from which Mary had no clue how to get up.

Mary was startled out of her brooding by the surroundings. “Jeff, this isn’t the way to Heathrow, is it?” she remarked to her husband.

“I know,” he replied. “We just have to stop somewhere to pick up something.”

“Oh? What?” she asked.

“You’ll see when we get there,” he replied. His shoulders were hunched, the way they were when he was tense and nervous about something, but Mary didn’t press the issue.

A few minutes later they pulled up outside a large Victorian mansion. Jeff got out of the car, then went around and opened her door for her. “What is this place?” Mary asked as he led her up the walkway to the front door.

“There’s someone here I want you to meet,” he replied, looking even more tense.

“I thought we were going to collect something here,” said Mary.

“Uh, yes, that too,” muttered Jeff. Standing in front of the impressive door, he rang the doorbell, shifting his feet nervously as they waited. Mary was beginning to feel a little nervous.

Suddenly the door opened, and Mary blinked in confusion. Standing there was probably the most beautiful woman Mary had ever seen. With long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin and fine bone structure, she was tall and slender, with a commanding presence. She felt herself blush as those cold blue eyes measured her up and down. The woman was dressed in a long black leather coat, with shiny black boots peeking out under the hem.

“So, this is Mary, is it?” she asked, flicking a glance at Jeff.

“Yes,” said Jeff. “Mary, this is Erica.”

“Why don’t you come in, Mary,” said Erica, stepping aside and holding the door open. Mary, very much confused now, stepped inside automatically.

“I’ll be in touch in a week or so,” the blonde woman said to Jeff, who merely nodded. With a glance at Mary that she couldn’t quite decipher, he turned away and started walking back to the car.

“Jeff, wait, where are you going?” Mary asked frantically, suddenly scared. Jeff didn’t answer, but kept walking, his shoulders stiff.

“Don’t worry dear,” Erica said soothingly. “You’ll be fine. You’re going to be staying here with me for a while.” She reached up and cupped Mary’s chin, turning her face towards her. Mary froze as she looked into that ice-cold, beautiful face. There was something… radiating… from this woman, something that made Mary feel profoundly uncomfortable. The click of the heavy door closing brought her back to her senses, and with a start she jerked away from the woman and turned to the door.

“Jeff, wait!” she shouted and reached for the handle. But a hand grabbed hold of her upper arm from behind and pulled her forcibly away, propelling her further into the hall. She almost slipped and fell on the tiled floor, but regained her balance. The leather-clad woman stood there looking at her with a cold, imperious expression on her face. For the first time Mary became aware of the strange object she was holding in her left hand. It was about the size and shape of a riding crop, only a little thicker and more rigid-looking. It was black, with a small ball at the end instead of the leather loop riding crops had. There was something sinister about the instrument and the nonchalant way the blonde woman held it.

“I believe it’s time for me to explain a few things to you,” Erica said in a conversational tone. “For the next two weeks, you will be a guest in this house. During that time, you will do everything I tell you to, when I tell you to. You will eat and sl**p at my convenience, not yours. You will wear what I tell you to wear. I will teach you a great many things while you’re here. If you do as I instruct, you will be rewarded; if you don’t you will be punished.” She regarded Mary coolly. “You will not enjoy being punished.” There was no menace in her voice, simply calm assurance.

“You’re insane!” Mary yelled. “I’m not staying here!” She made for the door, sidestepping the tall blonde, who made no move to stop her. She had almost made it when, from the corner of her eye, she saw Erica’s hand lash out towards her leg. She felt a searing pain in her thigh, and then her entire foot went numb, and she collapsed to the floor.

Erica’s boots made hard clicking noises on the shining tiles as the tall woman made a slow circuit of the prone brunette. Mary felt a tingling pain in her leg as feeling slowly returned. She looked up and saw Erica holding the black rod in one hand while tapping it gently against the palm of the other.

“That was an electric shock,” she explained calmly, “powerful enough to temporarily paralyse a large muscle. It was caused by this,” she said, holding up the black rod. “This is what you may call a modified cattle prod,” she said in a lecturing voice. “The shock is delivered by this,” she tapped the ball at the end, “and the power is regulated by this,” she tapped a metallic circle going around the handle. “It can cause anything from a mildly painful tingle to a massive shock strong enough to briefly incapacitate a person. It is not powerful enough to kill, but that’s not its purpose. It is a tool of discipline, and if you’re disobedient, you will become intimately familiar with it over the next two weeks.”

Erica stepped close to Mary, who was trying to get up. She reached down, touching the rod to Mary’s neck. “Kiss my boot,” she said in that same calm voice.

“Wh… what?” Mary spluttered in consternation and outrage.

