Me And My Highly Disfigured Masochist Husband-4


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Meanwhile,back to late August of 2001,when _____ started in with his humping motions,I just gritted my teeth,glaring at him saying to him that he'd better behave or I wouldn't do it at all.That shut him up for a bit.But eventually he started in with, "I'll see to it that..." (as I interrupted his sentence with),"That you'll see to WHAT...THAT I LOSE MY JOB?!?!" He just glared back,seething at me like some ugly AND mean B-Movie monster.I then (through his PJs) pinched his cock-head between my thumb and index finger, giving his semi-hard penis a quick shake.After 2 or 3 whip shakes his white snake went into "Rigor mortis".My reaction to his now attentive dick of devotion was, "Sooo...ANYway,Mr. _____,that's what I were about ready to so elegantly say you'll see to it that...WHAT?"...Come,COME now Mr. _____,I can't hear you... you'll see to it that JUST EXACTLY WHAT?!?!...I mean look now Mr. _____,you know you have your Patient's Bill Of Rights.If you think you're being abused in any way and feel you should report me,please DO SO.I'll most GLADLY take you down to the Chief Administrator's office right this minute!" He believed my bluff as I knew he would.
_____ then looked down with an extra hideous dejected frown at his now stiffened,strained member for awhile.He then looked up with teared eyes of obedience,mumbling something.I said, "Look _____,I KNOW you're still able to speak with reasonable clarity,now WHAT was it you were..." He then interrupted me,blurting out some garbled nonsense about how I could be made very happy,QUIT my job and live like a queen with my own boyfriend or husband as his private live-in nurse.(Oh yeah,SURE I thought. THAT'S what he was really going to say! Ah ha...) He then went on about how his (or so he thought) future wife would welcome me with open arms.
Poor Mr._____, I thought.As mad as I was with him ready to threaten my livelihood,I didn't have the heart to tell him I had a letter from his future "wife to be".Since _____ had been in treatment and rehabilitation now for 6 months,he and his fiance spoke together using the special speaker phone at _____'s bedside.Her calls seemed few and far between despite her free time between photo shoots whether she was in Miami or Melbourne.His fiance,who went by the professional name of "Barboa" (pronounced Bar-boe-ahh-with no last name like "Prince" or "Madonna" don't use any),reminded me of a gorgeous, young and witty Carol Channing,with her cheeky face,full big mouth, giant dark doe eyes and perky nose.She even sounded like her with that husky,yet very feminine sexy voice of hers.Beautiful,yes.Witty and smart,NO!How I knew this was because this very same cunt had her "Dear John" letter mailed to the rehab center in care of ME,as _____ told her my name.This idiotic,self centered yet extremely attractive bleach blonde's simple instructions (grossly misspelled) were exactly as follows:

Dere Nurse _______.
Can U pleeze make shure that _____ dossint get this leter yet, Its becass i dont want him 2 C it like i diddent make my mind up yet? I'm am arwound the world with MY MODLING!!! JOB 4 a wile so just make shure this letter and the other 1 with the ring thats inside of it is gets put in the box marked NOT 4 NOW. The OTHER BOX THO IS OK 4 him...(the stupid fucking asshole bitch)...that sez OK 4 NOW.Tell _____ that i sed XOXOXOXOXO.

(She drew a stupid Smiley Face at the bottom of this sloppily hand written excuse of a letter.)

