Difference between Sex and Making Love

In high school, my best friend was Eddy. He lived several houses down on the same block. We had some of the same classes and both of us were on the football, baseball and track teams.

In my senior year, my girlfriend Trudy broke up with me and I was pretty bummed out at the time. Eddy asked over to go swimming as the weather was warming up and they had a heated pool anyway. I grabbed my trunks and trotted over to his house. His mom let me in and said that Eddy was out back at the pool already.

I noticed that she was wearing a very sexy bikini as she went to the kitchen to finish whatever she was doing. Eddy’s mom was hot and even Eddy talked about how hot she was.

I went on out to the pool and Eddy was already in the water swimming around, so I dove in after him. We horsed around dunking each other and splashing as we usually did and I mentioned to Eddy that his mom looked really hot in her bikini. He agreed and said it was a shame she was his mom because he often fantasized about her. I told him that I did also and she wasn’t my mom.

I asked Eddy if he’s ever seen her naked and he said once he caught a quick shot of her titties when her robe came open in the kitchen one morning. Other than that, it was seeing her in her bikini, shorts and sexy tops.

His older s****r was another story. She was hot also and Eddy said that he’s seen her naked a couple of times as she wasn’t as careful as his mom. Then he told me that she was home from college on spring break and that he has asked both his mom and s****r to join us if they wanted. He said mom said that sounded like fun or a change and was fixing up some lemonade, but he didn’t know if his s****r, Sue would be out or not.

Several minutes later, Eddy’s mom came out with a tray of drinks and snacks and set them on the patio table. She had her back to us as she set the tray down and I instantly got hard staring at her nearly bare ass. I glanced over at Eddy and he smiled back and whispered saying that is one sexy ass and I agreed.

She must have heard us as she suddenly wiggled her ass back and forth and then turned and smiled at us. She walked over to the steps, taking one at a time to get use the temperature of the water. As she did, she asked us if we really thought her ass was sexy and I thought Eddy was going to choke. We were both embarrassed and not knowing what else to say or do, I told her yes, I thought she had a very sexy ass, especially for a mom.

She put her hands on hips and huffed at me, asking me what I meant by that remark. I told her that boys like us usually look at girls our age, but she was so pretty and sexy that we couldn’t help but notice. She told me that was so nice of me to say. I turned and looked at Eddy and he gave me that look of approval.

Finally she was in the water and started swimming around. Eddy asked her if Sue was coming out and she said that she was on the phone with a friend and that she probably would when she got off.

Sure nuff, 10 minutes later out walks Sue in a bikini even skimpier than her moms. My pecker almost popped out of trunks when I saw her. Eddy’s mom noticed us staring and swam over close enough to whisper to us to not be quite so obvious. Eddy and I both turned red at being caught and his mom just chuckled.

Just before Sue dove in, her mom complimented her on her bikini and Sue turned all the way around like a model and then thanked her mom. Then his mom told that we liked her suit too and Sue laughed and said teenage boys like anything in a swimsuit and dove in.

When she came up near the 3 of us, 1 of her titties was showing. Eddy and I noticed it right away and tried not to stare. His mom also noticed and smiled at us and then said nothing to her daughter as she swam away. I was surprised that their mom didn’t warn their daughter about showing herself. However, Sue did realize after a little while and nonchalantly pulled her bikini top back over.

The 4 of us played around, bouncing a beach ball back and forth and then the usual splashing and dunking. All the time, both Eddy and I were hoping that his mom or s****r would give us anther show.

I made a lunge to dunk Sue but she saw it coming and dodged out of the way. She laughed at me and told me that there was no way she was going to let me dunk her. I asked if that was a dare and she said yes it was. Then I asked what would win if I was able to dunk her in the next 5 minutes. Before Sue could answer, her mom said that I should win her the top of her suit. I was shocked, but Sue said she was so sure that she agreed, but then said that if I failed that I had to hand her my trunks. I was confident also, so I agreed. Eddy and his mom sat on the side of the pool and timed the dare.

Sue did her best to keep her distance from me but watching how she reacted, I realized that I could probably back her into a corner and have her trapped, so I put my plan into action. Slowly she kept moving back until it was too late and she had nowhere to go. I made a lunge and as she tried to dodge me, I grabbed her legs and pulled her under. When Sue surfaced, her face was red and her eyes were wide open.