The pain that lanced through her neck was intense. When it stopped, she whimpered softly. “Kiss my boot,” Erica repeated in exactly the same patient voice. She stuck out her foot, placing it directly in front of Mary’s face. Mary went rigid, but then she felt the rod press against her neck again, and bowed her head down to the black leather boot. The rod’s metal ball followed her all the way down, until she pressed her lips against the slick, black boot. When she lifter her head, she saw her lip imprint on the shiny leather.

“Very good,” Erica said in a mildly approving tone. “Now you may get up.”

Mary rose, her left leg still tingling. When she was halfway to her feet, the rod came up to touch gently under her jaw. Very slowly Mary rose the rest of the way until she was standing upright.

“Good,” Erica said. “Now I’ll show you to your room, where you can change your clothes. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Mary murmured.

“Yes, Mistress,” Erica emphasised frostily. “Whenever you address me, you will call me Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes… Mistress,” Mary added hastily when the ball dug a little deeper into the soft flesh of her throat. Erica’s thumb, she noticed, was resting firmly on a small button set into the haft: the on/off switch, no doubt.

Erica nodded, then indicated the sweeping staircase leading up. Walking hesitantly, Mary started up the stairs, the blonde following close behind. They walked down a carpeted corridor until Erica halted Mary outside an oak-panelled door. “In here,” she said.

The room inside was a spacious bedroom. A thick, soft wall-to-wall carpet covered the floor. The walls were a pale beige, with lamps giving a soft, golden light. A large commode stood along one wall, next to a walk-in closet. The room also boasted a make-up table, complete with a well-lit mirror. A partially open door on the wall to the left led to what appeared to be a bathroom. Dominating the room, however, was a massive double bed in dark oak, covered with a red silk bedspread. The most disturbing sight, though, where the leather manacles attached to the headboard and footboard with fine steel chains. The chains were attached to horizontal steel bars set into the bed, so that the manacles could be gathered in the middle or spread apart as far as the bed was wide.

“Stop,” came Erica’s command when Mary was standing in the middle of the room. Mary froze in place, and Erica slowly, deliberately, stalked around her, moving like a large, sleek cat. Face to face with Mary, she came to a halt.

“Take off your clothes,” she said. When Mary was a little slow to obey, the hand that held the rod twitched impatiently, and Mary’s hands flew to the buttons of her prim white blouse.

As garment after garment dropped to the floor, Mary’s embarrassment was climbing higher and higher. When she was down to her underwear, she was blushing furiously from her head down to her breasts, while Erica simply looked at her like someone studying a horse they’re thinking about buying.

“Take off your bra,” Erica said, her voice perfectly neutral.

“Why… why are you doing this?” Mary sobbed, the first tears starting to well in her eyes.

“It’s for your own good, Mary,” Erica said, not unkindly. “Now, do as you’re told and take off your bra.”

“No. No, I wont!” Mary yelled in defiance, backing away from the leather-clad woman.

Faster than her eye could follow, the black rod came up to touch her stomach. Blazing pain shot through Mary’s body, causing her to double over and drop to her knees. For a brief moment she felt the cool metal of the ball touch her back, then lightning shot through her again, jerking her upright, her mouth trying to form a scream her lungs didn’t have the strength to power. Then the rod touched her again, this time between her breasts, and agony flooded her.

When she came to her senses, Mary was lying curled up on the floor, dry sobs racking her body. Opening her eyes, she saw Erica’s boots in front of her face. The pain faded remarkably fast, leaving an unpleasant tingling sensation, like bl**d returning to a numb arm or leg. Finally, she got her breath under control.

“Kiss my boot,” she heard Erica order. Struggling to her hands and knees, Mary could see the tip of the black rod dangling from Erica’s hand. Hurriedly she bent down, pressing her lips to the proffered boot. Now there was an imprint from her lips on both of them, she noticed.

“Now stand up,” the tall blonde said, and Mary scrambled to her feet. Looking down on her body, she saw only faint red marks where the rod had touched her. Erica reached out and cupped Mary’s chin, lifting her face to look into her eyes. “It is pointless to resist,” she explained gently, as if to a c***d. “The house is soundproofed, so no one will hear you scream. And we both know that you’ll do what I ask of you anyway, so you might as well do it the easy way. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary replied.

“Very good, Mary,” Erica praised, genuine warmth in her voice. “Now, take off your bra.”

With trembling hands, Mary reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, letting it drop on top of the rest of her clothes. She felt profoundly embarrassed to be naked in front of another person like this. Even in bed with Jeff she’d always insisted the lights be off, and now she was standing exposed in front of this aloof, sophisticated woman.

Erica cupped one of Mary’s breasts in an elegantly manicured hand, squeezing it softly, weighing it in her hand. “You have lovely breasts,” she said, her voice still warm.

“Please, don’t…” Mary f***ed out. To her relief, Erica let go of her breast. The relief was short-lived, though.

