The Hottest Weekend

Tina the Redhead here to tell you about Mechanic Ray’s surprise weekend trip.

At around 10am on Friday, Ray said he wanted to take me out to lunch early. Little did I know that he meant lunch in Mexico. From the garage, he drove us straight to the airport. At first I thought he was taking me to a restaurant at the airport, but was completely surprised when he pulled two carryon bags out of the car.

I looked at him and asked what he was doing and all he said was taking out to lunch and dinner and smiled at me. Evidently Ray had pre checked us both in and led me to security. He handed the TSA agent our passports and boarding passes and we breezed through and headed towards our gate.

At this point, I still had no idea where we were going and was both excited and apprehensive. I tried to peek at the boarding passes, but Ray managed to keep them from me. I figured that I would find out when we reached the gate, but Ray stopped at one of the food places and got us some lunch. He seemed to be enjoying his surprise and my twenty questions.

About half an hour later, he said we needed to head to our gate and it was then that I discovered that we were going to Cancun. I didn’t know what to say. Cancun was one of those places to me that you hear about but never imagine that you’d ever visit there yourself.

I asked him what all he packed for me and he just told me that he packed everything I would need and nothing more. I got very nervous thinking of things like my brush, makeup, deodorant and other feminine things, but Ray assured me that he had everything covered.

The garage, I blurted out. What about the garage? Ray told me that everything was covered until we get back. When do we get back I inquired and he just smiled and said when the plane lands back at the airport.

About an hour into the fight, the attendant showed up with a vodka sour, my favorite drink and told me to enjoy my trip. She also brought him a beer. I noticed that the attendants asked everyone else what they would like, but they brought our drinks directly to us without asking. I asked how she knew and Ray just shrugged his shoulders. Before we landed, she brought us both a second round. This helped calm my nerves as I was beginning to wonder what all Ray had planned.

Exiting the plane, the attendant made a special effort to wish me a good stay and to enjoy myself. Then in the airport, there was a guy holding a sign with Ray’s name. He drove us to a very nice hotel close to the beach. The hotel clerk who checked us in said they had our suite ready and hoped everything was okay and to let them know if we needed anything.

Our room was on the fifth floor and overlooked the ocean. The view was fantastic. Even though I had lived in Florida, I lived inland and rarely got the chance to visit the ocean or the Gulf, so I just stood and stared at the water and horizon. Ray came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and just held me as we enjoyed the view. I could have stayed in his arms all day, but he said it was already dinner time and then opened my bag and pulled out the outfit he wanted me to wear.

I looked at it and then looked at him and he smiled and said that I would look terrific in it. On the bed, he laid out a bikini, a top that was semi-sheer and pair of shorts. I was surprised that they all matched and wondered when he managed to buy them without me around. We had traveled in our work clothes and I was glad to get out of them. When I had everything off, I went into the bathroom to freshen and clean up before getting dressed. Ray was already dressed in a nice casual beach type shirt and shorts that could double as swim trunks.

He grabbed me and hugged my naked body and I could feel his pecker pressing against my stomach. Then he turned me around and walked me to the open window. I started to protest and he said that he doubted if anyone could see us up here. His big hands cupped my breasts and gently massaged them as I stood on full display in front of the open window. Then he sat and watched me get dressed and his stare started to make me feel self-conscious.

The moment we walked into the restaurant in the hotel, we were greeted by name and e****ted to our table. A waitress arrived a moment later with vodka sour and a beer and said our dinners would be ready in about 15 minutes. I looked at Ray and asked what he ordered and when he ordered it and he just smiled and said not to worry that he had everything under control.

I have to say right now that I was a bit concerned but also very excited and curious at what all he had planned. Well, Ray’s ordering was fabulous. He ordered me grilled Mahi Mahi that melted in my mouth. He had a shrimp dish that he said was fabulous. Everything about dinner was perfect.

Afterward we took a stroll on the beach. I took off my sandals and walked in the sand. It was warm and felt great on my tired feet. We found a place that wasn’t too crowded and sat down and just watched the waves roll onto the sandy shore. There were some sea birds soaring here and there and it was almost mesmerizing to just watch them gliding along.

