Short but sweet..

So we arrange to meet, and you suggest getting the train so im all for it and plan to meet you at my station.
You text me to say your on the train and i get on and find you standing waiting for me. You come in close and wrap your arms around me, and i cant help but be taken in by how wonderful you look and smell.
You take my hand and say you got a carriage already for us.
you lead me in and sit opposite me which i think nothing of. we talk about all sorts as we are going, and then you suddenly decide to take your jacket off as your hot.
You see me blushing and getting slightly embarrased and say jokingly "Stop looking at my chest pervy" which makes me blush more.

We carry on talking and as we are i feel you start to bring your foot up the inside of my leg very slowly. you look at me and give me a cheeky smile and say "oops" as you bring your foot to my crotch. You can see me blushing bright red now and you stand up and put your hand on my pants and say "hello. Looks like someone wants to play".
You look me in the eye and without saying anything press your lips against mine. I bring my hands around to your ass and help you sit on my lap. We keep kissing and letting our lips lightly touch as you rock back and forth on my lap slowly.
I bring my hands to your waist as i start to kiss your neck and tease you by nibbling one of your ear lobes. You let out a little noise of excitement as you lift your t-shirt off.

I work my lips down the middle of your chest and release your boobs from your bra and take them in my hands. I slowly work my fingers over your now stiffening nipples. You straighten up abit so my head can work down and i take your hard nipple into my mouth, gently sucking and using my tongue to tease you.
You let your fingers work there way down my chest and i feel fantastic as you slowly work down and to now clearly visible bulge.
You unbutton my jeans and then work your body down and onto your knees so your between my legs. You pull my pants and my boxers down to reveal my now raging cock.
You grasp my cock in your hand and kiss the tip. Slowly teasing and working your tongue down you hear me let out a moan of pure pleasure as you continue to tease me. as you work your tongue back over the tip of my throbbing cock you take my balls in your hand and start to tease them between your fingers. You stroke my cock before stopping suddenly and standing up.
I bring my hands down from your waist and slowly work my hands up your skirt. I let my fingers glide you your legs gently until i reach your underwear. I lets my fingers slowly brush over your pussy as i help you out of your underwear.

You slowly sit back on my lap and ease down on my cock inch by inch. I let out a sigh of excitement as i can feel how wet you are. We let our lips press against eachothers as you slowly start to rock back nd forth. I again grab your ass and you start to ride my cock harder and faster. You sigh with pleasure as you ride on my cock faster, and you look me in the eyes and tell me your going to cum.. i can't help but get completely aroused by you telling me and lose my mind.

You press you lips against mine and say "Cum for me" as you beging to let out a moan of pleasure. you keep riding my cock as i feel your juices running down my shaft which makes me cum deep inside you. You keep riding for abit longer as we look eachother in the eye and continue to press our lips against one another.

You look at me, smile and say "the trip was a lil better now wasn't it."

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