“Touch your breasts,” she ordered, her voice once again cool and commanding. Mary stared at her in horror, but flinched from the frosty stare in those glacial blue eyes. Slowly, as if of their own volition, her hands rose to cup her breasts. “Squeeze them,” Erica instructed.

Gritting her teeth, Mary did as she was told, gently squeezing her breasts. She had not touched herself like this since she was 13, and her breasts had begun to develop. Her face was hot with shame.

“Pinch your nipples,” that precise voice went on. Mary hesitated for a second, then briefly pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger. “Harder,” Erica ordered, “and keep pinching until I tell you to stop.” Mary didn’t dare disobey. She pinched and tugged at her nipples, and even though she felt no arousal whatsoever, the stimulation caused bl**d to flow to the sensitive nubs, making them stand out.

Erica smiled a satisfied smile. “Good,” she praised. “Now I want you to take off your panties.”

Mary felt that she was already as embarrassed as she could possibly get, and obeyed quietly, hooking her thumbs under her waistband and pulled her white cotton panties down to her ankles and awkwardly pulled them off one foot after the other. She was so ashamed she wanted to die.

“You have a very beautiful body, Mary,” said Erica. “You should be proud of yourself.” When Mary didn’t reply, Erica stepped close, putting the arm holding the rod behind her back, pulling her close. Her other hand slid up along Mary’s belly to her breasts.

Mary could feel the cool leather of Erica’s black coat against her naked skin as the dominant woman pulled her close. She felt the other woman’s body press against hers, her eyes barely level with the taller woman’s chin. She was acutely aware of the other woman’s large breasts pressing against her while Erica’s hand was caressing her own naked tits. Then, when she thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, Erica’s hand moved down her belly and between her legs. Mary squealed in fear and tried to back out of the embrace, not even the threat of the black rod overcoming this, but Erica simply followed her across the floor, still holding her to her, until Mary’s legs touched the side of the bed.

For a moment of absolute terror Mary thought she would overbalance and fall backwards onto the bed, but she managed to right herself. Something told her that lying naked on this bed with Erica standing over her would be a very bad idea.

Apparently her thoughts were clearly visible on her face, because a wicked, understanding grin spread across Erica’s face. With Mary not having anywhere left to go, her fingers pushed their way between the brunette’s legs, massaging her pussy lips. Mary was stiff as a post with fear.

“I promise you, by the end of the week you’ll be begging me to play with your pussy,” Erica whispered into her ear.

“No!” said Mary, violently shaking her head.

“Wait and see,” Erica teased. Then she tugged at Mary’s pubic hair. “This will have to go, though,” she remarked, almost to herself. She took hold of Mary’s arm, pulling her towards the bathroom. “Come on,” she said. Mary followed her meekly, not understanding what she was talking about.

The bathroom was bright and spacious, with a toilet, a bidet and a large white bathtub. Erica pointed to a plastic stool. “Put that in the bathtub,” she said. Mary did as she was told. “Now get in.”

While Mary climbed in, Erica opened a cabinet over the sink. She handed Mary a pair of scissors. “I want you to cut away as much of your pussy hair as you can with this,” she explained. Mary just stared at her. Cut away her hair… down there? What on earth for? “Get to it, girl,” Erica snapped, twitching the rod. Mary, red with shame, sat down on the stool and began to snip away at her pubes.

As the brown hair piled up in the tub, Erica kept rummaging through the cabinet. After a critical glance at Mary’s pussy, where the hair was now too short for the scissors to be effective, she issued new orders. “Now turn on the water,” she said. Mary took the showerhead in her hand and started fiddling with the water until it was a pleasant warm. “Wash the hair off your pussy,” Erica said, and Mary directed the warm stream of water down between her legs, washing away any loose hair.

Reaching into the cabinet, Erica pulled out a safety razor and a can of shaving foam and put them within reach of Mary. “Now you’re going to shave your pussy,” she said. When Mary looked up in wide-eyed horror, she calmly went on. “You are, of course, aware that water and electricity is not a pleasant combination. Since you are quite wet at the moment, you really don’t want me to use this.” She held up the black rod.

Quickly deciding that humiliation was preferable to pain, Mary picked up the can and produced a handful of foam, which she applied generously between her legs. The she picked up the razor and went to work.

Under Erica’s critical eye she applied foam twice, trying desperately to stop her hands from shaking as she carefully shaved her pussy lips. She felt tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, but didn’t want to give that blue-eyed bitch the satisfaction of seeing her cry. When she was finished, she flushed away the remaining foam, and Erica nodded in satisfaction.

Looking down, Mary saw her hairless pussy for the first time since she’d hit puberty. The outer lips were naturally thick, giving it a slightly swollen look, with the inner lips barely visible. She could clearly see the pink folds of flesh, and she quickly averted her eyes.