Ray asked if I was enjoying my lunch out and I told that it was wonderful and then asked what else he had planned. He just smiled and said I’d find out in time. I don’t know if it was the trip down there, the vodka, the dinner or the soothing sound of the waves, but the next thing I knew, I roused and saw that it was almost dark. Ray asked if I had a nice nap and I started to apologize and he stopped me with a long passionate kiss.

I noticed that his shirt was off and his shorts were wet and asked if he had been swimming and he said he had and the water was great. I took off my cover and shorts and we headed in for a swim. The water felt terrific as I walked out deeper and deeper to where I could barely stand.

Ray grabbed me again and hugged me. He kissed me passionately and our tongues danced together. I hadn’t realized that during our hugging, Ray had worked me out to slightly deeper water where I could no longer stand. I also hadn’t noticed that as his hands caressed my back that he had untied my bikini top. When we broke off our kiss, Ray let go of me and bobbed under the water for a moment. In the shock of not touching bottom, I didn’t realize that he had very aptly removed my top. To be honest, I didn’t realize I was topless for about a couple of minutes.

Ray had started to swim off a little and I began to follow him. He led me to shallower water and it was when I stood up that I discovered I had no top on. At first I thought I had lost it in the water and began to panic. Then Ray held it up like a trophy and told me that if I wanted it back I had to catch him, and with that he started swimming harder to the shore.

Even though it was now dark, the lights from the resort and city lit up the beach enough to see if someone was wearing clothes or not. I kept myself hid in the water as long as I could, but Ray was already about 20 feet up on shore. I called to him to bring me my top and realized that was a mistake as several other couples stopped and looked my way. OOPS! Ray just stood there, winging my top from his fingers and taunting me to come and get it. I finally asked him if he really wanted me to parade my titties in front of everyone and to my surprise he said yes. I realized that I didn’t have much of a choice, so I took a deep breath, stood up and marched up the beach to him.

When I reached him, he handed me my top and as I put it on, I told him that I hoped he was satisfied and he said very much so. I looked at him and asked if he liked others seeing me topless and he said yes because all they can do is look and dream while he knows who the gorgeous titties belonged to. I had to admit to myself that I knew what he was talking about because I enjoying parading him in front of other women and watching them undress him with their eyes and knowing that I got to do it for real. I asked him if he was really proud of the way I looked and he said it was better than showing off a classic muscle car to a group of car collectors and knowing they could never buy it. Knowing Ray, that was a huge compliment and I leapt into his arms and kissed him.

We sat on the beach to dry off before heading back to our room. Once inside, we showered together and then hit the bed and made passionate love. Ray kissed me everywhere and places I never knew I had. His lips and tongue teased my neck, arms, shoulders, sides (that tickled) tummy, legs, toes and finally my titties. By the time he placed his lips on my nipples I was as wet as I was in the water. I couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed his pecker and slid it into me. The feel of it sliding in caused me to orgasm instantly. Ray chuckled and said that we should go swimming more often if that’s what it does to me. I had to be honest and told him that walking out of the water topless in front of others turned me on more than I expected.

I continued to ride him until my body rocked to another big O. This one was so intense that for a few moments everything went black and my ears started to ring. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. The orgasm was so intense that I didn’t even feel Ray filling me with his sperm. We held and kissed each other until we drifted off to sl**p in each other’s arms.

Saturday morning we slept in till midmorning. We made love again before showering and getting dressed. Ray took me into town to sight see and do a little bit of shopping. He bought me a really pretty Mexican peasant dress that fell off my shoulders. I felt really sexy in the dress especially since I wasn’t wearing a bra. As we walked through several shops, Ray would occasionally give a little tug on my dress, trying to pull it down off my titties. Several times he almost succeeded and after a bit it affected me like foreplay and I was dripping wet.

We made it back to the resort in time to freshen up and change for dinner. Just like the night before, we were greeted by name and immediately seated and presented with my vodka sour and his beer. I asked Ray what he ordered for tonight’s dinner and he told me that I just had to wait. About 15 minutes later, the waitress bought a dish that I still can’t remember the name of. It consisted of pork, onions, rice and spices. It was absolutely divine. Ray had the same thing and he constantly flirted with me all through dinner.