Eddy and his mom sat there laughing and began to chant for Sue to take it off. She stood up and the water came to just below her titties. She looked straight at me, reached behind her and untied her top and handed it to me. Sue made no attempt to hide her titties. They were incredible and were completely tanned. Her mother asked her if she as going to a tanning salon and Sue said no that a bunch of them sun themselves on the roof of their dorm. Eddy said he thought the dorm was coed and Sue smiled and said it is. So I asked her if she was tanned all over and she said that would take another dare to find out. I asked what dare and she said that it was her turn to dunk me in 5 minutes. If she won, she got my trunks and if I won, I would find out if she was tanned all over. I told her she was on and again Eddy and his mom acted as the timers.

I made sure that I would not allow her to back me into a corner like I had done to her and kept moving a lot around the deep end of the pool. Sue lunged several times, but only grazed me with a finger once. With less than a minute to go, she got more aggressive and charged me fast and often. Twice she managed to get her hands on me and I dunked her instead of her dunking me. Finally, their mom called time and Sue had lost.

She kept her end of the dare and took her bikini bottoms off and handed them to me. With the water being chopping from all of our moving, it was too hard to see if she was tanned everywhere or not. Her mother told her that she had to show if she was tanned or not, which meant getting out the pool and standing up on the side and showing us. Sue didn’t even flinch as she climbed out and face me.

That was the first time I saw a completely shaved pussy and no, Sue had no tan lines at all. She was evenly tanned all over. Then said she didn’t want to ruin her tan with the bikini anyway so if it was okay with everyone that she wanted to stay naked. Her mom said that was okay and in fact she had always wanted to get a complete tan also, so she stood up and took off her bikini top and then bottoms.

She had a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair that was outlined by here white tan lines. The tan lines also framed her nipples in a white triangle. Eddy and I just stood there staring and his mom asked if this was okay with the 2 of us and we both it was great and the tow naked ladies just laughed.

Further surprising us, Eddy’s mom suggested that we also get rid of our trunks and work on an allover tan with them. We said hell yeah and stripped and then realized that we both had very erect peckers and were hesitant to get out of the water. Sue told us that she’s seen lots of hard peckers so don’t be so shy. Eddy and I then climbed out of the pool, revealing the hard peckers of two very horny high school boys. Sue and his mom stared, taking in the sight. Eddy’s mom then said that she didn’t realize that her son was so well endowed and Sue added that I wasn’t bad either.

The four of us laid out on towels and the conversation became sexual. Their mom asked Sue if she was sexually active at college and she said that she’s enjoyed a few of the college boys, but none of them really knew how to please her. I piped up that the key to pleasing a woman is to meet her needs before my own. That got everyone’s attention and they asked what I meant by that. I told them that I had several female coaches that taught me how to please a woman and in the process, please myself.

They kept asking more questions and I finally told them that it’s hard to try to explain how and that it was something that you have to show how. Eddy’s mom then asked if I would show her how and I asked if she was k**ding and she said no. I looked at Eddy and he told me to go for it. I turned to his mom and s****r and then said that if I was giving instructions that Eddy had to have someone to practice with and I saw his cock twitch. Sue looked at Eddy and told him to not think of her as his s****r and he said okay.

I suggested we move inside where we will be more comfortable so we did. Once inside, I walked up to Eddy’s mom who then told me her name was Vicki. I looked at her told her how beautiful and sexy she looked and then moved close to gently hug and kiss her. While I was kissing, I gently moved my hands up and down her back, avoiding her ass. After breaking off the kiss, I moved around behind her and started to gently kiss the sides and back of her neck. As I did, I let me hands reach around her flat tummy and softly caress her. Ever so slowly, my hands worked their way up to where they were barely brushing the undersides of her titties.

Vicki moved her hands over mine and brought them up to cup her titties, all the while I was still gently kissing her neck and shoulders. After a minute or two of fondling her titties, I moved her over to sit on the sofa and knelt between her legs. I softly caressed her ankles first and then worked my up her calves, over her knees and across her thighs. She automatically spread her legs even farther and I began kissing her inner thighs, working my way over her pubes and down the other thigh and then back up to her just above her pubes again.

