People who read my first story will know what i am about to expand on (IN HOSPITAL AFTER ACCIDENT) for anyone who hasnt read the first story.

After that day in the hospital my thoughts kept creeping back to what had happened with my friends mum would i see her again, would she come and play with me again well as you probably can tell it wasnt long befor my thoughts were answered (else i wouldnt be writing this would i).
About a week or so later in she walked in to the ward where i was, my eyes nearly poped out my head as she came and sat next to me, she was weiring a summer dress which hung loose she looked great in it we said hi and exchanged pleasentries but i could tell she wasnt here to just talk i asked her had she thought about what happed and she replied "yes a lot" she eplained her husband wasnt doing much for her and when she saw my cock get hard she just froze but loved what i did for her and the tast of my cum really turned her on she said she hadnt tasted cum for a long time and it took her back to her youth.
I never thought of it that way i was just glad i got a chance for a wank after all the time in hospital but i did start rubbing my cock while she was talking and she could see me doing it and that was turning me on knowing she was watching, i could see she loved what i was doing and kept looking at me rubbing my cock untill it was nice and hard thats when she looked at me and asked "may i look again" "of cause you can" i replied.
She stood up and pulled the curtain around my bed "oh my god" i couldnt beleave this was happening to me an older woman wanting my cock, she pulled the covers back to expose my hard cock to her i was already throbbing from the thought she gently grabed my hard cock in her hand "do you mind if i suck it this time" "ahhh no thats ok" i replied she didnt seem as scaired this time as befor infact she seemed much more forward, she bent over and placed her mouth around my cock slowly she started to move her head gently sucking on my stiff thobbing pole her eyes looked at me as if looking for my exceptance i just smiled and laid my head back on the pillow i was soaking up my feelings of excitment.
I could feel her licking at the head and slurping as she moved her head up and down then she cupped her hand around my balls squeezing gently it felt really good by now i was trying to push my cock deeper into her throat and i could hear her gaging with every thrust of my cock but this didnt seem to mind her at all and she just moved faster sucking harder and slurping more this was such a turn on for me and my cock was almost ready to explod she could tell i was near so she started to wank me in to her mouth with that i shot my load pump after pump went in to her she was almost chocking trying to swollow it all as quckly as she could after i had finished she stood up with cum dripping from the corner of her mouth which looked very sexy she grabed a tissue out of her bag and wiped her mouth clean then wiped my cock dry "thanyou" she said pulling the curtains back "no thankyou" i said and with that she said goodbye and left leaving me wondering what had just taken place i felt like the luckiest boy in the world.

90% (12/1)
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3 years ago
Brings back memories of my neighbors wife who would suck me everyday that her husband would go to work, they were born again christians and he wouldn't allow her to suck him....lucky me.
3 years ago
hot & naughty i hope she keeps cumming back for you even after the hospital stay
3 years ago
great story ,,luv to hear more of her sexless life lol,,,enjoy her
3 years ago
Great, lucky you, hope you meet up when you get beter and fuck her brains out, and tell us all of course.