Late Night at the Office


I've had to work late and im keeping myself busy. Oblivious to the world im sitting on the floor sorting through files from the filing cabinet. You enter and i have my back to you. You ask if i can help you with some problems your having. I say sure and turn around. There you stand with nothing but a pair of heels on.
You put a leg over my shoulder so your standing over me and say "I need help with getting what i want. Can you help me??"

My eyes are slowly going up your thighs and i say "It depends on how you want my help." and you say "Anyway you want to.!"
With that i take your leg thats over my shoulder and start kissing slowly up your leg. my finger tips are just gently teasing your thighs as my lips start to further and further up your thigh. My lips kiss the top of your pussy, and i let my tongue tease your clit for a second as i then start to kiss down your now wet tight pussy.

My lips make there way down your other thigh and to your ankle, as i slowly rise to my feet and take your hand.
I lead you to my chair and let you sit down. Our lips press against eachother as i let my fingers glide over your stiffening nipples and down your body. back on my knees you put your legs over my shoulders, and i let my tongue finally give your clit what it wants.

You let out a gentle sigh of excitment and move my head away from your pussy. Surprised by what you just did i watch as you slowly slide 2 fingers deep into your pussy and you begin to tease yourself right in front of me.
bringing your fingers out slowly i being to kiss and lightly suck each finger finally getting to know how good you taste. Sucking on both fingers as i cannot get enough of the sweet sweet forbidden taste, you then let your other hand tease your clit.

Taking complete control you take my hand and walk me to my office. Closing the door you unbutton my belt and my pants fall to my ankles.
Sneaking a hand inside my boxers you get to feel the bulge that had been well hidden until then. Using your other hand you pull down my boxers to reveal my ever stiffening cock. Slowly stroking my cock, i let my lips wander up and down your neck. Teasing with my tonuge all the way.
You turn and sit up on my desk. Spreading your legs and using your finger to tell me to come alot closer.

Wrapping your legs around me tight i lightly slap your pussy with my raging cock. Hearing you moan a little i slowly let my cock slide deep inside inch by inch, as your legs tighten with pure pleasure.
I bring my hands down to grab your ass, and you look me in the eyes and say "Fuck me! Fuck me Hard, and Fast.!"
You start to moan louder and more frequent as i get harder and harder.. and faster. you let one of your hands wander down and you start to rub your clit at the same time.. almost ready to explode.
You let out a loud moan and say your cumming as i slowly start to feel your juices dribble all over my cock. I dont stop and you keep rubbing your clit as you start to cum again for a 2nd time all over my cock.

Knowing that its getting too much for me, your loosen your grip around me as i climb onto the table and stradle you lying down. You take my cock in your mouth and begin to taste how good you are and tease my balls with your fingers.
I let one of my hands wander back down to keep playing with your clit, and you part your legs slightly as i start to hit the right spots again.
You push my cock between your tits and say in a very dominant voice "Fuck me". I slowly start to fuck your tits as you push them together to make it alot tighter on my cock.
You slowly stop me to suck the tip of my cock, and knowing im about to explode you let me fuck your firm tits again.
Letting out a moan of pure pleasure i explode all over your tits... and you say "mmmmmmmmmmmm just the way i like it." and begin to lick it up.

Not tired by what we just did, you slip a coat on and say "Comon lets go home. The scenic way."
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