After dinner, we changed into our swimwear and headed to the beach. Last night I hadn’t noticed that a number of other women were topless on the beach. I asked Ray if this is why he picked this resort and he said it may have. Then Ray asked me if I daring enough to go topless. I reached behind me, untied my bikini top, slipped it over my head and handed it to him and then I started walking down the beach.

I had never really done anything like this in front of total strangers. I glanced back to see if Ray was following and saw that he was staying about 15 feet behind me. It dawned on me that he was watching everyone else watch me. He smiled at me and motioned for me to continue walking. I felt sexy and was getting very turned on. I was praying that no one noticed how wet I was getting.

There was only one way to cover my arousal and that was to head for the water. I waded out to where the water was just below my titties, making sure that they were still visible to anyone who looked. Ray followed me into the water and I told him that I had to get in the water to hide how wet I was getting walking topless in front of everyone. He reached down and slipped a finger past my bikini and slid it into my pussy. The walk had me so turned on that I came instantly on his finger. I held onto Ray’s arms as my body shook and trembled.

Ray looked down at me and called me his naughty little girl and all I could do was agree with him. Walking topless on a public beach did make me feel naughty. He continued to finger my pussy and I rubbed his cock through his swim trunks. I knew he had to be getting close to cumming so I pulled his trunks down and finished stroking him in the water. The water was clear enough that I could see his white threads spurting out and floating away.

We gathered ourselves and swam for about 15 minutes before returning to the beach. I laid out in the sun to dry off and realized how wonderful the sun felt on my bare titties. I was surprised when a good looking Mexican man approached us, greeted Ray by name and served us a vodka sour and a beer. I asked how he knew where we were and he said he just got the order to bring the drinks to Mr. Ray on the beach and that I would recognize him because he was tall, muscular and was accompanied by a gorgeous redhead. As he said that I saw him staring at my bare titties. I felt a tingle in my pussy as he stared at me and was shocked at how turned on it made me.

As the young Mexican returned to the resort, Ray asked if I was okay. I asked what he meant and he said he noticed the young man staring at my titties and was wondering if I was going to cover up or what. I told him that I may need to make another trip to the water and he chuckled.

We stayed on the beach for another hour and watched the ocean disappear into the darkness as the sun set behind us. Once it was dark, we walked back to the resort. I remained topless until we were at the resort. I started to put my top on and Ray grabbed it from me and told me to stay that way until we were back in our room. I looked at him and said I would remain topless if he dropped his swim trunks when we reached our floor. Ray agreed and I walked into the resort lobby topless. There were a number of people watching me and it made me so very wet and tingly down below.

There were two other couples in the elevator with us and one of the ladies told me that she wished she was that daring and the guy she was with said he wished so to. I told her that I didn’t think I could do it until I tried it and that I found it was a huge turn on for both of us. She looked at me, and then at the guy she was with and reached behind her and untied her bikini top and took it off. The other lady in the elevator looked her husband (she had a ring) and told him no way.

The elevator reached our floor and we stepped out. Our room was about 6 doors down the hallway and I reminded Ray of his agreement. He looked around and there was no one around so he dropped his swim trunks, took out the key card and handed them to me and walked down the hall to our room. I took my time walking towards him and when I was about halfway, the second elevator door opened and a couple stepped out and headed our way. Ray’s panic was hysterical. He had both hands over his pecker and was hugging as close to the door as possible and calling for me to hurry. It was so funny watching him be the center of attention for a change that I just stood there and watched.

The young couple stopped next to me and asked what was going on and I explained our deal for me to go through the resort topless if he went naked from the elevator to our room. They started laughing and said this was rather comical. The girl told Ray to be a man and turn around and that it’s only fair since I was standing there topless. Ray continued to hug the door and cover himself, so I told him that if he didn’t turn around and reveal his pecker that I was going to let this guy fondle my titties. Ray then made the mistake and said I wouldn’t dare, so I turned to the guy standing next me, took both of his hands and placed them on my titties. I surprised myself in doing it and then found that it felt so exciting to have a strange set of hands on my titties that I almost had an orgasm standing there. Ray watched and continued to hide himself, so the girl told him that if he showed his tool that she would take her top off just for him.

