Betty and Veronica

Shortly after my account of Tina the Redhead posted, I received an email asking me about my first sexual experience. To be honest, I had forgotten about it, but the email brought back some great memories.

I was an only c***d, but not a spoiled one like you often see. If I wanted something, I had to work and earn it. My mom left us for another woman when I was 6 and I’ve never seen or heard from her since. My dad took it pretty hard and relied on his b*****r, my Uncle Steve and his wife, Aunt Ann, to help him through the rough times. Then Aunt Ann got sick and died several years later and it was Uncle Steve’s turn to rely on Dad.

My uncle is several years older than dad and they have 2 girls, Betty and Veronica. Yes, Uncle Steve was a big fan of the Archie comic strip and dad often teased the girls that they should be glad they weren’t boys or one of them would have been named Jughead.

Betty was the oldest, about 4 years my senior and Veronica was only a year older than me. They only lived a block and half over so we practically grew up together. We went to carnivals, sporting events and vacations together. The girls were more like s****rs to me than first cousins.

When I was 14, dad and Uncle Steve took off Friday afternoon for a weekend doing something and said they probably wouldn’t be home until later Sunday. Since it was summer, we didn’t have to worry about school on Monday morning. I was shipped over to stay with Betty and Veronica while the dads were gone. I got to sl**p in the guest room which was next to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Friday night, was pretty much like most of the nights I spent over there. Saturday started out normal too, with breakfast, some TV, a couple board games and lunch. After lunch we decided to go swimming in their pool and we all got dressed in our suits.

It didn’t take long for the two cousins to gang up on me and try to keep me underwater as long as possible. Betty and Veronica were very athletic and the two of them often overpowered me. About the fourth time they got me underwater, I found it difficult to fight my to the surface for air and I began to think they really wanted to drown me. Out of desperation, I yanked both of their tops off them and they finally let go and I was able to breathe again.

I quickly stuffed their bikini tops down inside my swimsuit, figuring they would not dare reach in to get them. They kept their arms over their tits and demanded that I return their tops and I told them that if they really wanted them, they would have to get them themselves. The girls looked at each other and it was at that moment that I realized they were going to do it. I figured my best defense would be to keep grabbing at their tits and bottoms whenever they came close enough.

The first time they lunged at me, I reached out and grabbed a hand full of tit from each of them. This caused an immediate retreat along with an immediate erection. I had never touched a girl’s tit before and having just felt two of them at the same time was quite exciting.

They started circling me, both together at first and every time they lunged, I grabbed. On one occasion, the grab was almost more of a slap and Betty said that hurt and ordered me to stop. They next time they lunged at me, I reached for their bottoms instead of their tits and I managed to yank Veronica right out of her bottoms and stuffed them down with their tops. This was good because their suits were helping to hide my erection. Now Veronica was holding one arm over her tits and her other hand over her bush, which I could roughly see through the splashing water.

Veronica wouldn’t come close after that and it was now me and Betty. With all of their lunging, Betty stopped trying to cover her tits and just left them in plain view. She tried to go from one side of me to the other, but every time she tried, I reached for her bottoms. Eventually I managed to untie one side of them and as Betty tried to get them tied back, I untied the other side and yanked them off.

Now both cousins were stark naked in the pool with me and I was thoroughly enjoying it. They moved over to the corner in the deep end of the pool so I couldn’t see them as well and began whispering. I knew they were planning something and I figured I had 3 options – give them back their bikinis, let them try to take them from inside my swimsuit or toss their bikinis out of the pool where they would have to get out and get them.

The first option was quickly discarded, leaving me with a tough choice. I knew that if I tossed them out of the pool that one of the girls would have to get out and I would see them naked. The option meant that one or both of them might reach into my suit and grab my hard pecker by accident. Seeing one naked or being touched. It was a tough choice.

I decided to toss their suits up onto the pool decking and then I sat on the steps and waited to see who would get out and walk naked past me. They whispered a little more and then both of them started swimming in my direction. As they got closer I did my best to focus on their exposed tits that were somewhat hidden by the choppy water. Then Veronica acted like she was going to climb out the steps to get their suits and as I turned to watch her, Betty grabbed my suit and began yanking. Veronica then grabbed my arms so I couldn’t fight off Betty and in the less than a minute, I was stripped and my suit was lying out with theirs.

The cousins then swam back out into deeper water, laughing and asking me what I was going to do about my suit. I told them that I was okay skinny dipping and began swimming towards them. They didn’t expect that from me and were caught by surprise as I swam right up to them.

