The Real Rio

I never really paid much attention to she males before. While in Brazil i went to a straight porn theater in the business district at the end of a work day. Everywhere and fucking sexy. Walking around with silky neglacie and heels. The hottest straight married guys would take then in the men's room put them on the wall and fuck them like the building was falling.
Walking out tucking fat wet daddy dicks back in their slacks to head home to the wife and k**s.

I went and found a seat one in from the isle and a burly daddy sits next to me in a dress shirt and slacks. Dropping his hand in my crotch then up the leg of my shorts right to my hole with some f***e.
I quickly said in Portuguese i couldn't do more publicly there. Standing up he directed me to follow. Staying a good five paces ahead he never looked back at me or said a word. Two blocks later we get to a motel. Once inside he was all business. Putting me on my knees to mouth his meat right through the slacks no hands allowed.

Putting me on all fours on the bed ass facing a wall mirror he went to my hole in between slaps with one and hand and f***ed my head onto his now swinging cock with the other. Once i shut down his plans for a raw fuck he skull fucked till he was ready to shoot and pulled out and creamed my face and hair zipped up and was off, just like that.

59% (11/7)
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2 years ago
Kind of rough butt very interesting
2 years ago
very erotic!