She walked up next to Ray, untied her bikini and took it off. Then she reached down and yanked Ray’s hand away from his pecker and turned him towards her in the process. Finally realizing that he was had, Ray dropped his other hand and stood there with a raging hard on. The guy was still feeling my titties so the girl reached down and wrapped her fingers around Ray’s pecker. I suggested they join us in our room for a drink and when they agreed, I then unlocked the door and Ray rushed in first.

He started to put on a pair of shorts and Julie, as she now introduced herself, told him there was no need and with that, she slipped off the bottoms to her bikini and I did the same. Mike, her boyfriend wasted no time in climbing out of his swim trunks. Our room had a fully stocked bar, so Ray poured us all a drink and we sat and talked for almost half an hour. Our resort suite had a king-sized bed, a sofa and two love seats. Ray and I sat on the bed and Julie and Mike took the sofa.

Julie and Mike are in their mid-twenties and had been living together for several years. She was a tiny thing, perhaps about 5’2” and very slender. (Ray wants me to tell you that Julie had very pert and firm b-cup titties and was completely shaved down below.) So I will take a moment to tell you that Mike wasn’t very tall either, perhaps 5’5” and also of a slender build. He reminded me of someone who runs a lot. He was also clean shaven down below and his pecker standing at full attention was about the same length and girth as Ray’s.

The sexual tension in the room was getting so thick that you could almost swim in midair. Julie asked to use the bathroom and Mike said he had to go also. While they were gone, Ray asked me how far I intended this to go. I told him only as far as he wanted it to go. He asked if I wanted to have sex with Mike and I said it all depended on him and if he wanted to have sex with Julie. He stared at me not knowing what to say, so I put it to him another way. I told him that he purposely had me go topless to who me off to other guys because it turned him on to watch them star at my naked titties so based on that would it turn him on more watching me have sex with another man. His pecker had gone soft earlier, but now with the question posed to him, he got hard again and I told him I took that as a yes. I told him that I would be curious to see him with another woman as well. I kissed him and asked if he wanted to take the lead or if he wanted me to take the lead and he said I was the one that invited them in so I could continue to lead.

A couple minutes later, Julie and Mike came out of the bathroom and asked if they could have another drink. Ray got up to fix the drinks. While he was mixing and pouring, I invited Mike to join my on the side of the bed. He looked at Julie and she gave him a big smile and nodded her approval. Ray handed out the drinks and then sat down next to Julie.

I asked her if they have ever done anything like this before since they’ve been together and she said no, but they have talked about it as a fantasy only. Ray asked if they were really up to doing anything and Julie chuckled and told us that Mike had told her in the bathroom that I was really hot and hoped that we would do more than just sit around naked and drink. Then Julie admitted that she thought Ray was a hunk and that she had never been with such a tall muscular man like him before.

We finished our drinks and I turned to Mike, grabbed his pecker in my hand, stroked it a couple times and then leaned down and starting licking it around the tip. His oozing had a different taste than Ray’s and I made comment about being able to taste the difference. Julie then started licking the head of Ray’s pecker and agreed that she could also taste the difference. Mike said it was his turn to see if he could taste any difference, and leaned me back on the bed and started licking my pussy. I automatically jumped when his tongue first touched me. I looked over and Ray had Julie lying back on the sofa and was licking her pussy. She looked at me and we exchanged looks of approval and satisfaction.

After a couple of minutes, the guys came up for air and almost simultaneously said they could also taste a difference in our pussies and that they both liked what they tasted. I told Mike to lie down on the bed and I straddled his face and lowered my pussy to his mouth while taking his pecker in my mouth. I felt jolts of electricity shoot up from my pussy as Mike licked and sucked on me. I closed my eyes and bobbed my head up and down on his pecker as his tongue worked inside me.