“Very good,” said Erica approvingly. “Now, why don’t you take a nice shower.”

Feeling profoundly grateful, Mary stood and reached for the shower curtain. “No, leave that alone,” she was told. Wincing at her nakedness, now even more profound, she adjusted the showerhead and let the warm water flow over her.

She was very self-conscious as she soaped up and rinsed, as Erica stood leaning to the doorframe, watching with obvious interest. She refrained from commenting, though, something for which Mary was grateful. When she was done showering, and couldn’t stall for time anymore, she climbed out of the tub. Erica handed her a towel, and watched as she dried off. Then she produced a bottle of lotion from the cupboard.

“Here, put this on your pussy,” she said. “Otherwise you’ll get sore.” Mary took the bottle and squeezed a little lotion into her hand. She turned partially away, but Erica’s voice brought her up short.

“Sit there,” she said, pointing at the toilet. “Spread your legs and put the lotion on. I want to see you do it.”

Mary did as she was told. The lotion was cool and soothing against her now hairless skin.

“Make sure you get it all over,” Erica told her.

Mary found the feeling disconcerting. She had done a thorough job with the razor; her pussy was completely hairless and smooth. The skin was incredibly sensitive, and it tingled pleasantly as she rubbed the lotion into it. She noticed a warm tingle beginning somewhere low in her belly. At first she found it pleasant; then she realised what was happening: she was becoming excited. She snatched her fingers away from her pussy as though she’d burned them. From the doorway, Erica laughed softly.

“You were enjoying that, weren’t you,” she stated.

“N…no,” Mary stammered defiantly.

The blonde smirked. “Come over here,” she said. Mary walked over to her, wary. Erica spun her around by her arm, pressing her back against the wall, standing so close Mary could feel her warm breath on her cheek. Erica put her hand between Mary’s legs, her fingers sliding over her smooth pussy lips, moist from the lotion. “Does this feel good?” she whispered into Mary’s ear as her fingers rubbed between her legs.

“P…please,” Mary managed. “Don’t…” Tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

“Oh, poor baby,” Erica murmured, her fingers still working between Mary’s thighs. “Here, I’ll make it better…” The black rod came up, the ball pressing against the underside of Mary’s jaw, lifting her chin and tilting her head back. Leaning down, Erica kissed her lips.

When Mary clenched her teeth and pressed her lips together, the blonde pressed the ball harder against her jaw. “Open your mouth,” she murmured, her lips still on Mary’s. Afraid to disobey, Mary reluctantly parted her lips, and felt the taller woman kiss her again. Her tongue snaked its way into Mary’s mouth, and the brunette pulled her own tongue as far back in her mouth as she could, like a small a****l retreating deeper into its burrow to avoid a hunting serpent.

Erica broke the kiss again. “When we kiss, you’ll put your tongue in my mouth. Understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary muttered.

“Good. Now we’ll try again,” Erica said firmly, then kissed her again. Her cheeks wet with tears, Mary obeyed, hesitantly pushing her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. She felt Erica’s tongue enter her mouth again, sliding playfully along her own, then probing deeper, exploring her mouth. Her own tongue was inside Erica, and she tried desperately to hold it still so that it wouldn’t come into contact with any part of her mouth. This failed miserably, though, as Erica sucked on her tongue like a piece of candy. The blonde woman’s fingers were still busy between Mary’s legs, and she couldn’t help but notice how bl**d was rushing to her groin, her own body betraying her as it had before.

Pulling back from Mary’s mouth, Erica steered her back into the bedroom. “I think it’s time we found you some clothes, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary replied, ashamed by the gratitude in her voice but unable to conceal it. Erica gave her a brilliant smile.

“That’s the spirit,” she praised, and stroked Mary’s cheek with her knuckles. Mary blushed a deep crimson, pleased by the praise and furious with herself because of it.

Leaving Mary to stand naked on the floor, Erica opened the walk-in closet and peered inside. “No… no…. no, not this one yet… ah, yes, here we go,” Mary could hear her mutter. She pulled something on a hanger out of the cabinet and turned, holding it out for Mary’s inspection.

It took Mary a moment to realise what she was looking at. When she did, she gasped loudly in outrage, her eyes bulging. The outfit Erica had chosen for her was a mini-dress in red leather, sleeveless, with a very short skirt and a zipper running from the neckline down to the hemline. It hung from the clothes hanger in Erica’s hand, the shiny leather glistening in the bedroom lights.

“Put this on,” said Erica, holding the dress out to Mary. With trembling hands, she took the garment, the thin leather soft between her fingers. Casting nervous glances at the rod in Erica’s hand, Mary opened the zipper and slipped the skimpy dress on. The tall blonde was watching her with a small smile tugging at her lips. Mary’s trembling hands meant that she fumbled with the zipper before fitting the two halves together and pulling it up as far as it went. Then she looked up at Erica, who was now holding something else in her hand.

