When I was twenty-five, I had a job as the manager of a frozen
yogurt store in San Diego. I was often playfully teased by one
of my employees, Michelle, a nineteen year old sprite with a nice
full figure. She liked to jump on my back and mess up my hair.
I'd joked many times about putting her across my knee, but I was
only bluffing. It became kind of an inside thing between us.

"Watch out for Alex!" She once warned a new female employee.
"He'll take you to the woodshed!"

One evening we were closing the store and Michelle was hurrying
because she was going out with some friends later. In her haste,
she spilled a large tub of strawberry yogurt all over the floor.

"Damn!" she said. "This is going to take forever to clean up!"

Meanwhile, her friends had driven up outside and were honking
the horn.

"Alex, can you clean this up? If I don't go now, they're going to
leave without me!"

I nodded and grabbed a mop.

As she left, Michelle kissed me on the cheek.

"You can give me a good spanking tomorrow." she whispered into
my ear.

I'm not sure, but think I actually blushed.

Thoughts of slapping that cute little ass filled my head as I
finished up closing the store. But, by the time I got home and
went to bed, I'd more or less forgotten about it.

The next morning, when I showed up for work, I found Michelle
waiting for me at the front door of the store.

"Are you scheduled for the morning shift?"

"No." she said. "But you and I have some unfinished business and
I'd like to get to it as soon as possible."

I unlocked the door and Michelle walked to the back of the store
with me right behind. She took a chair from behind the work desk
and placed it in the center of the room.

"Why don't you sit right here?" she said.

I followed her lead and sat down.

Michelle then unbuttoned her pants and wriggled her hips as she
pushed those tight denim jeans down to her knees. She pulled up
her T-shirt to reveal a powder blue pair of panties that looked
more like a bikini bottom than underwear. She laid herself across
my lap, her fingers and toes just grazing the floor, that lovely
panty-clad ass arched up in anticipation.

"This is going to hurt me more than it does you." I said
quite melodramatically.

"Yeah, I can feel your pain." she said, bumping her hip against
the hardening bulge in my pants.

I laid my left hand firmly on the small of her back as I slowly
lifted my right, then brought it down with a firm smack across her
left cheek. Then I gave her right cheek a slap.

As I continued gently spanking her, Michelle grunted softly.
Each swat brought a slightly louder grunt, but soon she was
rolling her shoulders and wiggling her bottom as if to say:

"Mmm! Very nice! What else have you got?"

So the next swat was a little harder. The next two were harder
yet and with less time between. Now I was really getting into it.
Then, just as I was hitting my stride, Michelle interrupted.

"Are may panties getting in your way?"

"You know, I believe they are." I said as I yanked them down to
her knees and started in on her round, bare, snowy-white bottom.
Once again I began spanking her slowly, but with gaining speed.
One cheek and then the other, then both, then just the right one
until it turned pink, so I'd switch back to the left. Before long,
Michelle was kicking and fighting back tears. My hand was a blur.
I felt like an artist splashing shades of pink and red onto a
perfectly formed canvas. I spanked Michelle until her kicking
became frenzied and her poor little bottom was nearly scarlet.
I gave each cheek one last resounding slap, then let my subject
catch her breath as I slowly massaged her aching ass.

Eventually, Michelle got to her feet, then slowly and carefully
pulled her panties and jeans back up. I stood as well and took my
naughty little worker by the ear to a nearby corner. There was a
full-length mirror on the door to the bathroom. She looked over
her shoulder at her reflection.

"My butt's going to glow in the dark tonight!" she said with a
tearful laugh as she rubbed her sore, throbbing cheeks.

With my hand on the back of her head, I gently guided her nose
snugly into the corner. She gasped a bit as I yanked her pants
and panties back down.

"You just stand right here and don't move until I get back,
young lady!"

I spent about fifteen minutes getting the store ready to open.
Then I went to the freezer and got a bucket of Coconut Cream
yogurt and placed it next to the chair. I took a flat wooden spoon
from the sink and sat down. For a moment I gazed at Michelle
standing so obediently in the corner, her hands at her side and
her pants and panties pulled down to expose a freshly shellacked
back porch.

"Now get back over my knee!" I barked.

Michelle turned around and quickly shuffled over to my side.
Seeing the large wooden spoon in my hand caused her to gulp
and whimper a little, but she soon placed herself across my lap.
I leaned down, opened the bucket of yogurt and stuck the spoon in
deep, bringing up a large scoop of frozen Coconut Cream which I
lifted just above her ass. Michelle tensed up in anticipation of
more "punishment" and then let out a deep sigh of relief and
pleasure as I smoothly spread the cold white yogurt across her
burning cheeks. She trembled when I slathered on another heaping
spoonful of the creamy coolness which melted as it touched her
warm flesh. It dripped into the crack of her ass and down her
plump thighs. She moaned deeply as I leaned down and licked
some up, leaving a swath of crimson across her sweet, slippery
pink and white bottom.

I won't go into anymore detail here. Suffice it to say that the
store got opened pretty late that day.

Michelle and I worked together for nearly a year after that and I
must have spanked her a hundred times. After a while, she gave up
the pretense of misbehaving and it just became a given that if we
were working together, she was going get spanked at least once
during the shift.

I continued the ritual of cooling down her cheeks with yogurt.
We tried every flavor in the store, but Coconut Cream was our
sentimental favorite.

It was on evenings when we closed together that Michelle really
got her buns toasted. As soon as the door was locked, we'd scurry
to the back to play our little games. Some nights we'd do the
stern principal and the naughty schoolgirl and on others I'd be
the jealous husband and she my flirtatious wife.

I wound up taking her jeans down so often that one day I suggested
putting a flap on the back for easy access.

"No way!" Michelle protested. "Getting my pants pulled down is my
favorite part!" Then she looked up and noticed that the flavor of
the day was Coconut Cream. "Uh-oh!" she said, unbuckling her belt.
"Looks like I'm going to take my dinner break standing up!"

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3 years ago
spanking is good when it's not to hard.
love your story
3 years ago
Very nice would love to be spanked like that
3 years ago
LoL very good story
3 years ago
sounds like a very bad girl and you have set her straight with a good spanking
3 years ago
vert good & hard