Mom II

After Mom caught me with her panties. Our relationship changed dramatically. Mom taught me how to perform oral on her. (She loved it almost as much as me) And then one day I came home from school and my Aunt Judy was at the house. Mom's little s****r was one hot lady.

When I came in Mom told me that Aunt Judy's Husband had left her and that she would be staying with us for a few days. I figured that I wouldn't be able to eat mom while Judy stayed with us.

The first night Mom asked me to run out and pick up some chicken from the to-go place down the street. When I came home Mom and Judy had already opened a bottle of wine and were working on it pretty good. Judy was a little tipsy and Mom said we needed to get some food in her.

The wine flowed pretty heavy during dinner. As I was cleaning up after dinner I saw my Mom whispering to my Aunt while she was looking at me. I saw my Aunt rub her pussy. (I thought it was my imagination.)

I finished cleaning up and headed up to take a shower. While I was in the shower thinking about my Aunt rubbing her pussy. My cock was getting hard and I started rubbing it when the door opened and My Aunt Judy and Mom walked in the bathroom. I was trying to cover myself when My Aunt said your mom told me you were pretty good at eating pussy. I want to find out for myself. As she said this she was stripping off her clothes and so was my mom.

Mom said she was sorry she put me on the spot but it must have been the wine. I stepped out of the shower to 2 very good looking naked ladies. My cock was at full attention and my Aunt told my Mom, you weren't k**ding about his nice cock. Judy reached over and stroked my cock. I felt Judys tits. Similar to my Moms but a little bigger. I grabbed Moms ass and asked if we could head to her bedroom. She said, you are the man here.... lead the way.

When we entered Moms bedroom I was suddenly attacked by these two beauties who pushed me onto the bed and fell on top of me. After some seemingly mild kissing and groping each other. Judy said time to find out if my Mom was lying or not. While I was laying there Judy climbed up and planted her pussy right on my face. She was really wet. I started lapping at her pussy and the juices were really thick. She tasted sweeter than Mom. And she had a huge clit. As I tongue fucked her she reached down and was playing with her clit. It was about 2 minutes until she came all over my face. She tried to get off but I held onto her thighs so she couldn't, and I kept licking her pussy lips and scooping her juices out of her pussy with my tongue. She begged me to stop. (I didn't) and she came again, Her juices running all over my face.

My mom had been watching and was playing with her pussy and decided it was her turn. Judy got off and Mom positioned herself over my face and settled in while I started lashing her pussy with my tongue. Mom was pretty horny cause she came in about 30 secs. I felt something moist cover my cock and thought that Judy was giving me a BJ but it felt different. When Mom got off I realized that Judy as riding my cock. She was going up and down and when she came again I felt her pussy spasm all over my cock and couldn't hold back. I filled her pussy with my sperm. Spurt after spurt shooting deep inside my aunt.

When she got off, Judy laid back on the bed and Mom started eating her pussy. Licking my sperm out of her s****r. Needless to say, my cock didn't go soft.

I stood up behind Mom and slid my cock into her pussy, fucking my Mom while she ate my cum out of her s****rs pussy,

Judy moved in with us and we all sl**p in the King Size bed in Moms room.

My older s****r comes home from college next month.....Bet you know what I am hoping for.
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2 years ago
Nice!! stories!!
2 years ago
That must have been so much fun
2 years ago
Old fuck bags are the best..........Sweet
2 years ago
fucking hot!
2 years ago
Terrific, can't wait for sis to come home.
2 years ago
very hot and horny dont keep us waiting
2 years ago
great 2 hotties mom & aunty
2 years ago
Holy shit! What a family.
2 years ago
Very hot Dave,,,keep us up to date,,,