Part 11

Skipping Church

"Huh? What?" I muttered, unable to open my eyes.

"I said, get up, we're late for Church," Dad said, shaking my shoulder. I rolled over, trying to evade his disturbing hand.

"Can't you and Mom go alone. I'm exhausted," I whined.

"Everyone will be disappointed. They'll all want to see you."

"Dad. C'mon. I really don't feel well," I pleaded.

"You c'mon," Dad replied. "At least one of you has to go. Get up."

"I can't. Mom will. She never misses Church."

"Mom's too exhausted," Dad said. "She's staying home."

"Dad, I just can't. Anyway," I appealed to his intrinsic fairness, "it wouldn't be right for me to go alone and receive all the attention. Wait until next week when Mom and I can both be there."

"Hmmmm. You have a point. Mother worked so hard for this. Not the least of it, all that effort keeping you up for it."

I almost burst out laughing at that. Jesus. If Dad only knew what a mouthful he had just said.

"Ok, son. That's very thoughtful. I'll tell everyone you're both just too overwhelmed by their kind response last night. Ok. That's what I'll do."

And Dad was gone.

I confess, I turned over and went back to sl**p but I awoke with a start only twenty minutes later.

Home alone! With Mom. Dad would be gone for hours.

I would have flung my covers off so hard they would have flown out the window had it not been so hot that I wasn't using any. Instead, I executed a spring leap out of bed to a full stance, naked except for my undershorts, poised as if ready for a martial arts battle.

Mom was alone in bed.

I started for the door. Halfway there, I began shoving my shorts down. By the time I reached the door, I was kicking them off my feet. Naked, I strode down the hallway, feeling strong and confident. My parents' bedroom door was ajar a few inches. Quietly, I pushed it open and entered.

Mom was lying face down on the bed, head sideways and directly on the mattress, the pillows pushed against the headboard. Her arms were aligned along her sides, hands flat on the bed, beside her hips. Mom's legs were parted about a foot and a half, feet turned slightly inward, soles facing up. Her breathing was regular, I noted, as I walked stealthily to the end of the bed. She was naked.

Though eager, I watched Mom for a couple of minutes in silence, admiring the wrinkles on the soles of her feet, the taper of her legs from her muscled calves to the smoothness of her thighs and the tender softness on the inside. Her unblemished back provided a backdrop for the gradual descent from her buttocks to the valley in the small of her back, which itself gave way to the shallow groove rising between her shoulder blades to flatten into the slender arch of the neck that lay under her rich, brown, wavy hair.

I reached forward to slip my fingers around each ankle and ran my hand up to her knees and back, holding my fingers just tight enough to barely touch Mom's skin. Twisting my hands around, I scratched a long line down the center of her soles with my index fingers, regained my loose hold of her ankles, and took a return trip to knee and back. Gently, I lifted Mom's ankles and moved her feet wider until her legs were parted far enough for me to lie between them on the bed. As I neared the apex of Mom's legs, I could tell she was breathing faster, though she had provided no indication that she wasn't sl**ping.

She's awake, I thought as I lowered my face between her legs, using the back of my hands to pry her thighs apart. I dropped my mouth onto the bulb bulging out beneath her bum, my nose settling in her crack.

"Mmmmmmmm." The first indication that Mom was indeed awake.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," she moaned as my tongue finished its trace outside her pussy and moved inside, the tip of my tongue prying her flaps apart and delving into her pink slit.

"Oh god," she sighed, reacting to my flicking tongue and the crooked fingertip that pushed underneath to rub her hooded clit.

"Unnnnnnggghhhh," she groaned, as I wiggled my head from side to side, exacerbating the effects of my snake-like, oral digit as it pushed deep into her wet hole.

Mom's hips rose from the mattress, The easier to tongue me, I imagined her saying. She writhed around my face, her knees working to support her wide open legs as her hips tried desperately to maneuver her pussy to ever more titillating contact. Soon, Mom's hips were so high her legs rose straight up from her knees and I dropped my finger from her clit to pinch a nipple in each hand.

I was breathing through my nose with difficulty because it was sometimes completely covered but there was no way I was going to pull my face away. Instead, I let go of Mom's tits and wrapped my arms around her waist, heaved her thighs onto my shoulders, and kneeled upright. Now there was no way Mom could have pulled her snooch from my head even if she wanted to. Up, I lifted myself on my knees, keeping her crotch tight to my face, lifting her completely from the bed, upside down, her head dangling free.

"Ahhhhhhh," I sighed as Mom steadied herself, her mouth latching onto my wavering dong.

