my first threesome

It was something Paul and I had discussed a few times but never had it got this far today was the day we had found a girl on the site and she was coming round on Saturday night. It had been on my mind all week getting more excited as the day drew near then when i woke up this morning there was excitement and possibly alot of nerves too kind of a weird feeling so we tried to busy ourselves during the day.
It was nearly 5pm we had our dinner early tonight then I went off for a bath to get ready my mind was racing as I lay there thoughts streaming through my mind as to how it would all pan out would she turn up how would it start should we make the first move damn i was making myself more nervous so i concentrated on getting myself ready shaving my legs trimming my bush into a neat tidy patch i thought about a little play but decided against it hopefully i would get plenty of that soon enough.
I thought about what to wear long and hard in the end when for my big heels left my legs bare was feeling sexy tonight and my short strapless dress that hugs my figure so well ohh and my sexy black thong. When i walked downstairs I thought Paul's eyes were going to pop out when he seen me he was all over me had to tell him to calm down and not mess up my style there would be plenty of play time later on.
By now the time was nearing 7pm when Sarah had arranged to come round then the doorbell went my heart skipped a beat wow she was prompt Paul's head had turned in a flash to the door then looked back at me 'well answer it then' and off he went seconds later the door shut he came back alone 'charity collection' he said and we both burst out laughing we sat for a couple of minutes then i said 'maybe we need a drink to calm us down'. Paul then went to go and pour some wine but before he got to the kitchen the doorbell went again and off he went.
This time Paul returned with Sarah as she walked in and said 'hi you must be Louise' she looked stunning long legs stretching up from her heels into her dress covered in stockings a yellow dress clinging to her body stopping just at the tops of her thighs her from there up to her breasts where it cut down the middle exposing her ample cleavage before hooking over her shoulders.'yes' i replied 'you must be Sarah''please sit down Paul was just about to get some drinks in'. We all sat on the couch as Paul poured the wine we sat and had some small talk finished a couple of glasses of wine.
We had discussed on-line how we wanted this to go but also just do what felt natural so i let Paul take the lead with the other girl while i watched at first as he leaned over and kissed her several thoughts ran through my head most of them horny then as his hands explored her body sliding over her dress squeezing her breasts though her dress down on to her legs running up and down them sliding slowly under the dress between her thighs i felt my heartbeat raise a little as my hands went onto my own legs touching the top of my thighs i was sure i could feel my pussy moisten then they stood up in front of me kissing as she undid his shirt dropping it to the floor he unzipped her dress as his trousers were undone a bit her hand rubbing his crotch 'mmmmmm getting excited are we' said Sarah as Paul slipped her dress off her shoulders to the floor.
Sarah was stood in front of me in her stocking and black lacy bra and pant set wow she looked hot and I was now very girl curious as she pushed Paul down on the seat turned to me and said 'don't want you feeling left out do we' and grabbed my hand pulling me up to her then pushed my hair to the side as we leaned in and kissed it felt so good I had kissed girls before but just d***ken fumbles to tease men this was more and i liked it i ran my hands over her body feeling her soft skin touching every curve grabbing her tight ass as she was doing the same to me I looked down to Paul he was sat there watching us intently his hard cock clearly bulging at his trousers dying to be released as i felt the zip go down my back as Sarah undid my dress helping it to the floor then her hands were all over my body as mine were hers then she pushed me back down to the sofa next to Paul and sat astride me kissing me again then began kissing down my neck popping my breasts out of my bra teasing my hardening nipples with her tongue and her hand began to rub my pussy through my thong i leaned over to Paul kissing him as my hand reached down unzipping him freeing his cock as he took his trousers off I began to wank him slowly as Sarah kissed further down my body still rubbing my pussy though my thong which was now getting wet from my juices as me and Paul kissed his cock was rock hard as i wanked him harder Sarah reached my pussy i felt my thong being pushed to the side and a finger slide over my wet lips pushing upwards then back down and up again pushing my lips apart this time then softly and slowly pushing into my pussy as i felt her tongue on me too i let out a little gasp then i felt Pauls hand on my breast i was in heaven as we kissed her fingers now working slowly in and out my tight pussy i could feel myself getting wetter my juices flowing as my clit began to swell to the feel of her tongue on it as she teased round it. I was so horny by now i tried to reach my mouth to Paul's cock but couldnt reach so he stood over me as i grabbed his cock in one hand pushing his skin back teasing his tip with my tongue licking down his shaft while slowly wanking him then i felt my clit being sucked in to Sarah's mouth so i done the same to Paul taking him in my mouth as i played with his balls with my other had next thing i knew i was about to explode Sarah sure knew how to press my buttons as my body began to tense i was frantically sucking on Pauls cock pulling on his balls as i let out a scream as i came think i nearly bit Paul's cock off as Sarah pressed her fingers into me as i juddered with climax then felt an almighty expllosion in my mouth as Paul let out a huge moan as hit hot spunk flew down the back of my throat.......

part 2 to follow......

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