i love scotland

I recently visited f****y in Edinburgh Scotland. While there my cousins to me to a friends birthday party. Her name was Alice and she was celebrating her 60th.
When we arrived the party was going pretty good. Alice was drinking and mixing with the guests. She is 5'2" about 140lbs with grey hair. A bit chubby but nice to look at. Her k**s threw the party to get her spirits up because her husband had passed away some 4 years early and she had become some what of a recluse. They thought a big party would help her. I had a few drinks with my cousins while chatting to mamy of the guest. About an hour after my arrival Alice came by and my cousins introduced me to her as their lesser canadian bl**dline lol.
We talked for a minute because she needed to speak to everyone there.
For about 2 hours she mingled as i watched her. I noticed her look over at me a few times but thought nothing of it. As the guset started to thin out at about 3am Alice came over to me and asked if i would join her out in the garden(back yard) so i said sure. She put her arm around me walked me around the yard and we eventually stopped at a shed at the back of the property. She told me that she liked to do clay pottery and that she would love to show me some of her work in the shed that she used as a studio. I said sure. As we entered the shed she immediately turned and pushed up against the wall and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I did not fight it in the least. Our hands started roaming each other. It was hot and freaky. She stopped me and said that she missed her husband dearly but missed fucking even more. She told me that she did not want a realationship with any of her male friends that were at the party that she just wanted sex with no strings. Since i was from canada visiting she thought it would work if i would help her out haha. Damn right. She simpley turned away lifted her dressed pulled her panties to the side and said FUCK ME NOW. I dropped my pants grabbed my 6 inch cock and started to rub it along her slit.
She reached back and took hold of my dick and guided it into her pussy. She told me to go slow because it a had been so long since her last fuck she did not want to get hurt. It took a couple of minutes to bury all six inches in her but when i did she looked back over her shoulder and told me to pound her. She said fuck the gentle, fuckme hard. I'm a nice guy so i did as i was told. I fucked her so hard she had to put a cloth in her mouth so she wouldn't scream.
I would love to say i pounded herfor hours but i don't think i lasted more than 3 minutes. I let go in her with such a f***e. I fell to the floor and she turned and said oh now you don't waste that load as she got down and sucked the rest of the cum out of my dick. Alice knew what to do. She was amazing. We lay on the floor for awhile until we could her someone in the house calling for her.
She dressed quickly and gave me a deep cum filled kiss.
She didn't say thank you but did ask when i was returning back to canada.
When i told her i only had a week before i left she told be to drop by the next day.
When i went back into the house my cousins were bitching because the wanted to leave.
I returned to visit Alice, but thats another story.
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let's here it! nice.