Betty’s eyes immediately looked down into the water to see if she could see my pecker. Veronica was busy trying to cover herself up and keep her head above water at the same time. Betty said that someone was going to have to get out of the water sooner or later or we would be here all night without dinner. I agreed and then made the suggestion that we all get out at the same time as we were all in the same predicament.

Veronica’s face turned red and told Betty that she’s never let a boy see her naked before and that she’s never seen a naked boy either. Before I could say anything, Betty told her it was time to fix that and that we should all get out of the pool at the same time. When Veronica agreed, my pecker got even harder at the thought. Then I mentioned that we didn’t bring any towels out as we usually just laid out and let the sun dry us off and that we should dry off naked, the 3 of us. Veronica started shaking her head no and Betty told her it would be fun and that the two of them can stare are my little boy pecker.

After a lot of persuading by Betty, Veronica agreed and we all swam to the steps and slowly climbed out of the water. Veronica did her best to cover her tits and pussy, but Betty told her to drop the hands and show it like she was proud of it. Then she directed Veronica’s attention to my erect pecker and then said that she was wrong and that I didn’t have a little boy’s pecker after all.

I positioned myself so that I laid down next to Veronica with Betty on the other side of her. Betty said that wasn’t fair as she wanted a front row view and moved to the other side of me. So there I was lying naked between my two naked cousins.

Back then, I didn’t know about tit size or such, but remembering back, I would say that Betty was a c cup and Veronica a b cup. They were both tall with Betty standing about 4 inches taller than me and Veronica was an inch taller and I was 5’ 7” at the time, and started to really grow the next couple of years. As I said before they were both athletic and had very nicely shaped figures. Laying there between them, all 6 inches of my pecker was standing tall and excited.

Once the sun dried us off, Veronica seemed anxious to get some clothes on. Before she could, Betty asked her if she had ever touched a guy’s pecker and Veronica turned red and said no. Betty then reached over, grabbed my pecker, stroked it a couple times, which caused a stream of fluid to ooze out of the tip of my pecker. She told Veronica to hold it and leaned it towards her. She just sat there and stared, not knowing what to do.

Then to my and Veronica’s surprise, Betty leaned down and began to lick my pecker and then suck on it. Not only was this the first time a girl had seen or touched my pecker, but it was the first time a girl sucked on it. The sensation was so new and extremely erotic that I started to cum in a matter of seconds. Betty pulled off m pecker and stroked me as my cum continued to shoot up into the air for several more spurts. Veronica’s eyes were huge and her mouth hung open.

When Betty leaned down and licked the cum off my pecker, Veronica gave a loud ‘yuck’ that caused Betty to chuckle. She told her little s****r not to knock it until she tried it. her licking made me hard again real quick. Betty kept encouraging Veronica to hold it and stroke it and suck it, but she continued to refuse.

About this time, I finally regained some composure and turned to Betty and told her that since she touched me that I have the right to touch her. She thought for a moment and said that was only fair and spread her legs. I remember thinking that her brown pubic hair was the same color as the hair on her head, but it felt a little coarser. I carefully reached over and began to apprehensively touch her pubic hair and the lips of her pussy. I had no idea what I was doing, only that this was the most exciting thing I had ever done.

Betty realized that I had never touched a girl before and guided my hand to her pussy and she pushed my fingers into her pussy. I was amazed at how wet and warm she felt. I stared as I worked 2 fingers into her pussy as far as I could get them to go and then feel around inside. Betty was smiling and telling me what to do and I followed her instructions.

Then she asked if I wanted to taste her pussy like she had tasted my pecker. I had heard the guys at school talk about this but never thought I would ever get the chance to do it for real. I bent down and following Betty’s instructions, started licking her pussy lips. Then she told me to put my tongue inside and taste her juices. I was expected it to taste gross but it didn’t. It was sweet and tart at the same time and licked several times.

Then Betty spread her pussy lips for me and showed me where her clit bud was and told me to start licking and sucking on it. When I did, she started to squirm and moan. The more I sucked on her clit bud that more she began to move her hips. Suddenly, she grabbed my the back of my head and pulled me into her pussy and her whole body began to shake and quiver and her moaning got really loud and then I thought was peeing on my face. Afterwards, she told me that it was her cum, just like my ejaculation.