I know the bitch was most definitely leading poor _____ on.I wouldn't doubt if the stupid,lying whore-bitch was actually going to go through with the wedding then fuck his best man on their "honeymoon". She would then probably take photos of one or more of her special "bridesmaids" in a sexually compromising photo with him.That would be her "excuse" to then later sue him for whatever he was worth if a judge was stupid (or paid off or sucked off) enough to grant a divorce based on "adultery"! This beautiful bird-brained bitch actually wanted ME to tell _____ that she "loved" him.And poor _____.He was so proud of the fact that she was a top model for a very well known suntan lotion company,traveling around the world for special shooting locales.(She was more than likely fucking and sucking every photographer who'd tell her he could get her even more high paying modeling shoots in even more exotic places.) In his "OK 4 NOW" box,he had all the latest photos of her along with a copy of her basic portfolio including many magazine ads and catalogs with her images for lingerie and swimwear for tall,thick athletic women.
My heart started to soften some and I tried reassuring him that I still understood his sexual frustration and that I promised I'd masturbate him by this Friday, since the following Monday I was off to the Mediterranean for a much deserved 3 week vacation and that he'd still be here but I would eventually be back.I added that with his much needed sexual release of man-milk to occur relatively soon before week's end, that he could EASILY take a 3 week break after a long 6 month pent-up super frustrating wait.
For the last couple of weeks we were training another Candy Striper volunteer.She was a very cute Asian girl of about 18 or so.She was the spitting image of adult actress/columnist Mimi Miyagi.The main difference being that she was a lot less naughty and a little taller,(about 5'9" or so would be my guess).Our new girl's first name was Mo Anna. She was very sweet and still had her Asian accent interspersed with broken English which she was still learning (along with Dutch which is one of the official languages spoken here).She was on a "Mission To Save The World".That being a very noble idea,she nevertheless was still a very eager but very naive young girl.
One day Mo Anna was holding up photos of Barboa for _____ to see as I was entering _____'s room.Mo Anna was such a very dear girl who went into her volunteer work with gusto.Quite a busy,ambitious young thing too I might add as she was to start Nursing School in about a week or so and STILL be a Candy Striper!In her broken English,she exclaimed to _____, "Oh yes Mr. _____,you be so proud of your fiance.She REEree ruv you 'cause she send aww nice pictures o' huh fa you ta be make much very HAPPY man!Babboa,she rook jus rike movie ackress!Ummm...dat make Mr. _____ VERY proud to be get marry ta huh when she get come back to for you see!"Before Mo Anna was to go on with more of her disjointed but sincere praises,I had to interrupt her with, "Mo Anna,I can take it from here.You've been a real darling but the patient in Room 32 would like it if you could sing Happy Birthday for him after you read his cards and letters for him.You know,he's 91 today and can't see well.You'll also have to sing louder than usual because he's also half deaf too."
Mo Anna replied,"OK Nurse _______,me take care Mr. Jackson now.Me see you bote rater on in the tomorrow!" She then turned to _____,giving the most pretty,cheerful and genuine smile anyone could give.As she walked out of the room,I noticed that _____'s eyes were practically glued to Mo Anna's beautiful soft feet following them out the door and down the hallway.As she walked out, each of her steps made a whooshing (almost farting) sound as the air was squashed out of her 2" thick,pretty bright white foam/rubber flip-flops. Flip-flops were actually against the Center's official employees' dress code.All personnel were told by the Head Nurse during each one's individual orientation day (among other rules and policies) that flip-flops,sandals and the like were a no-no because many of the male patients in particular often became sexually frustrated at the sight of virtually naked nurse's feet in the past.She also mentioned to each new nurse that one of our duties was to see to it that our patients were as calm and un-distracted as humanly possible,thus the sandal ban.Most of the time this regulation wasn't enf***ed with the Candy Stripers because after all,they weren't being paid for their kindness so it was mostly overlooked.As a side note however,there was no doubt in my mind that the Center's top male director didn't care if rules such as this were broken.He also had a penchant obviously for hiring the most pretty,buxom,and tallest female nurses he could get away with.
It was now 3 PM and I had another 2 hours to go before clocking out.I asked _____ what he thought of Mo Anna and wasn't she a very sweet girl. _____ didn't answer.His eyes were still unblinkingly glued to the floor as though she were still forever walking out with her soft golden feet squashing the "life" out of her contrasting snow white flip-flops.I then decided right then and there that I'd find out if my new suspicions that _____was a foot fetishist were true or not. (I later discovered that _____in fact WAS fantasizing about actually BEING her flip-flops and how it would be so much better to be lovingly squashed repeatedly beneath this happy girl's beautiful feet than to be an extreme amputee.) That one dick-head of a boyfriend I dated for 8 months after my divorce confessed to me that one of the reasons he was attracted to me was because of my (as he put it),"heartbreakingly beautiful feet." The main reason I broke up with the jerk was because as time went on,he was making love to my pussy less and less and humping my feet more and more.So I told him to get the fucking hell out of my house and find himself a job in a shoe store!Whether or not he'd ever find a life long career goal as a shoe clerk for a women's shoe store or not isn't known to me.He just sheepishly packed his things after an almost endless barrage of pleading for mercy and went off to sl**p in his jalopy somewhere far away from me.
So anyway,_____ was still in his hypnotic hallucinatory feet trance. Again,(I almost shouted this time), "_____!" Still no reply.I then decided to make a bolder move.All the while making a steady observation of his crotch area beneath the sheet I said,"You know _____, maybe it's a blessing in disguise you're better off without your real legs because as we all know,at the ends of our legs are.....the FEET!" Now a delirious small moan emitted from the mouth which no woman would ever want to kiss.I continued,"Oh yeah,here it is 3:15 and less than 2 hours for me to go,and boy let me tell you my FEET are really starting to kill me." _____ was now coming back gradually to reality,grumbling, "HER pretty FEET kill ME",(as his now stiffening member started it's now familiar "Twitchy Dick Dance" performance for me while still groaning.I went on still, "You know _____, my FEET itch." His cock was involuntarily doing "chin-ups" so to speak now.I mean it was if an electric current was making it pulsate up and down by the flick of a switch.I added, "_____,would you mind if I just prop my poor tired FEET on your lap so I can relax my FEET? You know at the same time I could also massage your bone-like penis with my FEET as well."
At this,_____ started humping wildly at the air as before while telling him again to stop lest he crash down to the cold hard tiles.He stopped, breathing and wheezing deeper and faster than a New York City Marathon runner who just finished at First Place.He then looked back at me,drooling while repeating his mantra of "feet...FEET...FEEEET!" I then grabbed another fresh condom.(I had a whole pack of them in my pockets at the ready for when the situation would "arise" and the opportunity would present itself to him.Though his room was private,I drew the curtain around his bed and slipped the rubber on with little difficulty. "OK",I said,"we've got 15 or 20 minutes to do this." He kept on and on with his insane croaking chants of "FEET,FEET,FEEEET!" I told him to shut up or else.He did.I took my shoes off and climbed onto the bed with him.Placing my white stockinged feet in his face,he inhaled deeply the scent of sweet woman foot aroma.I was now jerking his huge dick with both my oiled latex gloved hands.Ahhh...THERE,he finally had an ejaculation after only about 3 minutes.A half a shot glass measure I guessed.Not too bad.About an average load of semen.With that,I carefully yet quickly grabbed the condom off,tied it in a knot and threw it in the plastic grocery bag with the oily gloves and threw it all in my satchel.Slipping back into my conservative white nurse shoes and wiping all the residue from his still hard erection (that I thought at the time would soon subside),it was finally over.I fulfilled my promise to _____.I patted him on his head and exclaimed, "See,_____,MISSION ACCOMPLISHED,I'll see you tomorrow!" Instead poor _____ just whimpered, "Nurse _______,that was only my PRE-cum!" I then rolled my eyes back while leaving his room angrily replying, "See you TOMORROW!"


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