The bliss was interrupted by Julie saying it wasn’t fair. We stopped, thinking that we had gone too far. When I looked over, Ray was lying on the sofa and Julie was in position over his pecker, but the difference in height between him and her made it so that she couldn’t reach pecker to suck on. Mike and I chuckled. Ray said he would be a gentleman and let Julie choose which she wanted first, to be eaten or to suck his pecker. She leaned forward, took several long sucks on his pecker and then said eaten first and then she would suck him off.

At that, Mike and I returned to our 69ing. He worked his tongue all around inside of me, probing my secret of secrets. I felt him shift a little and then his lips embraced my clit. That first contact sent my body reeling and I came instantly. I felt Mike’s tongue licking up my juices and I came again this time flooding his face. Mike jerked for a second under me and I realized that I was biting his pecker as I climaxed and I quickly eased off and apologized.

I glanced over to the sofa and Julie was tensed up and arching her body as Ray brought her to orgasm. I watched them for a few moments and found the sight of my man satisfying another woman to be very erotic and stimulating so much so that I moved off or Mike turned around and planted myself on his pecker. Within moments I had my third orgasm and could feel my pussy clench around his pecker.

Opening my eyes, Mike was staring at my titties as they bounded above his face. He moved both hands from my waist to my titties and began playing with my nipples as I rode his pecker like a wild woman. Each time he rolled a nipple between his thumb and fingers it sent electric shocks down from my nipples to my pussy which only increased the feelings of Mike’s pecker sliding in and out of me.

Again I looked over at Ray and Julie and she was bent over the sofa and Ray was behind her. All I could really see what Ray’s ass working to and fro like some kind of pump. My attention was suddenly diverted when I felt Mike’s pecker swell in size, followed by the sensations of his warm sperm filling my womb. The warmth of spewing sperm seemed to spread throughout my body, kind of like a warm bath does on the outside, but this was a warmth that spread on the inside.

I leaned down on top of Mike and kissed him for the first time. Our tongues met and circled each other. As we kissed his pecker started to shrink and I knew I was about to leak all over our bed, so I jumped up and grabbed a tissue before running to the bathroom to empty out. I hollered back at Mike that everything was okay it just that I didn’t want to get it all over the bed. When I emerged from the bathroom, brought a couple of washcloths and smaller towels and set a couple on the edge of the sofa for Julie. She noticed and mouthed thank you. I stood next to Ray as he continued to slide in and out of Julie’s pussy and told him how hot and sexy that looked.

I couldn’t help myself as I reached under Julie and put my hand on the top of her pussy and started to rub her clit. She looked up at me with a wild look in her eyes. Our eyes locked on each other as rubbed her clit harder, making her back arch up as she orgasmed. Then I moved my hand down and held Ray’s balls and told him that I loved him and to fill her with his sperm. A few moments later his expression changed, his balls pulled up real tight and his rhythm became more emphatic. I continued to cradle his balls as he emptied them into the tiny woman.

Mike had moved over to the other side of Julie and Ray and had been fondling her titties while Ray was taking her from behind. When Ray was finally done emptying himself into her, Mike told Julie that this was the hottest and wildest thing he had ever seen. She asked if he was jealous or had any regrets and he said only one that he’s going to take care of now and with that, he plunged his re-hardened pecker into his girlfriend and starting pounding her hard.

Ray sat down on the sofa next to them and I knelt down in front of him and started licking his pecker clean. There was the unmistakable taste of Ray’s sperm and I could also taste Julie’s juices. It was like having a mixed sex cocktail and I have to admit that the combined tastes were a bit intoxicating. So much so that I made sure I licked him completely clean. By the time I was done cleaning him, Ray’s pecker was hard again so I sat on his pecker facing away from him. I had the perfect view of Mike and Julie.

Julie’s small titties still had some bounce to them and I instinctively reached out and started fondling them. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers. Then I worked my hand down to where I could feel Mike’s pecker sliding in and out of Julie’s pussy. I wrapped my thumb and index finger around Mike’s pecker, allowing it to slide between my fingers. My other three fingers rested on Julie’s pussy lips. Feeling Mike’s cock sliding through my fingers and feeling Julie’s pussy lips expanding each time he thrust in was quite erotic and it wasn’t long before I had an orgasm on Ray’s pecker. This was an experience I had never had before, but thoroughly enjoyed. I guess the feel of my fingers on his pecker while he fucked Julie got to Mike because it only took him a couple minutes to shoot sperm inside her. His pecker pulsated in my fingers and feeling him cumming inside his girlfriend while I was feeling his cock and her pussy sent me into another orgasm and this one was the most intense of the night. Ray held me up to keep me from falling off of him.

