First time using improvised toys! :-)

So yesterday I get a bleep on my phone, and open to find these pictures from a female friend asking if I was horny and fancied some fun. Well I did, but could not make it to meet her so I had to improvise with what I had to hand. Not wanting to just have the normal "pleasure" of myself I wanted more.
So I broke out the towel, rubber glove, lube and made myself a fifi. While making this my cock was growing bigger every second knowing it was going to explode shortly.while searching for some decent videos I then had the urge to put something up my ass. Having used a vibrator a few times before I knew how good it could be. So while gently massaging my cock I look around for something I can find so suitably fill my tight virgin ass. Mmm I spot this glass bottle. I wonder how I can attach this so I can squat and get as much in as possible. So I secured the bottle, got my cock hard as fuk and slide it into m homemade fifi. Ahh the feeling was great sliding it up and down over my shaft felt incredable. So next...... I squat over the bottle unsure at this stage if I will get onit. So slowly massaging my cock with the fifi I gently lower myself ontop of the bottle. Omg!! It felt amazing. My cock is now the biggest I've seen it and my full body is tingling. So for the next 5 minutes or so I continue to bounce up and down on this bottle while throwing the fifi around till bang! My come shoots out all over the inside of the glove within the fifi. My ass is still hot and wet over this bottle and I still bounce while my cock is oozing my juices.
Now feeling alot more satisfied I open the glove outwards to reveal all my cum and cant resist but to lick a little. Mmm tastes pretty good, so I now continue to lick and drivble the rest over my mouth and lips. Sucking it and blowing it around getting it all over myself. Licked the rest off and swallowed the lot!
What a great session that was. This was my first time writing a story like this and is a genuine representation as to what happened yesterday. Feel free to comment ormessage me as I am allways looking for new ideas to try out.
Thanks for reading x
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