Girls Baseball Team Rewards Male Coach

Rick never thought of himself as a pervert and often wondered how a grown man could get so turned on by u******ed girls, especially when there are so many good looking sexing women available, at least in his area. Being a college athlete with a muscular build, he never had a problem attracting ladies and often took advantage of it.

Leaving college, he was drafted by a Major League baseball team and spent six years in the minor leagues. Most people don’t realize that minor leaguers don’t get paid very much and they don’t have all of the perks that big league players do. After 6 years of playing AAA ball, Rick met with the manager and asked what his prospects were for making it to the big league. He told him that they weren’t all that good at the moment, so he quit baseball for a real job.

His college degree was in physical education and he found a job as a phys ed instructor and coach at a high school. Rick was asked to coach the boys’ varsity baseball team which he was more than happy to do. The first year he coached them, the team fell just short of winning the district title. The second year they won the district championship and finished second in the state series.

Around the start of his third year teaching and coaching, a number of girls wanted to play baseball instead of softball. They wanted to play in the summer league when the older boys play. There were enough girls to form 6 teams, each having 25 players. Rick was asked if he would coach one of the teams. The ages of the girls ranged from 14 to 18. It never crossed him mind that anything sordid would come from it so Rick agreed.

At the first practice, Rick told the girls and their parents that he runs a clean game and that he only wanted players who were serious about playing. Most of the girls didn’t hear a word he said as many of them had a crush on the phys ed teacher and coach. The girls worked hard and learned what Rick taught them.

The season was 8 weeks long with 3 games per week. Rick’s team ended up 20-4 and was declared the league champ. Rick promised the girls that if they had a good season that he would host a bar-b-q and pool party at his house and they were anxious to let loose and celebrate.

Rick tried to get some of the parents to help out, but all of them had an excuse as to why they couldn’t help, so he found himself cooking and watching 22 high school girls (three had quit during the season). Several of the older players volunteered to help him grill and set up the food and clean up afterwards.

The party went well and the girls were as well behaved as a bunch of teenaged girls could be expected to play. They carried on in the pool and occasionally one of them yanked the swimsuit tops of another girl and Rick caught several glimpses of bare tits, but tried not to let it get to him.

Later in the afternoon, Rick was sitting in the shade watching the girls in the pool when they started calling for him to join them in the pool. He tried to find excuses not to join them when most of the girls climbed out of the pool and mobbed him. They picked him up by the legs and arms and carried him to the side of pool. One of the girls said this was instead of being doused with a cooler full of Gatorade and they tossed him in the pool. Then they all jumped in and began dunking him. They counted off each dunk until they reached number 20, one dunk for each win.

By number 20, Rick felt like a drowned rat and just wanted to keep his head above water and breathe. The girls formed a circle around him and told him how much they learned and enjoyed their baseball season and most of them hoped he would coach them again next summer.

Then the team captain, an 18 year old brunette said that they met as a team and agreed on a special gift they wanted to present to him to say thank you for all of his work. With that, all 22 girls took off their tops and tossed them out of the pool.

Rick was shocked and didn’t know what to do or say. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was else could see what happened and realized he had privacy fences that no one could see through or over. He told the girls that he truly appreciated their gift, but he could go to jail if anyone caught them.

They laughed and said that it was their secret and that it was a unanimous decision. He asked them to put their tops back on before they all got in trouble and the team captain said there was more and they all took their bottoms off and tossed them out of the pool.

Rick wondered where this was all headed and also wondered how he was going to hide his massive erection. Then the girls began to close in on him. Suddenly, the girls ganged up on him. Several of them pulled his shirt off over his head and several others pulled his swimsuit down and off. Rick was now stark naked in the middle of 22 naked teenaged girls, of which 17 were under 18 years of age.

Not only did the girls strip him, they were all reaching in to touch his chest, arms, legs, ass and cock. The team captain then called for everyone to stop as she asked them to help her lift the coach up to the surface. They grabbed his legs and arms and lifted him so that the entire front of his body was out of the water. Then she grabbed his pecker with one hand and his balls with the other and announced to the other girls that these were the team bat and balls. They all laughed and then she said that they all needed to kiss the team bat and balls.

Rick started to protest, but was helpless to stop them as each girl moved in between his legs, grabbed his pecker, kiss and suck it and his balls. By the time all 22 of them had taken their turn he was doing everything in his power to avoid shooting his load in front of them. The team captain sensed his closeness and started to stroke his pecker as a number of the girls continued to press their tits against him and rub their hands all over his body.

He knew he couldn’t avoid it much longer and decided to just let it flow and flow it did. He was so turned on that when he shot his load, it shot up like a fountain, landing on him and several of the girls. They all applauded and cheered as the captain stroked him empty. Then the girls clamored to lick his cum off of him and each other.

Rick thought that this would be the end of their celebration and that everyone would get dressed, but that was not to be the case. They released their hold on their coach and climbed out of the pool and lined up side by side facing him. From Rick’s vantage point in the pool, he was looking straight up into the pussy of each girl. Since they were all clean shaven, he had a clear view of their pussy lips and he was soon rock hard again.

On the command of their team captain, the girls turned to all face sideways and then with their back facing him, then the other side and finally back to facing him straight on. Rick noticed that most of the girls had lost some of their fat and toned up after playing baseball for him. He thought to himself that this was his own personal smorges-broad, a display of all he’d like to eat.

Rick told the girls that they were all beautiful and sexy and that he very much appreciated his gift, but again reminded him that this needed to be kept quiet or he would go to jail for years. They assured him that their secret was safe. Then the captain told him that it was his turn to get out of the pool so they could see him. He knew it was inevitable, so he walked up the steps in the pool and stood on the opposite side of the pool and faced them. Then he turned sideways, backward, the other side and then frontal again just like the girls had done.

He turned and looked at his swimsuit, lying on the pool decking. The girls saw what he was looking at and hurriedly ran and grabbed his clothes before he could reach them. Rick asked the team captain what was next and she told him that each girl wanted to have him suck on their titties and then feel his pecker. After what had happened, Rick agreed.

The team captain asked him to sit in a chair and when he did, they grabbed his arms and tied them behind under the seat of the chair so he couldn’t use his hands or stand up. Then one by one, each girl sat on Rick’s pecker, and he sucked on their titties. Twice during this Rick shot off loads of cum and each time he did, the girls licked it up and sucked him hard and then continued taking their turns.

After each girl had her turn riding Rick’s pecker and having their titties sucked, they untied him. The captain then told him that this bonded them together as a team and will always be their special moment. The captain said that next year, she and four others would be too old play, but they would like to all volunteer as assistant coaches. If they won the championship again next summer, they hoped to have a similar celebration. Rick agreed and then added that if they go undefeated next year that he would make it even more special. They all grinned and cheered.

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8 months ago
Great story. Hope to hear more about the following seasons .
8 months ago
nice story
8 months ago
Glad you liked the story of Rick and the girl's baseball team. He is a friend of mine that lives in another state and told me about what happened. He is looking forward to this summer's season. He also told me that the girls that graduated all volunteered to help coach this summer. I wonder why.
8 months ago
OMG that must have been great