“Now this,” she said. In her hand was a black leather collar, about two centimetres wide, a metal clasp at the back and a steel ring in front. Mary didn’t have to be told that the ring was for the fitting of a leash. She took the offered collar, staring at it as though it was a venomous snake.

“Go ahead, put it on,” said Erica. Her cold blue yes held Mary’s brown ones as she lifted the collar to her throat and fitted it around her own neck. She reached behind her neck, pressing the two halves together, and with an audible click, the collar locked around her neck.

“You will wear that collar the whole time you’re staying here,” Erica informed her in a calm voice. “If you try to remove it, I will have to punish you.” A faint shudder went through Mary’s body at the thought. Then Erica smiled. “However, since you was such a good girl, putting on your clothes without any trouble, I think you have earned a reward.” She crooked a finger, waving Mary over to her, and she went, the short leather skirt swishing around her hips. Mary was very much aware of how her lotion-slick, newly shaved pussy was stimulated by her thighs rubbing together as she walked, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“I want you to take off my coat,” said Erica when Mary stood in front of her, eyes downcast. Her hand rubbed along the outside of Mary’s thigh. “Go ahead, start with the top button.”

The black leather coat Erica was wearing was held closed by a single row metal buttons down the front. Mary, her mouth dry, took hold of the leather and pulled, opening the first one with a sharp click. Her hands dropped to the next one, opening that as well. Meanwhile, Erica’s hand kept caressing her thigh.

As she unbuttoned the coat, Mary couldn’t help but stare at the body she was uncovering underneath. Erica’s breasts were big, made to look even bigger by the black leather corset the blonde woman wore under her coat. The tight-fitting leather lifted and shaped, while being low-cut enough to expose Erica’s hard nipples, jutting proudly from the firm mounds of flesh.

Erica grabbed a fistful of Mary’s long black hair and pulled her face towards her breasts. “Suck my nipples,” she ordered the collared brunette. Mary cast a fearful glance up at her tormentor’s face, and the stern gaze she saw there had her avert her eyes and open her mouth for the nipple that pressed against her closed lips. The hard little bud entered her mouth, and she sucked at it hesitantly.

After having nursed on Erica’s breast for a while, Mary felt her tug on her hair. “Now the other one,” said Erica, and Mary obediently let the wet nipple slip from her mouth and had her head guided over to the other breast. Again she opened her mouth, and sucked hard on the nipple she was offered. She was rewarded with a low moan, almost like a cat purring, from the tall blonde.

Another tug on her hair pulled Mary’s mouth away from the nipple. “You haven’t opened all the buttons yet,” Erica whispered into her ear in a low, husky voice. “Keep going.” Mary’s fumbling hands found the next button and popped it with another sharp little click. “Get down on your knees,” ordered Erica while pressing down on Mary’s shoulders. Mary knelt in front of her, her fingers obediently seeking the next button in Erica’s coat. When she had opened the last one, Erica’s hand came down to cup her chin, lifting her face.

Under her black leather coat the blonde was wearing a black leather corset, as Mary had already seen. Fine little chains hung from one side to the other, crisscrossing Erica’s belly. A zipper ran from low on the belly and disappeared between Erica’s thighs. On her feet Erica wore black leather boots that went all the way up to her thighs, leaving just a thin strip of exposed skin between the top of her boots and the bottom of her corset. Mary stared at the fetish outfit, feeling profoundly intimidated.

Reaching out with a booted foot, Erica snagged the stool by the makeup table and pulled it over to her. Then she raised her left foot and placed on the stool. Her leather-clad groin was just in front of Mary’s face.

“Open the zipper,” she instructed in a tone that clearly would brook no insolence.

Mary was shaking her head, her eyes wide. Sexually inexperienced she might be, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what the tall blonde would have her do next. “No, please, I won’t… I can’t do that,” she pleaded, her voice breaking up.

“And we were just getting along so well,” Erica sighed. In a gentle, almost loving voice, she went on. “You might as well get on with it. We both know you’ll do it in the end. It’s just a matter of how much I have to make you scream first, you know.” The ball at the end of the black rod caressed Mary’s cheek, Erica’s thumb on the activation button.

Her mouth dry with fear, Mary realised the woman was right. Eventually she would have to. Being conditioned to obedience from c***dhood, Mary saw no point in acts of defiance, especially considering the pain she knew Erica would inflict on her. Taking hold of the zipper, she pulled it down slowly. It went all the way between Erica’s legs and up along her arse; Mary pulled it as far as it went.

