It was a sad day!

I cant really remember a time when I spent the night at my house, from the age of 11 to about 17 when I moved out. I would spend every night with my best friend Stephanie. I would always sl**p there and wake up and go to school from there. I would just call my parents to basically let them know that I was still alive.

One night when I was 13, Stephanie and I got an invite to go hang out with her boyfriends and a couple of his friends on a Friday night. I was a little bit wild then and decided to take a chance and go. We show up at about 9 or a little later, and when we walk in there is no one but Josh(Stephanies Boyfriend) and Keith(some guy that was a Senior in High School). We sit down and start watching the movie that they are watching. I sit on the opposite couch by myself across from Keith. On the other couch Stephanie and Josh are there where they are greeting each other(making out). About 30 minutes of awkward time goes by and then Keith offers me a drink. I told him that I only drink Smirnoff Black, and he replies that's funny cause that's what I bought for you. I didnt know that Stephanie had kinda planned this before we came, she told him what I like to drink.

After about 6 malt drinks down I start to feel a little sl**py. I lay down on the couch by myself and Keith asks if I want to go to bed. I told him "No I think I will sl**p right here on the couch". I don't think he liked that answer since he gave a heavy sigh when I finished my sentence. About what I assume was an hour goes by, I wake up to Keith sitting on the couch with me running his hands up my shorts. I slap his hands and tell him that I am a boyfriend. He doesnt seem to care since he put his hands right back. I once again slap him. He is making me feel uncomfortable, so I look around for Stephanie and Josh. Keith looks and me and says "If your looking for your little friend, she left to go to the pool hall". Ok now I am really feeling wierd.

The next thing I know, I am on the couch on my back fighting to keep my panties on. Keith has f***ed his way into taking off my top, I didnt have a bra on, and now has taken my shorts off and working on my panties. I am screaming for him to stop, "I am not that kinda girl man, leave me alone". He slaps me right across the face. He then says,"You will do what I say or you can be made to do what I say!". I then realize that I am going to have to play this little game and hope that he only wants a blow job. I am a virgin, and I don't want to tell him that, might be a turn on.

I am sitting here all alone in this house and no one to help me from getting ****d by this jerk that looks like he could have any girl he wants, but just wants to mess with me. I look at Keith and ask him what he wants from me? He looks at me with this evil look on his face and says "I want your V card". I then lie to him and say "I am not a virgin, I have been with plenty of guys", I kinda cringed when I said that because I havent been even once guys must less fingered myself. He replies quickly with "Guys talk Melissa, Josh told me that Stephanie told him that your still a virgin". "Now I am going to take that V Card one way or the other". He unzips his baggie denim blue jeans and slides them down to his knees as he grabs my head and f***efully shoves his pretty large penis in my mouth and practically down my throat. I start to gag a little and try to push him out of my mouth but the more that I try the harder he pushes. I am in big trouble here and no one to bail me out.

I continue to get basically mouth fucked until he is satified, or so I thought. He then flips me over and begins to rub the head of his penis on my pussy lips. I don't know what to do, this is going to happen I am sure but I don't know what to do. He then thrusts in one hard time and I thought my stomach was going to exploded. He repeatedly shoves is thick penis in me as I then look up and Stephanie and Josh are watching me. They just came back from the pool hall that they said was busy, but now are interested what's happening on Josh's couch. I look straight at Stephanie and beg her to make him stop. She just shakes her head no and says that she cant make him stop because she also gave up her V card to Keith and that he said that he was going after he little s****r if she didn't bring me over tonight to get mine taken. I cant believe what I am hearing.

He is now pounding in and out faster and faster. I think he might be done soon, I look back and he is sweating and now is smiling at me. He pulls his penis out of me and I think maybe he is done when he tells me to suck on it again. I try to keep my mouth closed but it is hard to hold your mouth shut when he is holding your nose. I open my mouth and once again accept my fate. I am now sucking this pervert off and he is enjoying every minute of it. He starts holding the back of my head so hard and so close that my nose is touching his pelvic bone. His entire penis is in my mouth/throat. I thought that was bad, until I felt someone behind me rubbing my asshole. I cant see who it is but it definitly feels like a penis that is rubbing my juices from my pussy on my little tight asshole. I am praying that this not going to happen as my friend busts out laughing saying"You thought I was going to let my boyfriend fuck your ass didn't you". I now feel him stand up and walk away as Keith is now blasting hot cum all over my face and my hair as I look down.

I cant believe this just happened to me but I am glad its over. Keith politely says thank you and walks to the bathroom to clean up. I sat on the couch naked, confused, and crying for the next 10 minutes until I got the nerve to go wash up and get dressed and leave.

I have to this day thanked my friend Stephanie. Because I now everytime I have sex have a massive orgasim just thinking about the time I got ****d by Keith. I know that sounds weird but for some reason I cant get off until I put that thought into my head.

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2 years ago
i could help if you like
2 years ago
wow chic i dont know if i should clap for you or just wipe the jizz off the screen? ur twisted but iun a sick hot kind of way. give me a message when u can
2 years ago
thts fuckd up...
2 years ago
nice would love to hear more
3 years ago
Very hot.
3 years ago
Hot story
3 years ago
nice but a bit short
3 years ago