My wife Vickie

My wife Vickie and I had a great weekend at a Tunica MS casino. There she fullfilled one of my biggest fantasies. I watched my beautiful blonde wife suck another man's cock. Not only that the man was black. It was a great turn on to watch her. She really does "LOVE" to suck cock. On the day we were leaving she had gotten up around 3 a.m.,so, she was tired and sl**py when it was time to leave. She had on black shorts and a loose white top, and after we got on the highway she was fast asl**p. When we crossed the river in Memphis there was slow traffic, so, I let the top down on my BMW. I noticed that the wind was blowing her shirt up to her bra. I reached over and helped it to go over her big round titties. I knew the truckers were enjoying the sight. Then I had anoghter dirty thought. Her bra fasten in the front,so, I reached over and unsnaped it she didn't move. I slowly pulled each cup over her big breast. Now every trucker could see her titties as we passed. My cock was hard as a brick. She road like that till we were almost into Little rock. When she started to move, I was wondering how to tell her what I had done. When her eyes open and she saw her breast hanging out for all to see, she surprize me by smiling ang said,"YOU DIRTY MAN". As we were passing another trucker at this time, she played with her titties and licked her lips as we passed. I thought my cock would tare my shorts. She looked at me and said she had to go to the restroom. She raised up and pulled her shirt down but pulled off her bra. As I got off at a exit, I noticed a porn store close to the gas station. The restrooms were on the side of the building and only one worked. She went first and after she was done, she open the door and pulled me inside. I saw her panties in the sink. She kissed me hard and said,"I NEED SOME COCK, NOW!" I turn her aroud and kissed her neck and whisper in her ear,I'll give you some cock. All the cock you cah handle. There is a adult book store across the parking lot. I want to carry you there and get a booth with a gloyhole in it, and before I could finsh, she ASK,"CAN I SUCK COCK THERE"! That's what I had in mind, I said. You really do love to suck cock don't you, I ask? "YES. EVERY SINCE I SUCKED OFF THAT BIG BLACK COCK, I WANT TO SUCK ANOTHER",she said. We walked over to the aduly book store, and my wife was walking fast. Her bigfirm breast bounced as took every step. Her nipples was showing through the shirt, and I could tell she was horny as hell. We walked in and every man and woman in there looked at her. It made me very proud. I got some tokens and off to the back we went. We got in our booth and my wife put tokens in the vidio mashine and it was a interracial movie. She sat down on the bench and pulled her shirt and shorts off. She reached in her purse and pulled out a dildo. She dropped to her knees and leaned back aginst the wall and started to fuck herself with it. I was playing with her titties and then notice someone watchng us through the gloyhole. I wiisper to her that someone was watching her, and she looked over to the hole and saw eyes. She raised up and put her mouth to the gloyhole and ask,"CAN I SUCK YOUR COCK"? He put his cock in the hole. It was a small white cock, but my wife didn't care at this point. She put it in her mouth and sucked hard. In less than a minute he came. She drank all his cum. She looked at me and said, " THAT WAS GOOD". I pulled my hard cock out and as she was going to suck it, through the hole came a black cock. I think that's what you were waitting on, I said pointing at the hole. My wife turn to see the black cock hanging in the hole, and said," OH, GOD YES". She put both hands around it and moan,"CAN I SUCK YOUR BIG BLACK COCK"? She put the head in her mouth and she came. She moan loud as she sucked his cock. She never took it out of her mouth till she said,"PLEASE CUM FOR ME. I WANT YOU TO FILL MY MOUTH WITH YOUR CUM". Cum he did as she put it back in her mouth. Her jaws filled with cum. She moan as it started to leak out the side of her lips. She kelp sucking till there was no more cum for her."CAN YOU CUM AGAIN? I LOVED YOUR CUM. I WANT MORE OF IT. PLEASE LET ME SUCK YOU OFF AGAIN",she ask? "I'll try he said. My wife put his black cock back in her mouth and sucked like a mad woman. I couldn't take it no more I dropped behind her and fucked her as she sucked his black cock again. She was moaning very loud and she was cuming and cuming. Then he moan as he shot another cum in her mouth. My wife was moaning and swollowing at the same time. Then I came. Oh god what a wife I have. She ended up sucking off 4 more men and I fucked her one more time before we left. It was a great get away week end.
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2 years ago
Hot story would like to take my wife to a gloryhole
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
really good story thank you.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
thrilling reading , made me so HARD. Love to hear more about her ?
3 years ago
Thank y'all she is a wonderful woman.
3 years ago
Loved this story!
3 years ago
hot story