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[Story] My First Gloryhole Experience

So as I’m sitting in my 5th period math class I can’t help but overhear Cindy Jacobs and Gwen Patterson conversing back and forth. At first it just seems like their typical mindless gossiping but as I catch bits and pieces of their conversation I hear the term “glory hole” and suddenly find myself focusing more and more on it. I try not to look interested as I hear tem talking. They occasionally glance at me to make sure that I’m not paying them any attention. I take some comfort in the fact that these two, perceived as the biggest sluts in school, would never suspect that I have probably had ... Continue»
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[Story] I fucked my girlfriends mom :)

ad a really good day today its about 12:45am and im exhausted from fucking my girlfriend 30 minutes ago but now that shes sl**ping ima tell you what happened today.My day started from 6am it was hot and I work as a Welder.We work to 12 to 14 hour shifts but did 12 got outta at 6pm and thought I call one of my girlfriends name Gina (Oh and just so you know I have 3 girlfriends but shes my # 1 ) anyways I wanted to see if she wanted to get together hangout at her pad she told me great idea baby just go to my house right aftet work and wait for me till 8pm theres leftover in the fridge case you g... Continue»
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[Story] Annalee is All Grown Up

Annalee had been my neighbour forever. Since the area we lived in was a bit out-of-the-way there had been feel other young families around. Annalee would always try to tag along with her older b*****r Chris and me when we went out. We would do our best to try to lose her or ignore her but we would always get in trouble.

I left for college after high school and spent two years away from home. It was summer and I decided to forgo summer classes and let my brain heal from the past five terms. After driving for five hours I made it back to the house I grew up in. As I pull into the dr... Continue»
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[Story] A Schoolgirl's First Time

A Schoolgirl's First Time

Chapter 1

Cissy pulled off her shoes and dropped her naked feet in the fountain.

"Feels good," she said, pointing her toes and splashing water by
slapping her bare soles down on the water's surface.

Pam sighed with exasperation. "I told you not to take your shoes off.
Now everybody's looking at us."

"But my feet were hot," Cissy said. "It was such a long walk down here."

On the other side of the fountain, three young k**s jumped in and
tromped around, giggling and kicking water at each other.

Cissy smirked at Pam.

"There, you see," Cissy... Continue»
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[Story] Babysitting Sara

This story is entirely fictitious.

I had just started the fourth chapter of the library book when the phone began to ring. I sighed in aggravation as I put my book down and picked up the phone.

"Hello" I said curtly "Sorry, she's not home, mom and dad took her to State College for the weekend to check out the school"

"Uhm, I guess I could. I'm 16. How much does it pay? Okay, that will be fine, I'll see you about 6" I said.

I looked at the phone in wonder before I hung up. I couldn't believe that I was just talked into babysitting overnight for an 13 year old girl. My s****r Cind... Continue»
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[Story] Keely thinking of Daddy

Keely was a little slut, only just turning thirteen she dressed like a slut, showing all of her tiny teen body, her Daddy loved this, he wouldn't tell her off, he loved seeing her tiny little ass cheeks, her long slim legs, her small breasts almost hanging out and her slim tummy. Seeing her prance around in her tiny bikini was his favourite though, seeing how tight her little pussy would, seeing her puffy nipples erect poking out, it would get his big thick 8 inch cock hard, very ha... Continue»
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[Story] Nicola story

hi all my name is nicola and it all started when i was Thir*** and my b*****r started to take my use panties and wanking in to them i did not know he was doing this i just missed them when i would go to do a wash and they would then turn up a few days later at first i though i just missed them when i did the wash but then one day i came home from school and change to go shopping with my girl friend but after i left the house i remembered i left my money behind and went back for it and when i went into the house i heard a noise from my bed room so i looked in and my b*****r was wanking into my ... Continue»
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[Story] s****r's Curiosity

It was a warm fall day in the summer of 81 and we were running through the woods. My s****r, who is two years older then me, and I had been swimming that afternoon and decided to head up the hill and go run around in the woods. We had built a fort and wanted to work on it some more. When we got there we went inside it and looked to see if there were any more things we needed to do to it. We were sitting on the floor of it when she noticed I had cut my stomach on a branch or something when we were running.

“You're bleeding” She said when she noticed the bl**d on my stomach. I looked down an... Continue»
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[Story] Premature ejaculation, did I cure my b*****r?

s****r and b*****r relationships always appeal to the outsider, looking in.

There is a fascination about a s****r touching her b*****r's cock, and what makes it more fascinating is that in houses up and down the whole county, giving your b*****r a wank, is more common than people think.

As a girl I first saw my b*****rs cock as he dressed, and at that time, our parents had not thought about us as adults or old enough to be interested in our genitalia enough to be attracted to them.

I was older than my b*****r by two years and had started experiencing my periods, so I was changing and ... Continue»
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[Story] Tonya's Mom

Growing up my next door neighbor was a girl named Tonya. I had had a big crush on Tonya from the day I met her and we were pretty close friends. I also got along well with her mom, Linda. Linda and I would sit and talk when I would come over. I always found Linda to be sexy for some reason, even though she was not hot. Linda was normal height, normal boobs, she did have wide hips and blondish hair. She was just a little fet on her legs and her belly. Where as Tonya was just a little cutie. Every so often with Linda I would get a shot down her shirt at her boobs or a good beaver shot. I mean ... Continue»
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[Story] My Son's Cum Rag (Ch 3)

My Son's Cum Rag (Ch 3)
By Kinkybelle

There I stood in the kitchen, both my hands covering my crotch, hiding my naked pussy from Nick, my 16-year-old son. He eyed me with lascivious intent, delighted at finding his mother traipsing around the house with nothing on but a v-neck top that was too short to provide any modesty down below. I'm sure he assumed this was some after school sexual treat I had arranged just for him, but the truth was that I'd lost track of time while I was upstairs in his br0ther's room masturbating as I sniffed a pair of my own panties that my younger son had satur... Continue»
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[Story] First Meeting with Couple

Hi everyone,

I actually went through with it and got together with the couple from the fetish party to experience my first sex and scene in real life. It didn't go as i had dreamed of; but, thinking that it would go like that was pretty naive on my part.

To start with, i Must tell how cute I looked and what I was all dolled up in. We were meeting at a hotel that i was familiar with (but lived about 20 miles away) so I wasn't concerned about seeing anyone I knew or dressing too provocatively.

I've colored my hair and need to upload a new photo. I'm a blonde now ( an... Continue»
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[Story] Payback

For the longest time I suspected Jose cheating. I never had proof, it was just a feeling. I'm not one to snoop around, but I just had to find out. After 4 years of being together and living together, I thought I had rights to.

One day while he was at work, I decided to check my computer. There was a file called "Music Baby". Hmmm, I wondered. I know he sings and all but music baby? So I clicked on the file and there were many folders, with folders inside. I found pictures of him fucking this girl I had suspected from his myspace page. I found videos of them fucking and her s... Continue»
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