The Wonder Years

Wonder Years
(This is my first story so be kind)

Sara had been my babysitter for the past two years, my mom was a teacher at her school so when she heard my mom needed a babysitter she took the job. She was originally from Mexico, lived with her grandmother and she needed spending money. Sara was 17, 5’8”; she had a pear shape body but she did have big boobs. She babysat me mom had to do something at night like chaperone a school dance like she was tonight. She had not gone since she had just broken up with her boyfriend; I was thirteen at the time with raging hormones and we curled up together on the couch like with had many times before to watch TV or a movie. My name is Nate, just your normal guy but life was about to get interesting.

She still thought I was a nice innocent k** so she didn’t think anything was wrong with how close we would get at those moments. I try not to let her know how much I loved these times; this time I lay down with my head on her stomach. She was supposed to stay the night since mom was coming in pretty late so she had changed into a spaghetti strap shirt and some small shorts. After a while we fell asl**p, I woke up to find that I was sucking her nipples through her shirt; they felt really hard in my mouth. I checked that she was still asl**p and I began to pull her shirt up and over her breasts. It probably took me about 5 minutes as slowly as I was pulling up; finally I was able to see her breast in all their glory. Her round perky breast looked just like I imagined; her areola darker than the surrounding light brown skin, so natural of a Latin women, her nipples nice and hard about the diameter of a nickel.

I held her boob in my hand and kissed it just at the edge of her areola, I froze when I felt her move, making sure that she was sl**ping. I put my lips to her nipple in my mouth; I started to suck on it while massaging the other one playing with the nipple. She moved her leg up rubbing right against my cock; I pulled my pajama pants down my legs. I stopped massaging her breast with my hand, going down her stomach, I dug my hand into her shorts feeling a no hair, her clit was hard and she felt really wet. I moved my body so I was face to face with her and kissed her, she was responding to the kiss, she began to moan, my index and middle finger in her pussy. She stuck her tongue in my mouth I pulled away from her mouth getting some air into my lungs.

She opened her eyes, those beautiful brown eyes, lifted her hips of and slid her shorts off, her hand trailed down between us; her fingers rubbed the head slowly encircling my eight inch cock. She lifted herself up the couch and sat on her knees, she stuck her tongue out lubricating my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I actually pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t sl**p. Her blowjob felt amazing, I was getting ready to cum and I told her so and her response was to engulf my whole cock while I came into her mouth. She wasn’t done and kept sucking not letting it get soft. She laid down on the floor opening her legs inviting me in, I got on my knees and put the tip of my cock to her pussy lips. I guess I took too long because she wrapped her legs around my waist, I felt my cock stop she closed her eyes, arched her back and pushed me in breaking her hymen, letting me take her virginity. I looked at her making sure if she was okay, she held me there then she began to use her legs to pull me in and out of her. I kneaded and sucked on her breasts; she pushed me into her chest while she moans and groans.

Her first orgasm was great to listen to and I hoped that the neighbors couldn’t hear her scream; I didn’t want them to interrupt this moment. I was getting ready to cum but I did my best to make sure she came again, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock again and we both came together. I could feel the hot cum shooting into her, we laid there for a couple of minutes relishing in the aftermath of what had just happened.

The closing of a car door brought us back to reality, looking out the window she saw that my mom was coming up the walkway; both of us grabbed our clothes, I ran upstairs while, she ran to the bathroom downstairs. I put my ear to the door, hearing my mom and Sara talk, telling her that she could take her to her house since she had come home early. I couldn’t believe what had happened between us, when something hit me; we didn’t use protection. I didn’t know what mom would think of me impregnating Sara. I heard mom’s car backing out of the driveway while I went to take a shower and get ready for bed.

I still couldn’t believe what had happened, I had fucked Sara something I had wanted to do for a long time. At that time I thought that it was the best thing it could have happened. I was wrong about that because the best was yet to come.

Morning came pretty quick and it was time to get up to go school, something that I really didn’t enjoy. I woke up happy and refreshed, something that mom noticed and commented on but I just played it off. Looking through my backpack getting ready for school, I found a nice surprise; some white boy shorts panties that Sara had been wearing. I put them to my nose and sniffed them, the scent of her panties driving me crazy. I pulled my cock ready to wank one out before school when mom called that my ride was here.

Stacie and Mrs. Henderson, her mom were my ride today. Her mom was also a teacher but at the elementary. She told my mom, “I was actually thinking of letting Stacie stay home since it’s only a half day of classes”. My mom thought “I guess it would be fine. What do you guys think?” she asked us. Of course, we said yes and Stacie and I went inside the house while Mrs. Henderson and my mom left for work. “Now, its last minute and I don’t have a babysitter. Nate, I want both of you to behave,” she told us.

Mom left while Stacie and I got to play some videogames, I made us something to eat and we spent about an hour before we got bored. Stacie got up and went to the restroom; I noticed that she was taking a long time so I screamed her name,” Stacie, are you okay”. I heard her walking back and I did a double take when she came down the stairs. She was wearing a black and gold form fitting teddy bodysuit with thigh length stocking and gold heels. Stacie was already a beautiful girl, a brunette with blue eyes 5’5” she had developed early so her boobs were probably a large C cup. She turned showing me the teddy was a tongue. Her ass making two smiles where it joined her legs, I loved her legs she was had nice thick thighs and calves.

She came closer almost walking like Tyra Banks used to with that exaggerated hip motion. She looked at me, “Well, how do I look” she asked. I was speechless; my jaw was probably on the floor my cock hard as a rock. I ran my hands along her legs feeling the soft silk against my fingers, over her hips and waist up to her tits encased and lifted by the teddy. I held her face in my left hand and kissed her my hands going down her back and feeling her big ass in them. She moaned into my mouth, I grabbed he straps on the teddy and began to peel the silk from her skin revealing inch by inch of her soft tanned skin. I was halfway down her waist when she stopped me and started up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder,

“Well, are you coming?”

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very good but what happened
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Very nice!!!!
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