s****rs Return

My s****r was supposed to be arriving home from college on Saturday late afternoon or evening. So Mom, Aunt Judy, and I decided that we had better have me move back into my room for a while at least until my s****r Barbara (Babs) had either left back for college or knew about our living arrangements.

Friday evening we ordered in some pizza and were very lively with our sexual innuendos. The wine was flowing really well with the ladies, I was getting hornier and hornier as the evening progressed.

Finally I couldn't take anymore and walked up behind my Aunt as she was doing the dishes and pulled her skirt up, (my cock was already out) pushed down her panties and nuzzled my cock in between her ass cheeks. Judy bent over the sink and raised up on her toes as she reached back and guided my cock into her wet pussy. I was playing with her tits as i fucked her from behind. Mom walked in and said Guess I was too long in the bathroom huh? She walked over and pushed my shorts all the way down to the floor. As she was down there I felt her tongue start licking my ass crack. This surprised me as she had never done this to me before. But it felt wonderful. I almost lost my first load right then. As I continued fucking Judy bent over the sink mom started playing with my nut sack as she licked my asshole. Judy had the first orgasm and I followed about 5 seconds into hers I shot a load deep in her pussy.

Mom said Well lets enjoy our last night. We don't know how long we will have to wait. And we all headed to the bedroom. We all got naked immediately, Judy laid on her back and spread her legs and said she wanted to be eaten. I looked at mom who pushed me down and said You need to clean up your mess. I dove face first into Judys pussy. Licking up our juices. Mom took advantage of the opportunity and replaced her tongue deep into my ass. (Almost tongue fucking my ass).

I don't remember alot after that because I had a great orgasm and passed out. When I woke up I was lying in the bed with my hands tied to the headboard and my legs spread open tied to the bed legs. It was early morning (about 4am) and I was confused because we never had tied anyone up before. Judy was asl**p on my right and mom was asl**p on my left. I still couldn't believe that I was tied and was trying to get loose without waking the ladies when I heard Babs say, Don't even try little b*****r... you won't get loose.

Here I was tied spread eagle naked with my Aunt, and Mom naked in bed with me and my s****r looking at my nakedness. My s****r walked over and pushed on Judy a little bit, waking her up. Hey Auntie, and they kissed deeply and passionately. I see that you d**gged them both just like we talked about. Judy and Babs were running there hands all over each other. Judy giggled and said, Yea,,, they both went out like a light.

Babs said... Looks like my little b*****r isn't so little now is she... as she reached over and fondled my cock. Judy said Oh no dear, and your mom taught him really well on how to please a lady using his tongue.....Babs said Really now. As Babs pushed her jeans and panties down I caught a glimpse of her bald pussy. Babs said. I think I need to see how his leassons went. She then settled over my face and placed her moistened pussy right down over my face..... I was still in a little bit of a haze and I heard Babs say,,, come on b*o,,, start licking my pussy or I may just start peeing on you... Judy giggled and said Wouldn't be the first guy you peed in his mouth now would it. Babs laughed out loud and said no it wouldn't. Judy leaned over and kissed Babs again as I started lapping at her pussy. She tasted sweet, really good, almost a little fruity taste to it.

After Babs came on my face, Mom was still out cold next to me. Judy said that mom might be out a while longer as she had drank so much more than me. Babs got off and said That is ok, Little b*o and I have some catching up to do anyways don't we. All I could do was nod in agreement.

Judy told Babs how I had come with mom lickig my asshole and Babs said she was glad that I liked it. She asked me if I had ever had anything inserted into my ass.... I told her NO and that nothing was going to be inserted there. She said We will see. I asked if they were going to untie me and Babs said....Not at the moment. You see... Little b*o, you have been the King of this castle for the last few months, Fucking mom and Judy whenever you really wanted to. But what you are going to realize is that now that I am home... Your reign is over. You will do as your s*s commands.

And that was the beginning of my life as my s****rs sex slave.
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2 years ago
very good but you have to make her your sex slave instead
2 years ago
I like where this is headed.
2 years ago
This could be VERY hot!