With my hands still caressing her inner thighs, I began to kiss her pubes and then down to each side of her pussy. When I reached the bottom of her pussy, I started kissing straight up over her opening and up past her clit bud. I could feel her body shiver when I reached certain forbidden places. I could smell her arousal and knew that I was doing everything just right.

Then I let my tongue snake around her pussy, her clit bud and over her opening. I worked my tongue in slowly, making sure it touched and tasted very nook and crevice inside her. I had tasted my cousins before and my former girlfriend, but Vicki had her own distinct taste and I really liked it. I let my tongue explore the roof of her inner sanctum and now I moved my hands around under her and held her ask cheeks and slowly pulled myself deeper into her pussy. I felt her start to tighten and moan and my tongue worked faster against the roof of her pussy. Vicki’s back arched and groin began to pump back and forth and I held on tightly and kept working my tongue until she came hard and loud.

I licked up as much of her cum as I could and knew I wanted more. Giving her only a moment to catch her breath, I began licking her clit bud. Then I softly sucked and nibbled on it with my teeth. In less than a minute Vicki came again and once more I eagerly drank from her well.

Next I began kissing her tummy and worked my up to her breasts, kissing all around and under them until finally I reached her nipples. I kissed her nipples which were already hard and then I gently sucked and nibbled on them like I done to her clit bud and she came again.

I kissed my way up her chest to her neck and then to her lips where we passionately kissed again. While kissing, my pecker was rubbing against her pussy and she reached down and guided me into her. When I was fully inside of her, I just held it there for a short while and kept flexing my pecker muscles. She moaned at the sensation and we kept kissing.

Then slowly I started to pump in and out of her. During our fucking, I moved up to apply more pressure to her clit bud with my pecker and she came again. I was doing everything to make this last as long as possible, but eventually I could hold back no longer. I broke off the kiss and asked where she wanted my load and she told me inside her. She no more finished speaking when I shot stream after stream of my cum inside her.

When I had finished, I stayed in her as long as possible and continued to kiss her. I was so turned on by the whole experience that I stayed erect and started to pump her again. Vicki asked if we could change positions and let her sit on me, so we did. She was facing me and I slid back in her as quickly as possible. This time instead of kissing her lips, I kissed and sucked on her breasts. Between our fucking and my nibbling on her nipples again, Vicki came once again. Having just shot one load, I lasted longer this time and was able to make her cum two more times before I started emptying myself into her.

This time I got soft and fell out of her. Vicki moved off me and collapsed next to me on the couch, panting like a dog that had just chased a rabbit for miles. Finally she opened her eyes and told me that no one has ever made love to her like that before, not even her husband.

Sue looked at Eddy and told him that she hoped he was paying attention because she wanted the same thing. I spent the next half an hour coaching Eddy as he kissed, fondled tasted and fucked his older s****r. He was a great student and when it was all over, she reacted just like her mom. Both ladies told me that was incredible and that most guys just dive in for what they want and get it over with. I told them that is the difference between fucking and making love.

We stayed naked and talked for a couple of hours until it was time for dinner. Vicki and Sue went to the kitchen and fixed while Eddy and I went out to the pool to swim and talk. I asked him if he was okay with what I did to his mom and he told me it was better than any porn flick he had seen. He told me that at first it felt weird doing it with his s****r but as he got into following my instructions, he actually forgot she was his s****r and he thoroughly enjoyed, it.

After dinner, Vicki and Sue told Eddy and I that they wanted a second round and that this time they wanted to trade partners. Eddy looked at his mom and asked if she was sure and she told him that she would like nothing better than for her son to make love to her. Sue told me that she was looking forward to being with the master.

That evening, I made love to Sue and Eddy made love to his mom. My dad was expecting me home before it got too late, so I said I hated to leave but had to get going. Both Vicki and Sue told me to come back anytime and as often as I liked. Sue was home for two weeks on spring break and Eddy and I took turns making love to her and his mom. After she went back to college, Vicki said she had the two of us all to herself and we engaged in numerous threesomes.

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