“Now kiss my pussy,” Erica ordered sternly. Mary hesitated, staring at the sight directly in front of her face. Erica was obviously a natural blonde, the neatly trimmed patch of hair on her vulva a bright blonde. Her pussy lips were clean-shaven and glistening with moisture, clear evidence that the domina was enjoying her work. An almost unnaturally large clitoris, nearly three centimetres long and quite thick, peeked out from under its fleshy hood. The scent of aroused woman wafted from her pussy, its heavy musk tingling in Mary’s nostrils. The rod pressed gently against the back of her head, the implication clear; Mary’s head came forward until her lips touched the wet pussy.

Fighting down revulsion and a strong desire to gag, Mary kissed Erica’s swollen pussy, keeping her mouth firmly closed. The thought of tasting another woman’s pussy was not only revolting, but humiliating and shameful as well. How could Jeff possibly have done this to her? How could he have left her with this woman? She knew she would never forgive him for this.

Erica’s voice cut through the cloud of despair. “No, no, this won’t do,” she chided sternly. “Open your mouth and suck on my pussy. Go ahead; you don’t want to make me upset with you.”

Mary took a deep breath, then opened her mouth and pressed her lips against Erica’s pussy. The leather-clad blonde had once again taken a fistful of her black hair and pressed her face firmly against her pussy. Mary steeled herself, and sucked softly on a swollen pussy lip. The tangy taste filled her mouth, and she pulled her mouth away, only to have Erica hold her in place while pushing her pussy against her face.

“Put your tongue inside me,” the blonde ordered, and with a shudder of revulsion, Mary complied. Her tongue slipped between the soft, slick folds of Erica’s pussy lips, dipping inside her sopping wet hole. Juices trickled along the extended tongue and into Mary’s mouth. Erica ground her hips against Mary’s lips, coating her chin and cheeks in her juices. “Lick along the pussy lips,” Erica instructed, and Mary did as she was told, licking with a flat tongue along the smooth, slippery pussy. She noticed the protruding clit against the edge of her tongue, but since Erica didn’t comment, she ignored it and kept licking.

“You’re such a good girl,” Erica purred. She twitched her hips, aligning her large clit with Mary’s mouth. “Take my clit in your mouth and suck on it.”

The slippery nub pushed against her lips, and Mary allowed it inside. To her mild surprise it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as she’d thought. Erica moaned softly as she closed her lips around her clit. “Oh yes,” she said. “Mmmm, that’s so good. Suck on it, gently.”

Mary sucked carefully on the clit, nursing it as if it was a nipple, and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure from Erica. “Oooh, your mouth feels so good,” she whispered. “Tease it with your tongue while you’re sucking.” Mary did so, flicking her tongue over the tip of the clit. Erica’s breath, she could hear, was coming in short, sharp bursts, and she was grinding her pussy against Mary’s face. The scent of her pussy mixed with leather made Mary’s head spin. She tried pulling back a little, but Erica clearly wouldn’t have any of that; she pushed her hips forward, keeping her pussy glued to Mary’s mouth. The brunette was kneeling with her head tilted backwards, Erica standing above her, all but riding her upturned face. The zipper was rubbing uncomfortably against her cheeks, and Erica’s juices were dribbling down her chin, but Mary kept sucking and tonguing the large clitoris in her mouth.

“Oh, I’m going to come,” Erica moaned softly. “I’m going to come on your mouth, sweetie.” She bucked hard, her whole body trembling, as she pressed her pussy hard against Mary’s open mouth. A wordless, throaty groan came from the tall woman, and Mary felt a tremor run through her, followed closely by another, than a third and a fourth, as Erica had a powerful orgasm. Her legs nearly buckled, but she managed to keep upright, maintaining her firm grip on Mary’s hair, pressing her face into her pussy.

When the last tremor had passed, Erica took her foot off the stool and sank slowly to her knees in front of Mary. The lower half of the brunette’s face was wet with pussy juices, and there were red marks on her cheeks where the zipper had rubbed the soft skin raw. Erica pulled Mary to her, kissing her on the lips, her tongue teasing its way inside her mouth. The taste of her own juices from her slave’s mouth added to her excitement.

“You’ve been a very good girl,” she crooned softly. “I think that you’ve earned a reward, don’t you?” The little tug on Mary’s hair made it clear that a reply was expected.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary said weakly, not sure what else to say.

That seemed satisfactory to Erica, though. She stood, pulling Mary to her feet after her. Then she guided the brunette to the large bed. “Lie down here, on your back,” she ordered. Mary clambered onto the bed, looking nervously up at the blonde leaning over her. Erica took hold of Mary’s wrists and pulled her arms up above her head; Mary strained against her, but it was obvious that the taller woman was considerably stronger that she was.

