Pagan Princess (Chapter Two)

Melissia rode deep into the forest her emotions filled with both grief and anger. Coming upon a clearing next to a babbling stream she dismounted from her horse and knelt down to take a drink from the cold clear water. Having drank she sat back on her haunches and surveyed the surrounding forest, everything seemed so very quiet, there was just the faintest sound of the wind rustling the trees.

Unknown to Melissia eyes were upon her, the eyes belonged to a girl named Helena. She was about the same age as Melissia with thick brunette coloured hair and olive skin. She too had a lithe healthy body thanks to healthy eating and clean living. Helena’s eyes drank in the sight of the woman in the clearing; she noted the deep redness of her hair, the regal look, and she seemed to have all the prowess of a hunter. The scantiness of her attire stirred her, the soft leather loincloth around her nether regions and the small piece of material that covered her breasts. She wondered at the girls golden skin colour that she showed so much of. In addition she appeared to be some kind of warrior, for she carried a great sword and other some fearsome looking weapons.

Helena’s eagerness to see more of her quarry caused her to tread on some twigs that alerted Melissia who unsheathed the deadly looking sword she kept at her side.

“Who’s there show yourself?" Melissia shouted through clenched teeth

Helena stepped out of her hiding place holding her hands in front her to show she was unarmed. “Please I mean you no harm, don’t hurt me.”

“And who may you be?” countered the bristling Melissia.

“My name is Helena daughter of Seth and Mary.” Replied the quivering girl.

Melissia lowered her sword realising the girl was a Briton and of no threat to her.

“What is it you seek Helena?” Asked Melissia as she sheathed her sword.

“Oh I was here in the clearing and I saw you arrive, clearly you are not from here and your weapons intimidated me.” Said Helena hoping that the warrior woman’s sword would remain where it was.

“Please don’t be afraid of me Helena, I am just passing through, here, come sit with me.” Melissia sat down and patted the grass beside her.

An hour passed while Melissia gave the girl a brief resume of her life story, she told her of her tuition under Arnold and the death of her parents and b*****r. Helena’s story was much the same regarding her parents; they too had died at the hands of the Romans, she too was very bitter toward the invaders.

“Then like me you have no f****y to speak of, would you like to join me?” Melissia put a pleading hand on Helena’s shoulder.
She went on, “I seek like minded women to join my band, I will hone them into fearsome warriors have no doubt about that, are you with me girl?”

Helena had been mesmerised by Melissia’s eyes, the sheer look of determination in them was incredible and she knew the answer had to be yes. To be just a small part of Melissia’s army would indeed be a great honour, even then Helena felt she could lay down her life for her and her cause.

“Then come Helena, from this very day you will be my first lieutenant, let us seek out others who have suffered the same fate. We will become a great thorn in the side of Rome.”

With that the two women mounted Melissia’s horse and rode ever deeper into the forest to seek out what would be the most formidable guerrilla army ever to have roamed Britons lands.

For the next six months Melissia and Helena visited all the towns and villages gathering recruits as they went. Finally they had amassed an army of would be warrior women. Melissia trained five of the toughest women personally, then sent those out to train another fifty each in the art of combat and swordsmanship. The women learned quickly for they all had a consuming hatred of the Romans.

Helena had introduced Melissia to Rebecca daughter of the late blacksmith of Storrings Town. The Romans too had murdered him but before his untimely death his daughter had acquired her late fathers skills at the forge. It was Rebecca’s task to forge the initial crude weapons the women would need. Melissia insisted that the armour should be minimal, just enough to cover vital organs, shoulders, forearms, and thighs. This attire would not be appropriate she said but it would give them the utmost agility.

Rebecca had expressed her concerns to Melissia regarding the amount of weapons needed plus all the horses and body armour required. Melissia allayed her fears by describing how she would systematically relieve the Roman patrols of theirs.

And so the slaughter started, the Roman invaders were spread very thin in southern Briton and were easy pickings for the marauding women. Indeed the invaders had thought they had contained any would be threat by either killing or enslaving all the young men from the towns and villages. They had not made any allowances regarding an uprising by mere women.

Soon Melissia and her army of warrior women had all the weapons, horses and armour they needed. They had attacked food supply columns, this helped boost their own supplies meted out by loyal towns folk and villagers. Within a year the women had slaughtered every patrol they had encountered and had set up strongholds in all the villages in South Downland. In all that time not one Roman soldier had been spared, the women had vowed to take no prisoners.

Meanwhile back at the old forge in Storrings Town Melissia and Helena reflected on the past months. Melissia was removing her body armour by the fireside; Helena was seated at a nearby trestle table.

“We have done well thanks to you Melissia.” Helena gazed at Melissia as she removed her breastplate.

“Yes, I am extremely pleased at our success so far, you and the other women have excelled yourselves.” Melissia removed the final piece of thigh armour from her legs. Then in all innocence removed the rest of her scant clothing.

Helena stared transfixed at the scene before her; Melissia’s body was illuminated from behind by the flickering fire. The sheen of her skin glowed in the golden light; Helena was totally smitten by her leaders beauty.

“Why do you stare so?” inquired Melissia as she wiped the skin that had captivated Helena so much.

“Oh I…I’m sorry.” stammered the brunette, “I didn’t realise I was staring.” Helena looked down at her feet stunned at her leader’s perception.

“Don’t worry Helena, I myself have those feelings from time to time, none of us have known any kind of love for many a year.” Melissia went over to Helena and cupped her face in her hands. “I too have tried to hide my feelings from you Helena and now I guess the killings have stirred deep passions within us. We have no men to quell those passions, so what else is there?” With that Melissia gave the brunette the gentlest of kisses.

“Let us go outside Helena, we shall vent some of those feelings tonight, tomorrow we both could be dead!” Melissia took Helena’s hand and lead her into the forest.

Helena melted at the thought of being made love to by this flame haired temptress. Her loins burned and flooded at the thought. She followed Melissia into a forest glade.

“I would gladly die a thousand times for just this one night with you Melissia.” Said Helena as her leader peeled away her garments.

“And I too.” Replied Melissia. “Pleasure me lieutenant, pleasure me and believe me, I will pleasure you like no other person on this earth can!” With that the two girls locked themselves into a violent embrace


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