Veronica continued to just sit there and stare and I know she didn’t believe what she was watching. Betty then moved me closer to Veronica, reached down and put her hand on my pecker. Instinctively her fingers closed around it and Betty guided her hand up and down my shaft. Veronica kept stroking me after Betty took her hand away. Betty started asking her questions about how it felt and if she liked it. Veronica smiled for the first time since being stripped of her bikini top and softly whispered that if felt good and that she did like touching me.

With her change in attitude, I started to reach out to touch her titty. She started to lean back and Betty told her it was only fair since she was touching me and Veronica complied and let me feel her titties. They were smaller than Betty’s but felt firmer. After a few minutes of her slowly stroking my pecker, Betty encouraged Veronica to lick and suck it. At first she resisted but finally gave in and I thought I was going to explode another load of cum as her tongue ran along my length and over the head. I watched as her young lips moved over the head of my pecker as Betty continued to coax her and tell her what to do. She asked Veronica how I tasted and Veronica moved off of me long enough to say it tasted better then she thought and then she went back to sucking on my cock.

Betty could tell by my expression that I was close to cumming and doing every possible to keep from shooting off too soon. She smiled at me and told Veronica to cup my balls in her hand as she sucked. When she did, I couldn’t hold back anymore and began to shoot my load. The first stream shot down Veronica’s throat and almost choked her. She pulled off me quickly and continued to stroke me as she had seen her older s****r do a few minutes earlier.

After Veronica stroked me empty, Betty took her finger, scooped up some of my cum and licked it off her finger. Then she got another finger full and held it Veronica’s lips. Hesitantly, Veronica finally gave in and took the cum covered finger into her mouth. She must have realized it tasted better than she thought as she began to suck her s****r’s finger clean. The two s****rs then proceeded to like all of the cum off of me.

I looked at Veronica and said it was my turn to taste her and her face turned a deep red as she realized that I was going to be seeing her pussy close up. Gradually she opened her legs, but not nearly enough, so I moved in between them and gently pried them further apart. Her pussy looked every bit as good as Betty’s and this time, knowing what to do, I eagerly dove in and began licking her lips and then putting tongue as deep into her pussy as I could reach. She tasted sweeter and fresher than Betty. I quickly turned my oral attention to her clit bud and began sucking on it as I had done to Betty. In no time at all Veronica was reacting to the sucking and her body suddenly clenched up as if she was in tetanus or something similar. Her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open in a silent scream and her juices began flowing like crazy. I lapped them up like a bear lapping up the honey from a beehive.

When we were through, we all sat back, smiling and looking at each other. Betty asked Veronica how she liked it so far and Veronica said it was fantastic. I echoed those sentiments and Betty agreed. Then Betty announced that we’d come this far so we might as well go all the way and with that she moved over and sat on my pecker. I couldn’t describe the feeling of being in a girl’s pussy for the first time. It was incredible. So much so that I came much sooner than I wanted to and was surprised that Betty let me empty my balls into the pussy. I asked her if she was afraid of getting pregnant and she said no that she was on the pill. She had convinced her dad that it was necessary to regulate her periods and keep them from getting so intense. Then Betty told me that Veronica was also on the pill.

Just a few minutes earlier, Veronica had to be coaxed and almost f***ed to do anything, but she had quickly caught the sex bug and stroked my pecker to make it hard again. Then she climbed on top of me and began fucking me like her s****r had. Having just cum several times in the last 15 minutes, I lasted longer this and got to enjoy Veronica’s very tight pussy. I was a 14 year old boy in sexual heaven. Veronica came twice before I unleashed my fourth load of cum that afternoon.

Then we all went swimming to rinse off, laid out in the sun to dry off and by that time it was time for the girls to start getting dinner ready. We didn’t bother to get dressed all that night and we played and fondled each other most of Saturday night and Sunday morning. Each cousin sucked me off and fucked me several more times before the weekend was over.

When our dads got home, we were exhausted and ready for beg. Dad and I said our goodbyes and goodnights and we headed back to our house. Dad asked me what we did all weekend I told him we just played games, watched TV and swam. He said it sounded like fun and I told him that it was okay and that I did enjoy myself. The cousins told their dad pretty much the same thing.

From that time on, the three of us would fuck, suck and fondle every chance we got. That is until Betty headed off to college that fall and then Veronica and I were left to take care of each other. A few years later, she also went away to college, but by that time, I had a steady girlfriend and stayed in practice, using all of the lessons that Betty taught me that first time.

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