i really do love my friend

this is 100% true

me and my friend erika have been friends forever. she is 5'10 big tits blonde hair.im 5'9 not as big of tits as hers but averger.i have a big ass that makes up for it though.so me and her are going to a bar for a few drinks. but of course we had more than a few drinks .

after about 11 beers and sum dirty dancing wee take a taxi home.....ahe is so wated i just tell her to stay at my place. i walk in and stumble up the stairs i walk up to my room but leave the door open. im getting undressed and she is standing at the door just watching .im fully naked now and im laying on my bed. and she walks over and kiss me.she starts ripping her clothes off and she gets on top of me.she starts going lower and starrts sucking my nipples.oh and she is so good at that!then she starts going lower to my pussy she has the best tongue in the world.she starts biting my clit and she finger fucking me at the same time.

and she puts her pussy on my leg on and just starts riding my leg she is really wet in i could feel her juices going down my leg.i pull her back up and return the favor. i sttart biting and sucking her nipples. and her tits are perfect.i start going towards her pussy and it was shaven and so smoot.i love the way her juices tasted.i started finger fucking her and she yelled at the top of her lungs"ohhhhhh FUCK,FUCK,DONT STOP,DONNNNTTT SSSSTOOOPPP.so i didnt stop.

the next mornig i went to the kitch (still nude) and erika was still nude too and she says mornin!!!!

64% (15/9)
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4 years ago
Good story
4 years ago
very nice--what happened next--was it awkward that morning?--was that yalls first time?
4 years ago
goods story
4 years ago
nice story but could use more detail
4 years ago
Cute. It's really juicy
4 years ago
cute story