It happened when i was just s*******n and i will never forget it, I was a silly boy back then as i had just past my driving test and loved driving my new car very fast every chance i got but on one perticular occasion i was diving very fast down a long straight near my home and lost control of my car and crashed in to a barrier at the side of the road needless to say i was taken to hospital with two broken legs and a broken arm also head injuries, the doctors were worried about me so they put me in a spiecial care unit.
People came to see me on a reglar basis mainly my own f****y and friends but on one perticular occasion a friends mother came to see me which in its self was strange to me as i had only really met her a few times and then we hardly spoke when we did meet but she sat on the chair next to my bed and explained that my friend had asked her to come in and see me because he couldnt make it because he was working to much to come in and was worried about me.
We started chating about nothing really just how things are going with her sons work etr etr as we were talking i sudenly started to want a piss not able to get up myself i explained to my friends mother that i needed a nurse to help me piss in a pot this is when she shocked me and said "dont worrie about that i can help you" i asked her "is she sure about this" she then told me she worked in a care home and was used to helping people like this so i said "ok go for it then".
With that she stood up and pulled the cutains around the bed grabed the pot for me to piss in and pulled my covers back exposing my cock to her, she smiled at me and gently placed my cock in the pot for me to piss in,it was then my thoughts went wild she wasnt a bad looking woman for her age nice low cut top so i could see her cleavage and her breasts looked full and welcoming,i pissed in to the pot while she stood watching and held my cock steady so i didnt piss all over myself after i had finished she held my cock up and took the pot away then asked me "do you want me to wipe your penis dry for you" i looked at her and replied "yes please" she pulled my forskin back and grabbed a tissue to wipe my cock by now i was stearring at her breasts and i could feel my cock getting hard she must have felt the bl**d starting to pump in to my cock but she neaver let go.
It wasnt long befor i was fully erect and she had her hand w****d around my thick cock but to my suprise she didnt even look up or say anything to me her hand was tightly griped on my cock so i thought "what the hell" i started pumping her hand,i hadnt had a wank for ages and i was feeling very horny she just stearred at my cock and watched me pumping her hand after a while she started to rub my cock with the rythum of my thrusting which started to drive me wild and i knew it wouldnt take me long to cum so i said to her very quiietly "i am going to cum" as i said that she bent her head and opened her mouth and placed it over the head of my cock that was all it took i shot my load down her throat and i could hear her swollowing it all it felt so good.
After i had finished cumming she stood up and wiped the head of my cock with the tissue and pulled my covers back over me and opened the curtains around my bed she turned ans smiled at me and said she would come back again soon and we said are farwells.
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2 years ago
Thats therapy..
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wish i were him
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Great story.. any more chapters to this
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good start
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Would like to hear more of what she did to you
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What a sweety
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nice stories !