Night out with my wife

Tuesday night when I got home from work, my wife Vickie wanted to got out to eat. I changed and she told me she wanted to go to the new place that open in a town the was about 30 miles away. So, we drove over and on the way I had my hand on her leg. I moved it up till my little finger was at her mini skirt she had on. She just smiled as I moved it up more. I moved my pinkie finger and noticed she didnt have on any panties. "What are you up to tonight", I ask? "JUST WANT TO EAT AND HAVE YOU FOR DESERT", she said with a smile. We arrived at the resturant. It wasnt full, but it had quite a few people there. We were sitted beside this other couple, and when Vickie sat down the man looked at her. We ordered wine, and after a few glasses my wife spread her legs a little. The man sitting by us looked straight at her pussy. I told her that he was checking her out and she spread her leggs a little more. I could tell he could see my wife's pussy, because he wasnt hardly looking at his wife. After we ate, and was getting in the car, my wife looked at me and said,"THAT MADE ME HORNY AS HELL". I reached over and put my hand on her pussy. It was dripping wet. "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME NOW", she moan as I fingered fucked her. We drove around and found a spot that had trees, but not much more. There was a street light across the street, and it was a full moon, and if someone came by us they could eazly see us, but at this time I didnt care nor did my wife. We jumped in the back seat and I ate her sweet wet pussy til she had 2 orgasms. When I stood to pull my pants off, I noticed behind a tree there were 2 people hiding watching us. I rolled the window down and my wife got on her knees and put her head out the window. I didnt tell her that there were people watching till I fucked her to a orgasm. "I DONT CARE JUST PLEASE KEEP FUCKING ME", she said. They must have hear her and came and stood by the car. They were two young black boys. She must have had her eyes closed, because she didnt notice them till one of them reached through the window and put his hand on her titties. She jumped and started to move back in the car, but I told her to stay where she is. She relaxed and raised up a little so they could play with both her titties. I started to fuck her hard as they felt her titties. "You like that", I ask? "YES". "You want them to stop". "NO". One of the black boys pulled out his cock and started to jack off. She moan as she watched him. "CAN I SUCK HIS BIG BLACK COCK", she ask. "Do you want to"? "YES, I WANT TO SUCK BOTH THIER BIG BLACK COCKS", she moan. She move her head out the window more and she came when he put his cock in her mouth. I really fucked her hard now as I watched my wife suck his black cock. He filled her mouth with his cum, and she moan. This sent me over the edge and I came. My wife was moving her ass back aginst me and she came too. She sucked him dry and ask the other boy," WOULD YOU LIKE FOR ME TO SUCK YOUR BLACK COCK OFF TOO"? He pulled out his cock and my wife let him fuck her mouth. It didnt take long before he too filled my wife's mouth with his cum. They both zipped thier pants and ran off. When we got in the front seat I looked at my wife and she had cum all around her mouth. She licked her lips clean and we drove home.
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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Excellent story...wife here would love to have that experience for real...
3 years ago
Very hot!