Pagan Princess (Chapter One)

It is the year 50 AD; Roman invaders had set up enclaves throughout the southern lands of Briton. They had met with fierce Pagan Kings who fought bitterly against them and also showed the same aggression toward their neighbouring counterparts.

One of these Kings was Alfred who had spawned two c***dren, a boy and a girl. His son who was every bit as fierce as his father perished at the hands of the Romans in one of the bl**diest of battles ever to have raged on the south coast of Briton. The experienced Romans quickly took control of the southern lands, sacking villages and exterminating all resistance that stood in their way. Soon many of the communities found themselves devoid of their young men who had perished at Roman hands.

Alfred’s grief knew no bounds as he looked upon his remaining offspring, his daughter Melissia. At this time she was just 18 years old, she was a tall slim girl with deep red chestnut hair and large brown eyes. Eyes that could melt a man from twenty paces and what is more had inherited her mother’s beauty. He watched her as she hacked at a sack that she had strung from a tree.

“What game are you playing daughter,” he said wearily but with an amused smile.

“I am killing those people that took my b*****rs life,” she replied puffing out her chest pretending to be a warrior.

“What you do Melissia is commendable but you are no match for those invaders from Rome, now put down your sword and help your mother prepare supper.”

“Bah! All I ever do is woman’s work, I want to fight father, to kill Romans.” She gave a mock frown and squared her jaw.

Alfred put his hand on his daughters shoulder.

“Melissia your bravery knows no bounds but you know little of these people that you hate so much. They fight differently from us, they speak a language that is unknown to us, what can you hope to do against them?”

“Father I want to learn how to fight them, I want to learn their language, I want to know everything about them and most importantly of all I want to avenge your son, my b*****r.”

Alfred’s eyes moistened as he gazed at the determination of his daughter.

“I do not want you to become a warrior my little princess but by all means learn their language. I know of a learned man that can teach you but he lives far from here, are you prepared to go to this man for the knowledge you require?” He gazed into her doe like eyes hoping that leaving home would dissuade her.

“Yes I want to learn all there is about Romans, how they think, how they fight, everything.” There was an immense eagerness in her eyes that disturbed the old King.

“Melissia please, first things first, I will arrange for you to go to the man Arnold who speaks Latin the Roman tongue. It is a difficult language but your mind is quick, I think you will learn fast.”

She hugged her father and ran off to tell the good news to her frail mother. Alfred bowed his head in thought and wondered what he had started.

The man Arnold was not only a wise scholar but also an accomplished swordsman and he felt sure his daughter would flash those wondrous eyes at him to extract this skill from him. No one could resist Melissia’s pleading look, she could twist a man around her little finger.

Oh! Thought Alfred, what have I inflicted on poor Arnold? The old King turned and slowly walked back to his fortress bracing himself for the tongue lashing that would surely come from Melissia’s mother.

Nearly two years had passed and Melissia was returning to her father’s fortress in South Downland, she reflected on her past years under Arnold’s tuition.

Arnolds home was an old monastery that was very befitting for the scholar he was. Alfred had warned him in a letter about his daughter and of her ambitions for revenge on the Romans. In it he wrote, “Teach her Latin and any other tongues she wishes to learn but please omit the sword play she will surely crave.” The Kings words had a pleading note to them and Arnold resolved himself to obey them.

When Melissia arrived at his door Arnold was totally smitten by her. She moved with the grace of a gazelle and had the dark soft brown eyes of a baby deer. Her body was almost fully developed and it was obvious to him that she kept herself exceedingly fit. She had strong firm breasts leading down to a flat muscular stomach; her legs were lean with a well-defined muscle structure, peculiar to those of an athlete. When she smiled she revealed a perfect set of pearly white teeth. “By the gods!” thought Arnold “I have a goddess in my house.”

As time passed at the monastery Melissia soaked up knowledge like a sponge, Latin became a second language to her, she also became fluent in French and German. Arnold found it increasingly difficult to keep up with her thirst for learning. Soon the dreaded question arose.

“Dear Arnold, will you teach me how to use a sword?” She said it with that look that made him melt on the spot.

“I…I…” Arnold stammered, taken aback by the directness of her question.

“Well Arnold, will you?” She went on, cupping her delightful chin in her hands and flashing those eyes.

“Oh Princess, I promised your father that I would not teach you such things.” He replied with a look that said, “Please don’t ask me again.”

Over the next few weeks, having used her charisma and charms to their maximum, Melissia had made Arnold relent and so began her training, which she took too with an even greater relish than that for language. Arnold also taught her good manners, etiquette, and civility and over the following months Melissia’s hatred for the Romans began to mellow. Even so, she still managed to glean every tiny bit of Arnold’s fighting knowledge from him. As the months wore on he felt deeply guilty as to what he was teaching Alfred’s daughter. He had broken every promise he had made to his King and he was truly ashamed of himself. Melissia had charmed him like no other could; he could not resist the power she had over him, he was like soft clay in her hands and his love for her knew no bounds

Melissia snapped herself out of her reminiscences as she neared her father’s fortress. She pulled her horse up at the top of the downs and looked down into the valley. Her heart froze as she surveyed the smouldering ruins that were once her home. In a terrible frenzy she rode full gallop toward the ruined fortress, as she rode she could see many mounds of freshly dug earth. An old man was tending two of the mounds as Melissia pulled up her mount beside him.

“What has happened here, tell me old man?” she screamed stricken with panic.

“It was the Romans little lady, they came on yesterday’s dawn and murdered everyone.” He bowed his head in tearful grief, pushing at the fresh earth.

“My Father my Mother what news of them?” She looked at him utter dread filling her eyes.

“And who may they be?” Asked the old man wearily.

“Why Alfred and Serena, the King & Queen of South Downland, I am Melissia their daughter have you forgotten me already?”

He looked up at the flame haired woman who addressed him. “Melissia is it really you? May the gods be praised, you have returned.” The old man was truly pleased to see her.

Then his smile faded, “Melissia the news is as grave as it can be, the Romans have been systematically killing our leaders. Your Mother and Father were put to the sword, their bodies lie under these very mounds I tend.” With that he bowed his head and sobbed.

Melissia dismounted and flew to his side. “Dead!” My parents are Dead?”

She grabbed some of the soil and held it to her chest.

“Old man tell me all you know of these vile killers, I had forgiveness in my heart but now I see nothing but bl**d and hate. MY HATE, THEIR bl**d!”


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3 years ago
Melissia isn't exactly a Celtic name now is it? but its a good start.
3 years ago
wonderful start