Story from my Girl...

I had been waiting nervously for hours waiting for you to come home unsure to your reaction as to what I was about to do. Finally I heard you coming up the walk and I thought here goes nothing.

I hear your key turning in the lock and you open the door to find me standing there in nothing more then some knee high black stripper boots,thigh high fishnet stockings, black lacey panties with a black and soft pink corset top. Your jaw drops when you walk in the door not expecting to see me this way. You say whats this? I say shshsh..
As I walk over to you with a blindfold in my hand. I tell you to close the door because you've forgotten to do so with the surprise you found waiting on the other side of it.

I look you in the eyes and ask you if you trust me..You tell me of course I do. I said OK..I'm going to blind fold you because I have a surprise waiting in the bedroom. I blind fold you and take your hand I then proceed to lead you into the bedroom.
You're excited but at the same time feeling a little nervous about not knowing what to expect when I took the blind fold off. I take you into the room and sit you in a chair at the end of the bed. I say OK..I want you to dominate me and a girlfriend of mine..I want you to tell me what to do to her..You being surprised by what I just said you take your own blind fold off to see what was going on.

Me and one of my gfs were sitting together on the bed in front of you she wearing nothing more then a white lacey baby doll dress..Me looking the more dominate female. You again ask me what is it I want you to do? I said I want you to tell me what you want me to do my friend here with a huge smile on my face..You know this is for real and we are both waiting on your first command.

You can't believe this is happening and are quite taken back by it all but at the same time feel so sexually turned on by whats going on that you dive right in throwing your first cammand out there..You say i want you to slowly take her baby doll dress off and I do so ever so gently. You say I want you to caress her breasts. I then take my hand and start to caress her bare breasts and as I do so I look you in the eyes and ask if you like what you see.
You say to me OHH yes I like what I see. I then smile waiting to hear what you want me to do next. You then tell me to kiss her bare breasts and lick and suck her nipples..As i take my lips and touch her firm soft b**sts she gives out a little moan of excitement. You then know that our pleasure is in your hands and we are there do as you please..You are loving it so much you feel a bulge in your pants.

OK..back to business you a funny way. You then ell me to lay her down on the bed and kiss her lips as I caress her breasts. I lay her down look in her eyes take my hands and gently start caressing her mid stomach up to breasts and i lean down and start to kiss her. You are feeling very tuned on at this time. You then tell me to take my hand and slowly work my way down from her breasts to her panties. I do so still while kissing her with so much passion. You knew I wanted this that I craved it. I crave the touch of a woman but also crave my mans dominance. I finally get to her white panties you then say take them off.
So, I take them and slide them down and off her legs. You then say tease her pussy with your finger just touch her a little until she quivers. I then take my finger and touch her wet pussy. You ask me if she's wet and I tell you oh god yes baby..She is so ready. She wants it. You then tell me to spread her open so you can see how wet her pussy is..Oh and you can see she is dripping wet. You then tell me to start fingering that wet pussy and as I slip my finger in her she gives out a moan. you then want me to taste her.
I take my tongue and start licking her clit while I finger her pussy then tell me to use two fingers. I then start to use use two fingers by this time she is almost ready to climax..You feel your bulge getting bigger. She then lets out a scream of pleasure. As I'm still eating her pussy..I'm loving every moment of it. I feel her pussy throbbing from cumming.

I then lift my head and ask if you've had enough if you would like to take off your pants and reveal how excited I've made you. You want to reveal your cock to us..You are so excited you can't hide it much longer. But then you say wait..I want her to take your top off and caress, kiss and touch your bare breast as you've done for her. I look at you with a smile of pure naughtyness. She then takes my top unties the back and lets it fall bareing my breasts. She then starts to kiss touch and lick my nipples exciting me to almost an unbareable level.
You say I want her to give you back the pleasure you've givin her. She then takes her hands works them down to my panties and slowly takes them of me I'm now there in front of you and her in just my thigh highs and boots. You then tell me how beautiful I look. I say thank you..My friend then tells me to lay down. I lay down spread my legs and she starts to finger me and it feels so so good. As she fingers me I look at you and say ..Please take out your cock for me and let me suck it

You then say OK I can do that for you baby..YOu walk over to me unbutton your pants and take them down exposing your huge excitement. I say yes ..I want it in my mouth..I take it in my mouth as I'm getting my pussy licked and fingered and I'm moaning as I take your cock deep in my throat. You then bend down and start to suck my nipples..I'm in a state of total pleasure I feel it build up and build up OMG I'm cumming...And it feels so good and you plunge your cock deep in my thoat as I moan in pleasure. You then tell me you want to fuck my wet pussy. I say anyway you want it baby..You then tell me you want me to eat her pussy as you fuck me doggy style. I then get on my knees as she lays in front of me with her wet pussy exposed for the both of us to see..We are loving it..I say baby fuck me fuck me hard..I then turn and start licking her sweet pussy again as you slip your oh so hard cock into my tight wet throbbing pussy and start to fuck me..It feels so good..Its been building up this whole time. You want to explode. You then take your cock out of my pussy and explode all over my ass..My friend then gets up and starts licking your cum off my ass. You then sit back down in the chair and say ..WOW You've really surprised me this time honey.

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3 years ago
WOW. Great story. Are you going to tell us what happened later that evening? Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Good story. Would have been a little hotter--and fit if nicely with the sub/dom aspect--if she had her friend cleaning her pussy juice and your cum off of your cock. A good start, and it was written by a woman, so that's extra good. Thanks for posting.