Anal Fantasy Come True, Part 2

I thought about Paul and I had talked about earlier in the day and evening on my way home on the metro. Even though all we had done was talk about, I found myself getting wet just thinking about. I tried to cross my legs to alleviate the feeling growing between my legs, knowing that with the car filled with people, there was little chance of me taking care of the "problem" myself.

We I got home, the first thing I did was strip off my dress and panties and fetch my favorite "friends" - my 12in dildo and my vibrator. Closing my eyes I slid the dildo into my wet pussy, squeeling with delight as began fucking myself. Almost in an erotic trance, I switched on the vibe to join the dildo. Shocks of sexual energy surged with me as I raised my hips up off the bed. I inched the vibe lower... lower..., my heart pounding, my breathing quickening as I touched the entrance to my ass. I couldn't believe the sensation as the vibrations surged against the tiny muscle. Rolling on my side, I continued to fuck myself with the dildo while pressing the vibe against my "anal cherry." It didn't take long before a familiar sexual tension began to build within me. I began softly moaning, whimpering in delight as the combined sensations of the dildo and the vibe began to overwhelm me. Images raced through my head as the feelings I were experience were growing exponentally. Just before I thought I couldn't take it anymore, I let the vibe drop from my anal entrance and nervously began inching the dildo down. My breathing quickened and my heart felt as it was going to explode as I touched the tight little muscle with the dildo. Nervously I pressed against it. I gasped then cringed as I pressed a little harder. The pressure soon gave way to an increased pain as I tried to stretch my ass open. My "cherry" was resistant. I began counting to myself... one, two... before I get to three, the phone rang. "Damm" I said to myself...

I looked at the caller ID. "Paul" it said. "Hi Paul," I said, catching my breath. "You sound winded girl, bet you were playing with yourself weren't you?" he chuckling. "Well as a matter of fact..." but before I could finish, he cut me off. "Meagan, I know you want to take it in the ass. And if that is what you want, I will give it to you. However, let me be the one to pop that tight little anal cherry, don't take your virginity yourself. Let me be the one to take it from you. I want to see your expressions, hear you cry out as I pop your anal cherry and take your anal virginity." I was silent for a moment... "How did you know?" "Well Meagan, I know your sexual drive girl and just figured you didn't want to wait. But please, let me be the first one to put a cock in your butt." We continued, "What makes you think I'm going to cry out" I asked. "Because, Meagan, I've had two other anal virgins before you. Both of them cried out in intense pain as I took them, one began crying from it almost immediately, the other was definitely teary-eyed." He could detect my silence. "Like I said Meagan, its going to hurt, its natural for the first time to be painful. It will burn and sting, but it does get better. The first few times are the hardest, you just need to relax and learn to enjoy it." "Now, promise me, you'll let me take your anal virginity." Nervously, I replied "OK, I will. Promise."

After we finished talking, I took the dildo and slid it deep into my pussy again, trying to imagine how it was going to feel to have Paul's cock in my butt tommorrow. As I fucked myself, I could feel the tension building again and soon I was bucking wildly as waves of orgasmic delight surged through me and over me. Finally, exhausted, I collapsed on the bed, spent. I reluctantly put my toys away. After showering, I managed... finally... to drift off to sl**p.
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1 year ago
The lube...
1 year ago
Damn, this is so fucking hot.
2 years ago
Nicely done, lucky man this Paul.
2 years ago
Very nice.... I'm fucking ready to pop some anal cherry too!
2 years ago
Again: Great written.
2 years ago
mmmm this is getting HOT love it!