The Eastern European Lady (ass fucked) Pt 2

Read Pt1 first

I grabed the tube of lube and stood up to face her "what are you going to do with that" she asked "i thought it would be better to make it easier for you" so i sqeezed the lube all over my cock and rubbed it in, it made my cock glissen in the now dimming light my cock looked great and i could see she liked it too "would you like to touch it" i asked "ok" she said. She held out her hand as if to offer a place to put my greesy cock so i moved forward and placed my cock in her hand she closed her fingers around it and took a deep breath "what now" she asked "just rub it" i said she started to pull on it which was easy for her with the lube all over it.
She did this for a few mins but i was to horny for her just to rub my cock i wanted to stick it in that wonderfull ass of hers i said to her "if you keep doing that i may cum and that would be a waist, i want to make love to you" she let go and looked at me "just turn around for me and i will do the rest" i said she nodded and turned around, that ass faced me and i couldnt wait to grab and fonddle it i reached out and put my hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy she was really wet and she started to moan "please be gentle" she whispered i poked the tip of my finger in her pussy she started to shuffle forward and bent over to put her hands on the arm of the sofa to suport her self.
The tip of my cock was just touching her ass it was throbbing like mad and i didnt know how much longer i could wait to fuck her, i stuck my finger in her deeper and i could hear her start to weep but by this time i didnt care.
I grabed my lube again and sqeezed it on her ass "what you doing" she said i didnt respond and started to rub the lube all over her ass and around her anus "what you doing" she screamed "dont worry i promise i wont hurt you" i replied "you better not". i wasnt listening my cock was doing all my thinking for me i took my finger out of her pussy and moved it up to her ass and started to poke her ass she tried to move away so i grabbed her hip and pulled her towards me putting my cock between the cheeks of her ass she struggled and i held her tight against me, i was much bigger than her and she couldnt move at all i reached down to my cock and started to try and put it in her ass she kept moving so i pushed her on to the sofa face down and laid on top of her "stop please stop" she yelled so i pushed her head in to the sofa to keep her quite and with my spar hand grabbed my cock and shoved it in her ass it felt really tight and took me some time to get it in, my god it felt good.
She was really struggling by now and i had to use all my waight to hold her down, i started to pump her hard, i could feel her trying to brake free but i held on and kept pumping my cock in her harder her muffled screams was the only thing i could hear from her "fuck this was great" i thought and could feel my balls start to get hard i was almost ready to shoot my load in her i kept pumping faster and faster just then my cock exsploded in to her shot after shot of hot cum flowed in to her ass she wriggled as all my cum filled her up i just stayed still untill the feeling stoped then rolled off her she stood up straight away and yelled somthing in her own langage which of cause i didnt understand,she picked up her clothes and started to put them on as she move to the door i just laid ther looking at her and smiling she yelled somthing eles then slamned the door as she left.

if you like this tell me and i will write more.
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3 years ago
Be cool boys its only a story i will put a happy ending next time.
At least your honest.......
3 years ago
3 years ago
not cool