Visit to Aunt April's House - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Later that evening, after we had unpacked and settled in, we all ate dinner. After dinner, Mom and Aunt April opened up a bottle of wine getting the night started. I was trying to avoid Aunt April after our incident earlier. I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything to my Mom. I was sitting in the living room talking to Josh and Nicole when my aunt walked in and gave Josh a glass of wine. She walked over to me with another glass in her hand and huge smile on her face. I kept replaying the image of her bent over in the bathroom over and over again in my mind. I couldn’t even think straight.

“Here you go Mikey, don’t drink too fast now. It’s going to be a long night. We’re going to jump into the jacuzzi later. You brought your trunks right?”

“Thanks Aunt April. Um..”
(Shit! I knew I left something.)
“Actually I don’t have mind. I left it at our house”

“Oh no worries, you can borrow some of Josh’s”

“Yea no problem dude” Josh said as he went to get a pair for me.

The problem with this was that Josh is way smaller than me. I’m 6 foot 2 and way taller than him and I had really long legs. He brought me the pair of swim trunks and sure enough it might as well have been a speedo. I hid my look of disappointment and went to my guest room to get dressed.

Holy shit…This was going to be bad. I took off my clothes and was trying to pull the trunks up my legs. It was so tight around my cock that it literally started to feel numb. I untied the top and undid the zipper as cock jumped out as if it were trying to breathe. I just stood there for a second to let it relax while it just bobbed out in the air like it was panting. All the tension and pressure had started to get me semi hard again.

I was staring down at my situation when I heard my door swing open.

“Come on Mikey, everybody is getting in the pool and jacuz….”

I looked up to see Aunt April at the doorway as she let out gasped and put her hand over her chest.

“Uh..I’” Once again, I was on auto pilot. Fuck.

Those unbelievable blue eyes of hers were completely fixated on my cock with her mouth wide open and eyes widen. The look of shock in her eyes started to turn into a long gaze of awe.

I was frozen.

“Oh my god Mikey, wow that is such a..I mean I’m so sorry. I didn’t know your were still getting ready. I’ll be in jacuzzi. Take your time sweetie.” and she began to slowly close the door.

“Ah..wa..wait!” (what the hell was I doing?)

She slightly opened the door again trying to play that game of self control attempting not to keep staring at my cock (she wasn’t very good at it).

“ trunks are way too small and I’m having a little problem with…um well getting all of myself in them.”

She looked up at me finally and I could see a big gulp travel down her throat as she subtly licked her lips.

“Well sweetie, let me see if I can help you with your little” she said knowing there was nothing little about it. She walked in and shut the door behind her.

When she walked in I got a full view of the small tight red bikini she was wearing (Obviously this didn’t help my situation). I sat down on the bed and she slowly approached me and got on her knees.

“Wow Mikey...I had NO idea. I mean like I had no idea you were having such trouble with Josh’s trunks.” Her words stumbled out of her as she moved her knees closer the bed.

We had now both abandoned any attempt of playing those self control games. My eyes were hooked on her ample mounds of heaving breasts which rose and fell with each breathe. Her breathing rate started to slowly increase.

“Let me see if I can help get you in this sweetheart and you’ll have to have the zipper ready to seal this thing in.”

She grabbed hold of my cock and it jolted at her touch making her head jump back and eyes widen.

We didn’t say anything.

She licked her lips again and slightly bit her bottom lip (I don’t even know if she was aware of doing it) She slowly pulled my cock down into the bathing suit and got the head in. My hands gripped the bed sheets hard trying to keep it together. She started a stroking motion on my cock as she maneuvered it inside inch by inch. It was clearly in the trunks now but she continued to stroke it. My grip on the bed sheets was now shaking.

That’s when we heard the backyard sliding door in the living open.
She quickly snapped out her trance and released her sensual grip from my now hard throbbing cock. I zipped it as fast as possible and we both stood up.

“Well I’m glad I could help you sweetie” she said as we fell back to reality.

“I’ll be outside with everyone, so just come when you’re ready.”

“Um...yea. Yea thanks again for big time. I’ll be out there.”

She turned and swiftly left the room.

[END Chapter 2]

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2 years ago
I love the building tension.
2 years ago
Zipper on swim trunks?
2 years ago
I wrote and submitted the 3rd one. Should be up soon. thanks for all the comments
2 years ago
Just as hot as it cuuuummmmm s ,,thanks
2 years ago
It moved!!!
2 years ago
I hope so, just read the first two - very hot
2 years ago
holy shit! more please :(
2 years ago
Chapter 3 coming soon.