My First MILF

I was 17 and had been spying on the lady next door as she sun bathed in her back yard. I was rubbing my crotch thru my jean shorts when She saw me. She called me over and asked how long I had been watching her. I tried to tell her I just saw her when she reached over and rubbed my crotch. She said she knew I had been watching her for a few weeks now. She said it was ok and it would be our little secret. Justine was a little older than my mom. Probably in her late 40s. She had such a nice body. I loved watching her in her bikini and occasionally when she took off her top. She had some really nice tits with nipples like erasers on a pencil. She asked if I would be a dear and rub some sun tan oil on her back. I almost came in my pants just from rubbing her back. She was every teenagers dream MILF. After a few moments of rubbing her back she rolled over and asked me to get her shoulders. As I stood rubbing oil on her shoulders with my crotch inches from her face. She reached up and rubbed my crotch again. She said I see you like feeling my body.... Do I get to feel yours soon? I told her any time she liked I was available. She said good, NOW. She unzipped my shorts and took out my rock hard cock. MMMM very nice she said. Not to be modest but I was almost 10" and fairly thick. The High School girls wouldn't go down on me because they said that it made thier jaws hurt. She pulled me closer and kissed the head of my dick. She licked the precum that was oozing out. She told me to follow her and we went into her house. In her kitchen she fixed herself a drink and gave me a soda. After gulping her drink she reached over and pulled my shorts down then she started rubbing my balls and seemed to really enjoy it. She than dropped to her knees and started sucking me... She was good. She rolled my balls around with her tongue while she stroked my dick. I was close to cumming when she stuck her finger up my ass. I shot a load all over her face. She was still sliding her finger in and out of my ass as I finished shooting. She said come on and we went and got in the shower. After we cleaned up she asked me if I had ever eaten a female. (I hadn't) She said well today is going to be first for more than one thing. We went into a guest bedroom where she laid down and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were open and her clit was standing up. She told me to lick up and down the pussy lips. I did... She was moaning and moving... She reached down and was rubbing her clit... She was getting my face all wet with her juices... I started pushing my tongue inside her as deep as I could get it... She came all over my face.. I loved the taste... I couldn't get enough of it... I just wanted to keep licking and licking.. she pushed me away and pulled me up to her. My cock found its way to where my tongue had been and I sank deep inside her. She came again... Her pussy quivering all over my cock... I shot my load in her belly... I kept moving in and out and never really got soft I just kept fucking her. After about 10 mins she came again... After she came she pushed me off and said her husband would be home soon. That I had to go. I went home and took a quick shower before my folks got home.

The next day as I watched Justine in her back yard I took my cock out and stroked it. I came just thinking of the day before. It was my first time with a MILF...but certainly not my last.
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2 years ago
Like I said...Not my last time with her
2 years ago
i would have offered to spread the lotion again