The Night Out Part 2

Opting against going to a club i end up in a bar shooting some pool and amusing myself why you go dancing. Dancing with your friends you lay eyes on a brunette in the corner who is staring at you, almost to the point shes waving at you and making it clear shes checking you out.
Continuing to give her a good show you dance away and ignore her as you enjoy the evening, but still liking the extra attention your recieving.
The night wears on and whilst your at the club i have been making a name for myself with my sweet right shot and amazing cueball play.
Returning from getting drinks your back on the dancefloor and enjoying the tunes when you feel a hand brush up against you. Turning suddenly as your caught by surprise and intrigue its the brunette from the corner.
She tells you straight up she thinks your hot and wants to fuck you right now.! Making no excuses you leave the bar and go back to the hotel room with her.

Not even waiting for the door to open your clawing at eachothers clothes and letting your hands touch eachother all over. Pushing her to the bed you bury your head between her legs and show just why she was right to be checking you out.
Teasing her pussy you finger, lick and nibble till shes withering around moaning in pleasure.
Pulling lightly on your hair she makes you come up her body slowly and presses her lips against yours to taste how good she is. Grabbing your ass she throws you to your back and then peels down your panties to reveal your now moist and throbbing pussy.
Touching your clit with her tongue she brings you to cum very quickly, but continues to stay down there and let a finger slowly go deep inside you.

Deciding to leave the bar and make my way to the hotel i open the door to complete shock to see a girl between your legs. Shocked and in a deep voice i say "What the hell is going on"
Scared stiff you dont move a muscle, and the brunette just stands up and looks startled. Slamming the door i walk towards the bed and slap the brunette on the ass and say "My turn"

Taking your legs in my arms i begin to slowly kiss the inside and work my way up your thighs, reaching that tight sweet pussy i can't help but tease you with my tongue and fingers. The brunette getting turned on by seeing what were doing sits next to you and fingers herself why watching. You move a hand down to explore her body and me seeing this i stop suddenly and stand up.
"If your both going to be bad girls, then im going to fuck you like very bad girls!!"

Dropping my pants i pull you closer and tease your pussy with my hard cock.. looking at the brunette i tell her to sit on your face for being bad. You use your tongue to get her moaning and i thrust my cock deep inside you and start fucking your hard and deep.
Not contempt with this position i grab the brunette around her waist and pull her towards me. Bending her over i fuck her from behind whilst she fingers your pussy. I spank her ass and you tell me to spank her harder, alot harder!
Spanking again harder the brunette then says "HARDER". Spanking alot harder she lets out a scream of delight and then fucks your pussy fast with her fingers.
Moaning louder i can sense your close to cumming again so i spank the brunette and tell her "Make that dirty whore cum right now.!!"
Watching she fingers you until you cum loudly and hard. Laying down on the bed you stand up and tell the brunette to sit on my hard cock.
Riding my cock you kiss her neck and grasp her boobs with both your hands. With her riding and moaning you can tell this girl is about to cum and hard.. so you tell her to sit on my face so i can taste how good she is, but secretly its just cause you want to ride my cock like a dirty dirty whore.

Teasing her clit with my tongue and with you riding my cock she cums and i lick away slowly taking in hers and your tastes all over that pussy.
Sensing that im getting closer and closer, you climb off and slowly start to suck the tip on my cock, getting the brunette to play with my balls as you do...I moan louder and you and her both start to stroke my raging cock..
Letting out a really loud moan i tell you both im going to cum, so you stroke my cock harder and faster. I explode everywhere and you and the brunette just lick me clean and taste how good iam.
Kissing eachother one last time you both fall to the bed and lay down with me tired and very fufilled.

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