Me and My Highly Disfigured Masochist Husband-2


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ANYWAY while _____ er,ummm..."BONE-man" was on the bed that Tuesday morning, back in August of 2001,I slipped his pajama pants off and his penis was twitching mightily. He was almost involuntarily moving his arm stumps towards it as if he were trying to help me put the condom on!There is an amazing phenomenon that some of you (most definitely amputees and health care workers) are aware of called "THE PHANTOM EFFECT".When someone has lost a part of their body,there is a ghost-like effect that can't be seen but is psychically experienced.I'm not going into the details of this particular phenomenon here but you may look it up yourselves if any of you are interested in anything besides your own pathetic little chicken boners.
My now latex gloved hands were liberally covered in baby oil.Bone-man
croaked,"Nurse _______,PLEASE.....just give it some long,gentle twisting strokes with BOTH your hands for just a minute or so first...(I'd already started at this point),and then just bend it!Bend it down,DOWN,D O W N..." I whispered to him that if we were going to make this all work out right that he would have to lower his voice a bit or simply try to be as silent as possible.
I also reassured him that I understood his frustration of not having being able to really ejaculate for over five months,and how his poor yet HUGE penis was only able to "WEEP" his man-juice.While still stroking it,I told him that
I could not IMAGINE the hell and frustration he was going through but not to worry,because besides the fact that we were going to introduce him to an up-scale line of prosthetic limbs but that most of all,for RIGHT NOW,and SOON,he was about to experience the most overwhelming orgasm which he would ever,(then out of a strange sense of wanting to give him some compassionate encouragement,I hesitated a couple seconds and added "SO FAR")in his life.
Bone-man's B O N E was (and IS) truly the most wonderful work of manhood I've ever experienced despite the fact that no one would ever even recognize him again.As a result of all of his pent up sexual frustration and agony he suffered,his cock and balls were especially a sight to behold.I mean the colors ALONE!It was an abstract array of reds,purples and blues.Speaking of in BLUE BALLS,his pair are larger than two Jumbo Eggs!From his balls going up his thickly veined shaft,his cock-head is as huge as a miniature apple(and the most purplish part as well).As I started bending his boner down towards the direction of his knee stumps,I asked,"I'm not hurting you am I?" He replied groaning hoarsely,"No,NO...I LOVE IT!Do it harder.It won't break!PLEEEEEASE!"
His whole world reeked of irony:He had the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen in my life.He was now reduced to looking like a monster in a horror movie. This was going to be a "One Shot Deal" for him because although I was being a "Mother Theresa" sexually out of mercy (for that day),I otherwise would feel sorry for but would never CONSIDER being in any type of romance with a now pathetically horrible creature as this poor man.In fact I put on a huge pair of Italian sunglasses I'd brought with me that day.As I placed them on I whispered seductively to him that I wanted to wear them for him because I thought it would make everything even more special and sexy for him.
The REAL REASON for the shades was so that at times my eye level contact would be directed to his eyes.I couldn't bear looking at his face,only catching glimpses of this surreal monstrosity.I'd either glance down at his raging hard-on or close my eyes when pretending to look at his face.Bone-man started to say,"Oh Nurse _______,you don't have to..."I simply cooed to him,"Shush shush now,_____,It'll be so good this way.Today,with these fashion shades I'm Movie Star Nurse for Mister _____!" He just started groaning from the knowledge that in about 15 minutes (I knew he was holding back trying to let it last in his memory of what he had thought then would be his last (but mightiest) SPUNK of his wretched life and was determined to really make this one count.
I've jerked a number of guys off from high school on, but my God....... BONE-MAN'S dick was as stiff as a young sapling!There would be no problem putting this Extra Large condom over his "third leg". An interesting note here is that despite all the charring,scarring,disfigurement and subsequent amputations of a once very handsome man,(who was about to marry a very beautiful woman,his entire genital area was one of the few areas of his body that remained unharmed.I kept thinking about that as my hands were gently stroking and bending down his big dick.The fact is I couldn't reach fully around it like I could around most of YOUR little bones because the circumference around it was later tape measured to be about NINE INCHES.A nine inch circumference on practically a ONE FOOT PIECE OF GENUINE MAN MEAT!
So while Bone-man continued to hold back on cumming,there was a knock at the door.I quickly said that I was giving _____ a sponge bath and no one else could enter,stating the wishes of the patient's privacy.I quickly turned to Bone-man while still seated on his bed whispering,"Remember our secret, _____,not a WORD,DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Meanwhile,I hurriedly peeled back my gloves,tossing them in a plastic shopping bag I brought for the occasion as well as the half used condom.I wiped all the pre-cum from his now bloated blimp-like erection, took off the shades and put them all quickly in an official hospital pouch.I continued,"Don't worry,_____,I'll take care of your manly needs as soon as I'm able to." I also had to throw out his untouched breakfast telling him that
I "FED" him.He got my drift.An armless man couldn't have fed himself so the evidence of untouched food had to go.He'd have to starve until lunch time.He was now weeping from being hyper horny and depressed at the same time.He was insanely thrusting up at the blank space above him.I said he must stop it immediately or he'd wind up crashing on the floor.I then gave him an injection of a muscle relaxant/tranquilizer to calm him to sl**p.
Poor _____,I thought.If I had only known this once former hunk of man 6 months ago,I would have let him fuck me like a rag-doll,letting him impale me with his Magnificent Rod Of BONE. A bone I would have lovingly slobbered,sucked and sat on.I would have done it in the middle of the main entrance of the hospital knowing I'd be fired in a a HEARTBEAT,he was so gorgeous...I know...I had at the time a "Dear John" letter with the returned engagement ring and several photographs of _____ with his former fiance and even some others of her in the company of good looking men seeming to show an interest in this same smiling lame ass bitch pictured at some beach party. What is it with some people? She seemed so obviously STUPID that she actually thought that her farewell letter to _____ was supposed to "cheer" HIM up because SHE IS SMILING! I didn't know if he should be given the material or not. Time would tell.

Alas,still even with the d**gs I administered to him,Bone-man's sl**p would be of fevered dreams.....


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3 years ago
very good, I am horny again
3 years ago
a little more strictness over a longer period....its a very good story