my boyfriends monster dick

My boyfriends and I have been goin out for about 5 months now and it getting pretty serious.our first date anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something special.his name is caleb short dark blonde hair. He's sort of tall 6ft or somthing like that.he doesn't have huge muscles but there pretty big.I have long blonde hair average size tits and huge ass.I'm 5'9.hes 26 and I'm 24.he works at a starbucks from 11 to 5 pm and I go to college in the morning.I come home and light some candles and put some rose petals from the kitchen to the bedroom.I bought this red and black bra and thong cuz those are his favorite colors.he walks through the door and he calls my name and I yell back that I'm in the room. He coms in and he says "wow babe"he starts taking of his shirt. Then his pants and then his boxers. His dick was hard. He walks over to the bed and starts kissing me.I could feel his dick on my leg. He starts going lower and starts going to town. He's sucking and biting my nipples.I'm moaning the whole time. And he goes back up to my face and starts kissing me again. He slides his dick into my pussy and he starts of slow and he goes faster and faster. He said"he was about to shoot a big load and he said he would stop but I just told leave I
Ur dick in me and don't stop". I'm yelling at the top of my lungs now" DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP,ur dick is huge. I'm , I'm . And then I came .I felt his load shoot up me.I'm breathing really hard now. He turn me over and put his dick in my ass.his dick is so huge and its so hard now.he wasn't going as fast as he was earlier and still going pretty fast . I could just fell his balls hitting my ass and his manhood inside me.I tell him to stop and I tell him I wanted to do something for him. I grab his dick and start stroking it. I put my mouth on his dick and start sucking it. And now I cAn really tell how big his dick was. I could barely fit all of it in my mouth. While I'm sucking I playing with his balls and I could tell that he love what I was doing . I stop doing this and I get in top of him and ride him for wat felt like forever.

Me and him are still going out.this happened a few months ago but I felt like this was good to go on here. And trust me there is going to be plenty stories like very very soon.hope u liked it.
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4 years ago
liked it very much but work on your grammar and spelling
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story, definitely got my cock hard!
4 years ago
Lucky guy
4 years ago
verygood story but check your spelling