With deft, practiced movements Erica attached a leather manacle around each of Mary’s wrists. Then she moved down to her feet and did the same there, holding each ankle in a strong grip while buckling the restraints firmly in place.

“What are you going to do to me?” Mary managed to ask. If she’d been scared before, she was utterly terrified now.

“Why, I’m going to give you your reward, darling,” Erica smiled at her. Standing at the foot of the bed, she pulled on the chains that were attached to the horizontal metal bar, spreading Mary’s legs wide. When the attachments were as far apart as Mary’s legs could go, Erica twisted a wing screw, locking them in place on the metal bar and leaving Mary on her back, her arms over her head and her legs spread wide apart.

Erica stood at the foot of the bed, letting her eyes wander over Mary’s body. The brunette shivered, dreading whatever it was the other woman had in mind for her. The blonde removed her leather coat, tossing it carelessly on the nearby stool. Then the dreaded black rod followed. She smiled at Mary, letting her hands slide over herself, cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples, then letting her hands wander down the front of her corset, playing with the chains that crossed her belly. One hand went back up to her breasts, while the other dipped between her thighs, and Mary could see the muscles in her arm move under the skin as she fingered herself. Mary could almost feel her gaze like a physical touch as it travelled up her legs to her exposed pussy.

Withdrawing her fingers from her cunt, Erica climbed onto the bed. She swung one leg in a thigh-high boot across Mary’s body, straddling her hips. She leaned forward and held her finger, wet with her juices, to Mary’s lips. When she pushed, Mary didn’t dare to resist, so she opened her mouth, letting the intrusive digit inside, tasting Erica’s juices again.

When Erica was satisfied her finger was clean, she pulled it out of Mary’s mouth. Resting on her elbows on either side of Mary’s shoulders, she cupped her face in her hands and lowered her lips to Mary’s. This time it wasn’t a deep kiss, just soft little touches of her lips on Mary’s, warm and sensual. Mary found her lips relaxing, almost to the point of returning the kisses. Then Erica moved her lips down, planting soft, wet kisses along Mary’s jaw and neck, trailing her lips and tongue down the brunette’s sensitive throat. She deliberately sc****d her teeth along the skin, making goosebumps stand up along Mary’s arms.

Moving down from the neck, Erica took hold of the zipper in Mary’s dress and began pulling it slowly down, her lips trailing behind as more and more of her flesh was exposed. Mary tried twisting and turning, but the restraints were too tight; there was no room to wiggle. Erica pulled the zipper down to Mary’s navel, then peeled back the dress, baring her breasts. With a wicked gleam in her eye she lowered her head and sucked one nipple into her warm mouth. To her horror, Mary felt a tingle of pleasure, and began struggling against her bonds, but to no avail. Erica, appearing not to care, moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and biting gently, sometimes pausing to kiss and lick the soft mounds before returning her attention to the proud nipples.

Eventually she apparently felt that Mary’s breasts had received enough attention, and sat up, now kneeling between the bound woman’s spread legs. “You liked that, didn’t you?” she said, teasing.

“No, I didn’t,” Mary spat defiantly.

Erica arched an eyebrow. “Really? You could have fooled me.” She began caressing Mary’s thighs, her thumbs rubbing their insides, only centimetres from her pussy. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you next?” she asked.

“I… I don’t know,” Mary lied.

“Oh, I think you do,” Erica purred. “I’m going to use my fingers and mouth on your pussy until you come. It’s a reward, for having been such a good girl.”

Mary shook her head vehemently, not knowing what to say. Erica smiled. “Did you know,” she said conversationally as her thumbs began stroking, feather-light, along Mary’s outer pussy lips, “that it’s possible to make a woman orgasm even if she doesn’t want to?” When Mary didn’t respond, she nodded, almost as to herself, and went on. “Oh yes, it is. It takes longer, of course, but with a little patience it can be done.” Her fingers on Mary’s pussy were more insistent now, pressing the pussy lips together around her clit. “That’s what I’m going to do to you. No matter how much you fight it, no matter how much you don’t want it to happen, eventually you’ll come. And given a few more days,” Erica’s smile widened, becoming almost diabolical, “you’ll beg me to let you come. In fact, very time you taste my pussy, you’ll get sopping wet and beg me to give you permission to come. It’s just a matter of conditioning, you see. Like Pavlov’s dogs.”

Tears were leaking from Mary’s eyes. “No,” she gasped. “No matter what you do, I’ll never beg you. Never!”

