I'm out shopping with my girl and were going from store to store like a normal Saturday. We go into a few different clothes stores and look around and then you see something you wanna try on. I'm bracing myself for another long wait as most men know it will be lol.

You come out and show a few things and ask my opinion and im letting the time pass, etc.. I stand up and go to the cubicle to find out how much longer your going to be and when i pull the curtain aside your wearing just your underwear. You don't know im behind you but i let you know by running my finger down your spine very slowly.

I then whisper into your ear "need a hand?" and let my hands slowly work down your body.
I move your hair to one side and start to kiss your neck slowly and work my way down to your shoulder. You turn around and look me in the eye and say "I want more then a hand" as you lean forward and press your lips against mine.
You unhook your bra and let it drop as i lean in to press my lips against yours again, and then move to your neck making my way down slowly kissing the front of your body. My hands grab your ass and give it a squeeze as you let out a sigh of excitement my hands work there way up and my lips reach your boobs. I tease your nipples with my tongue and gently suck and kiss your stiffening nipples. I move on down your body kissing your tummy and then you move back and sit on the lil bench and slightly part your legs.

I put your legs over my shoulders and start to kiss the inside of your legs and make my way closer in, until im kissing and using my tongue to tease your pussy. I tease your clit with my tongue as you sigh with a lil more excitement.
I slowly make my way back up and as we press lips again i feel your hands unbuttoning my pants.
My pants drop and i step back to slowly pull down my boxers shorts and reveal what that i'am at full attention. You giggle at seeing me like that and i take a step forward again.
You part your legs abit further open and i tease the outside of your pussy with my raging cock. I slowly put the tip in as you really let out a sigh of relief and excitement.

You then push me back and standup to which im surprised. You grab me by my cock which worries me a lil and then you push me onto the bench.
I can see the smile on your face as you sit yourself down on my cock going inch by. My hands grab your ass and you slowly start to ride my cock. We cant help but keep kissing eachother which dominates the pace as slowly.
We both can sense that we dont wanna go slow, we need something rougher and harder so you stand up and bend over in front of me. You glance back and smile and ooooooooooo i cant help myself but standup and take you roughly.

Were starting to make alot of noise now as i fuck you really hard from behind, both of us try and stifle our moans of pleasure but cannot hold on as were reaching the point of climax very quickly. You tell me harder and so i go faster and harder and spank your ass gently as i do, you cant contain yourself any longer and start to cum and let out a moan with pleasure.

You turn round push me to the bench again and kiss me. You get back dressed and say "we better go home" so as we get dressed we leave the changing room red faced and with big smiles heading back home for more fun
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well told