The Eastern European Lady (ass fucked) Pt 1

It all started when she and her friends started work in my factory, i had never met women from eastern europe befor and i have got to say they was stunning like models with tand skin and they had come here to work in a dusty old factory, you would never have seen a woman of my own country who looked like that in a factory like mine i couldnt take my eyes off them well nor could any of the other men in the factory.
It was a few weeks for me to pluck up the caurage to attept to speak to them there was one that stuck out for me she had long black hair with very tand skin and a nice pair of breasts she wore tight jeans that showed the shape of her ass and every time i looked at her i dreamed what it would be like to fuck her in that perfect ass.
I started breaking the ice by buying her coffee and saying hi everytime i saw her and trying to start a coversation to my suprise she spoke some english and we slowly started to become friendly, after another couple of weeks of this i asked her if she wanted to come and see my place and have a drink she excepted and that night she came back to my place with me, i cant tell you how excited i was that this stunning girl was coming home with me.
At my place we settled down and started to have a conversation it soon got around to her life in her country and she explained all the trouble and money problems they have there iy was sad but i couldnt stop thinking about fucking her and thats all i could concentrate on so after listening to her for a bit i brought the conversation around to sex.
This changed her whole attitude she seemed scaired and explained to me that when she was younger she was rapped by her grandfather and she hadnt had sex since i was shocked but not put off after all she was in my flat and i was feeling horny and seeing my chance i said to her" may be i can help" and "would she like to try and have sex with me".
She thought about it for a while and agreed but said she was scaired of cock and thats why she hadnt had sex with anyone else "this girl was scared" i had to think quick so i told her to wait on the sofa untill i came back, after just a few mins i came back i had taken of my jeans and underwear and wrapped a towel around my waist this of cause confused her totaly but i had a plan i sat next to her and explained that she doesnt have to see my cock but she could touch it through the towel she thought this was a good idea and reached over to touch my cock through the towel it wasnt long befor my horny cock started to harden with her rubbing and she could feel my full length and a smile crossed her face and i asked her if she wanted to see it yet she said yes she would love to see it so i pulled the towel off and my cock sprung to attention she looked at it and said "is that a large cock" well what was i supposed to say "everyone tells me it is" and she smiled again and asked what i wanted to do next and i asked her if she would like to take her cloths of for me she agreed and stripped off, i couldnt believe it she was even better looking naked and my cock was throbbing hard and doing all the thinking for me she asked me if i liked what i saw i was speachless and just shook my head.
Her tand skin was all over including her perky breasts she had large nipples and a shaven pussy and when she turned around to show me her ass i almost fainted with the bl**d rush to my large cock "what now" she asked i quickly reached over the sofa to the little chest where i kept a bottle of lube.
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Yes more,great start,,please tell us more