Ray finished pumping me and let loose a batch of white hot sperm inside me and once again I got that warm feeling throughout my body. I sat there just loving the feeling of him inside me as long as I could but since that was Ray’s second time in less than half an hour, he didn’t last as long as I would have liked, so I grabbed a towel and climbed off. Julie was doing the same.

Before I could clean Ray off, Julie asked if she could have the pleasure of licking him clean so that she could taste us combined. Ray smiled and Julie moved in between his legs and started licking and sucking his pecker. She lifted off long enough to tell us what a wonderful combination we are and then returned to cleaning him off.

When Julie was done, Ray fixed us all another drink and we all sat back and talked about what had just happened. We all agreed that it was fantastic and something that we might want to try it again sometime with another couple. It was well after midnight, so Julie and Mike got dressed, we hugged and kissed and said our good nights.

Ray and I showered and I climbed into his arms as we settled in bed. He whispered that he loved me so much and hoped that I was okay with everything that happened. I told him I was very happy and thought he looked so hot with tiny Julie on his pecker. Somewhere in our conversation, we both fell asl**p.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. I expected us to have to fly back home on Sunday, but Ray surprised me by saying we weren’t going home yet. That night, our dinner consisted of a thick steak with locally grown veggies and fruit. Sunday evening, we made our stroll on the beach and I didn’t hesitate to take off my top. I was loving the looks and stares and was no longer embarrassed by it.

As the sun was going down behind us and the distant ocean horizon began to fade in the growing darkness, Ray suddenly turned, got down on one knee, held out a diamond ring and asked me to marry him. I was telling him yes, yes, yes before he ever finished. I asked if he still wanted to marry me after last night with Julie and Mike and he said more than ever he wanted me to be his wife forever and ever. When he stood up, he lifted me up to his level, hugged and kissed me. I told him I wanted to marry him from the day I came back to him and that he’s only made me feel more sure of that decision every day we were together.

Then Ray asked when I wanted to get married. I told him I didn’t care as long as it was soon. He told he would see what he could do. He asked if there was anyone I wanted to invite and I told him that I’ve been separated from my f****y for years so not really.

On our walk back to the resort, I’m not sure if my feet every touched the sand as I was flying so high. I didn’t care that I was topless when we entered the resort lobby, however, the manager greeted us and asked if would mind putting my top on so I did. Then he produced the Mexican peasant dress that Ray had bought for me and Ray asked me to put it on. The manager then asked us to follow him for a moment as he had something for us. We followed him into a banquet room and I was stunned to see a number of resort guests standing facing us. Then they started playing the wedding march and Ray grabbed my hand and led me down the aisle. When we got to the front, Julie and Mike took their places beside us as our maid of honor and best man.

A local judge stepped forward and performed a 5 minute wedding service and then pronounced us husband and wife. I leapt up into Ray’s arms and locked my lips on his for longer than I probably should have. Everyone greeted us and then the manager led us into another room where there was a wedding cake and other food, a bar and Mexican band. Ray and I cut the cake and the party began.

We danced and drank for a couple hours until most of the crowd drifted off. Julie and Mike were the last ones left and they congratulated us again before they retired for the night. When we got to our floor, Ray carried me from the elevator to our room and then stood me on the bed. He carefully took my dress off and then my bikini. He started licking my pussy and then laid me down on the bed and made slow passionate love to me. I was still so high from being proposed to and then being married in the matter of an hour as Ray took his time loving me. As he did, I kept playing with the diamond and wedding rings that were new to my finger.

Monday morning, we showered, packed, had breakfast and checked out of the resort. As we flew back home, I told Ray that he gave me the honeymoon before the wedding. He asked if I minded and I told him the weekend was perfect and was the hottest weekend ever.

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