Erica shook her head slowly. “Oh, sweetie, you’re wrong,” she said. “Everyone breaks in the end.” Her face became pensive. “Some hang in longer than others, of course, but they break in the end. There was a woman, once, a year or so ago. No matter what I did, she still defied me.” Mary felt a triumphant surge. “In the end,” Erica recounted, “I tricked her poor husband into coming over. I kept them in separate rooms, working 5 or 6 hours every day on each of them. He cracked in, oh, was it three days? She held on, though.” The look on Erica’s face was wistful. One thumb was rubbing in little circles around Mary’s clit. “In the end, however, I found her weak spot. I handcuffed her to a bed, this bed in fact, and then I brought her husband in. I had him satisfy me in every way you could possibly think of, and quite a few you couldn’t. I used him like a toy right in front of her eyes. She cried and screamed and begged, but he was all mine by then, following my every command.” She slowly, slowly worked a manicured finger inside Mary’s pussy. “What really got her, though, was when I gave her husband the key to her handcuffs and told him that he could either release her and take her away from here, or use her while she was lying there, helpless.” The finger started working faster in Mary’s pussy. To her enormous shame, she could feel herself become wet from the continued stimulation. “It was so touching, to see the hope in her eyes as he climbed onto the bed, key in hand. And so delicious to see that hope died when he mounted her, shoving his cock, still wet with my juices, into her pussy. He fucked her until she came, and after that, she was mine too.” Erica’s thumb kept stroking Mary’s clit as she finger-fucked her. “I sometimes give them a call, telling them to come over, and they drop whatever they’re doing and come running to me. Because when the Mistress calls, the slave comes. Pun intended.”

Shifting into a more comfortable position, Erica lowered her face down to Mary’s pussy. She breathed a hot breath at the swollen pussy lips, watching through her eyelashes how the brunette squirmed. She wasn’t worried about the restraint; they could (and had, in fact, on more than one occasion) hold a big, strong and desperate man securely in place.

“So, are you ready to come yet?” she taunted, thrilled by the look of despair on Mary’s face. This first time was always the sweetest, she thought. Later on there would be other, darker pleasures, but this first moment, when the inevitability of it all dawned on them, was special. With a smile, she lowered her mouth to the waiting pussy.

She began by licking teasingly along the pussy lips, first the outer, then the inner ones. She probed Mary’s pussy hole with her tongue, rotating it slowly inside her, teasing the juices from her. Little by little Mary’s pussy began to swell, bl**d rushing to it due to the continuous stimulation. The pussy began producing juice to lubricate itself, governed by biological mechanisms that functioned independently of will and conscious thought. Slowly her pussy became wet, and a warm, pleasant feeling began to radiate from it. Mary thrashed and bucked, but it did her no good; the restraints held, and Erica had no difficulties holding her in place.

For nearly 15 minutes the blonde domina kept her mouth on Mary’s pussy, licking and sucking. She kept a finger inside her, sliding it in and out, turning her palm up and probing for the bound woman’s G-spot. Mary’s sobs were now intermingled with little gasps of pleasure, and her thrashing about on the bed was no longer only a sign of resistance.

Mary could feel the orgasm building inside her, and was powerless to stop it. She tried thinking about unpleasant things, of boring things, anything to keep her mind of the insidious pleasure that was now radiating in warm waves through her body. Erica seemed untiring, never faltering or pausing, her lips, tongue and fingers working steadily on Mary’s pussy. The feeling grew stronger and stronger, and Mary knew that in spite of all her efforts, she was about to have the fourth orgasm of her life tied to a bed with an evil, sadistic woman’s tongue in her pussy. Her mind screamed at her in despair and degradation, but her body paid it no heed. Her hips, completely of their own volition, bucked and pushed up against the mouth that gave such intense pleasure. With a final scream of the blackest despair, Mary came on Erica’s mouth, the orgasm so powerful it made her arch her back as far as the restraints would let her, every muscle in her body trembling as if Erica had shoved the black rod inside her and pressed the button. It was the most intense ecstasy she’d ever felt, and for a scant few seconds her conscious mind lost itself in that pleasure, freed of all guilt and shame, nothing existing in the world but wave after wave of ecstasy.

For a long time she just lay there limply, physically and emotionally drained. She saw Erica sit back on her haunches between her legs, licking her lips lasciviously, her face glistening with her juices.

“Do you see what I mean?” asked Erica, smiling triumphantly. “I can make you feel like that again and again. All you have to do is ask me nicely. Will you do that, Mary?”

Mary shook her head, but the fire of defiance had momentarily gone out of her.

Erica’s smile somehow managed to be both wicked and patient at the same time. “No matter,” she whispered to her. “In time, you will…”

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2 years ago
very erotic and very well written
3 years ago
Sexy series of long love lessons! ;-)P - porn poet Pete
3 years ago
i think you have got one hell of a tallent for writing these kinds of stories and this sort of tallent can only come from having a great imagination well done please write more lots more thank you
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3 years ago
great writing, thxs. looking forward to reading more.
3 years ago
Please write some more.
This is well written and thought out and incredibly hot. |Thank you so much for sharing
A xxx