Tony cums over

After David and i had our first ever encounter.
we decided to keep doing this daily.
more and more we fucked each others after work everyday
until one of my guy friends (Tony) got curious and decided to get to the bottom of this.
Tony hid behind one of the boats when David entered mine.
When david and i had dissapeared into the aft Tony steathly walked up to my boats window, and peared inside.
and there he saw david humping my brains out!
Tony became excited and started to stroke his dick as he watched david fuck me.
near the end of fucking i blew my load in davids mouth and david blew his load into my mouth and we started to hardcore make out, with our cum drizzling down our sweaty bodies.
Tony got to where he was about to cum on the side of my boat when david and i heard him moaning outside.
David opened the door and we jumped on Tony, pinning his half naked body to the dock.
i grabbed my fluffy handcuffs and my gag and took him back into the boat.
david tied him up and i gaged his mouth.
david asked me what we should do with this naughty little whore cumming all over my boat.
i said we should cum all over him and have him eat every last drop of our hot jizz.
david said nooo to easy we need to really punish him.
so then we decided that we will fuck his ass until we jizzed all inside it then we will pug it up with one of my massive butt plugs.
so we bended him over and david went first.
david stuck his huge 10 inch cock in tony's tight little virgin asshole.
he humped and humped until he jizzed inside him.
i had to quikly get my cock in tony before davids jizz shot out.
my dick literally flew inside tony as he moaned in pleasure.
david took the gag off tony, and tony said spank me daddy! spank me!
so i spanked and spanked until he was as red as the devils dick!
he kept calling us daddy and master which turned us on even more.
when i finally climaxed david quikly plugged his abused hole and sat tony upright on the ground.
david said to tony "Me and Ken are gunna fuck right here and ur gunna watch!"
so david put me on my knees and made me suck his cock.
it was just like the first time.
when he jizzed, he pressed my forehead against his sweaty chest and let it flow down my throut.
then it was my turn.
i bent him over and fucked with all my might!
he moaned and groaned when i jizzed i jizzed all over tony and david!
we untied tony and all three of us sat on the bed touching and rubbing each other.
in a few minutes all three of us were spooning in my cum filled bed.
to make it even better we moved into positions where i had tony's dick in my mouth and davids cock in my ass.
it was amazing.
especialy when you fall asl**p then wake up with a dick in your throut.
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fucking hot