Hey Cutie,

I was installing a new shower head in the front bathroom
the other day when I had a rather interesting daydream.
In it, I saw us as a couple who'd recently moved in together.
I worked and you attended classes at a local college.

I came home early one day to find you weren't at school
as scheduled. Our place was a mess and it was obvious
you'd been sitting around snacking and watching television.
I found you in the bathroom, casually taking a shower.
I slid open the door, shut off the water and hauled you,
by the wrist, into the living room as I scolded you for
playing hooky. Then, with a powerful smack to each of
your wet, unprotected buns, I put you to task cleaning
the apartment. I followed you closely, delivering stinging
smacks to speed you on as you hopped about, picking up
plates and cups. All the while you protested that the
neighbors might hear. These complaints stopped after
I threatened to take you out front and tan your fanny
so they could witness you getting punished as well.

After your hurried efforts had passed my inspection,
I had you fetch a towel and bring it to me so I could dry
you off. You did as you were told and I rubbed you down
swiftly and thoroughly, making sure to go after every drop
of water on your shivering body. Once you were reasonably
dry, I marched you into our bedroom and instructed you to
deposit the damp towel inside the hamper, then bend over it.
Knowing you were in for a sound, bare-ass spanking, you
promised to never skip class again, throwing in an offer
of an immediate blowjob to sweeten the deal. I accepted
and a moment later your knees hit the carpet as you fumbled
with my belt buckle and zipper. Soon, you had my pants and
boxers down to my knees and my hardened cock between your
eager lips. You valiantly attempted to bring me off,
but just as you thought you had me on the brink of climax,
I uttered a familiar phrase.

"Of course, you're still going to get a spanking."

Your eyes widened in surprise as I withdrew my member from
your mouth. A quick tug to a handful of damp hair drew you
to your feet. Then over that hamper you went, bottom in
the breeze. The first painful swat landed followed by three
dozen more, each leaving you squinting and squealing.
I continued smacking your blazing cheeks harder and harder
until you began to think the ordeal would never end.
But suddenly, I grabbed you by the hips, repositioned you
slightly then slapped your burning buns with my cock several
times before sliding into your sweet wetness from behind.
You grasped the hamper firmly for balance, rocking forward
and back as I thrust into you with increasing speed.
Your head grazed the wall, even bumping against it a few
times, but you didn't care. It's was clearly the sweetest,
most out of control fuck we'd ever had and we were both
just letting loose and enjoying the ride. Eventually, the
hamper position became impractical, so I tossed you onto
the bed, flopping onto my back next to you. Not wanting
to stop, you climbed up onto me, impaled yourself on my
stiffened pole and began bucking like a cowgirl. You rode
me until you were completely spent before collapsing,
sweaty and breathless, into my waiting arms.

As we drifted off into an early afternoon nap, you vowed not
to ditch school again. With a content smile, I promised
to paddle your backside raw if you should happen to forget.

Bottoms up, Little Miss Truant!
74% (7/3)
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good one
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very good