"Ummmphhhh," I blew into her pussy as she suddenly pushed her mouth down to my root, squeezing her lips tight around the base of my super hard cock.

The rest was a rising crescendo of moans and groans as I ate and Mom sucked, my arms helping by lifting her body up and down, but I soon tired and resorted to shrugging my shoulders, finding that raising her thighs and hips was enough to suit my needs. I retained enough energy, however, to slowly thrust my cock in and out of Mom's face. My deep entry caused her to produce copious amounts of saliva and it was soon running all over my balls. The room was filled with squishy, sucking sounds and I couldn't tell which were from her mouth on my cock or my tongue deep in her cunt. Though Dad would be home in a few hours, I had a feeling today was different and I was in no rush for it to end. Somehow, I knew I would have time to reap my just reward.

When I came, I wondered if my father was singing a hymn. I convulsed in Mom's mouth and found it extremely difficult to breathe as her legs clutched my head in a rapid series of uncontrolled clenches. We collapsed on the bed, falling to our sides, still gripping one another's face, moans subsiding with the expulsion of our respective liquids. Minutes later I crawled back to my kneeling position and urged Mom to turn around. She did but instead of lying down, she straddled my closed thighs, pushing them onto my calves and my bottom back onto my heels.

"Is that what you were hoping for?" she asked.

"Not quite," I said, noting the wild look in her eyes and hoping for more.

"Did you pray for more, then?" she persisted.

The question caught me off guard. I had no answer, unsure of what she wanted to hear.

"Maybe your father remembered you in his prayers," she said, making me wonder what on earth she was up to.

"Mom, that's weird. I don't think Dad would pray for me that way."

"No, but he might have prayed that you didn't get this," Mom said, scrunching her pelvis down to rub her wet pussy along my cock and onto my balls.

My cock immediately stiffened.

Mom rained soft kisses on my face, whispering to me, "I'll bet he's praying right now, hoping your mother is strong enough, unlike his, to ward of her son's beautiful, hard cock."

"Mom, that's not fair," I complained, loving the way her pussy had opened to allow her soaked slit to fold around my shaft, rubbing all the way up and down.

"I know. Aren't I cruel?" Mom laughed. "I'm so bad, so wicked... such a tease."

She rubbed me a dozen more times.

"Are you sorry for what you did the other night, teasing me from behind like that while I was talking to your father, no less?"


I was defiant but thankfully, Mom kept up her seductive rubbing.

"So, did you pray for it or not?"

"You know I did," I gasped.

"And what did He say?" she cooed.

"He said its wrong," I panted. Gambling that I was playing the game right, going with my gut, I gasped, "He asked what kind of slut would fuck her own son for the first time, on a Sunday?"

"I might," Mom teased, rising up and moving forward until her slightly parted slit was poised above my cock, "but I have to know if my son is going to be a good boy from now on."

I could feel the heat from her cunt and my loins involuntarily tried to spring up to meet it.

"Not so fast," Mom cried, eyes dancing. "Do you promise to be a good boy?"

"Yes," I croaked, "I'll be a good boy."

"That's good," Mom whispered, kinking her hips sufficiently that her slit dipped to briefly wet the tip of my cock. "Are you going to tease me again in front of your father?"

"No," I wailed, trying without success to wet my helmet again.

"Ooohhh," Mom cried in delight. "Wrong answer."

"I mean I will, I will," I desperately corrected my error.

"How? How will you tease me?"

"I'll, uh, put my hands up your skirt and play with your ass."

"Is that all?" Mom sounded disappointed.

"No, I'll uh... touch your pussy while you lean around the corner to talk to Dad."

"Will you kiss it?"

"Yes," I gasped, thrusting my hips up and succeeding in gaining entry in Mom's wondrous slit. I almost came as her slimy lips enveloped my head.

"That's better," Mom shrieked, lowering herself, impaling my cock as she dropped. "I think I would like that," she cried, starting to fuck me, her hips digging down to get me in as far as she could.

I leaned back to brace myself on my arms as Mom rose up and down, fucking my cock. After a couple of minutes, she pushed on my chest with both hands to f***e me onto my back, then leaned over me and really let her pelvis churn away. I realized then that, though she had been the one holding back, Mom needed this as much as I, maybe even more. I folded my arms behind my head and smugly watched her fuck me.

She looked like a woman possessed. It was a fast, furious fuck, with me occasionally arching up, almost dislodging her and Mom grabbing my arms to pull herself down, grinding and twisting so hard I thought she would tear me off at the root, her heels digging into the back of my thighs to prod me deeper inside her. It didn't last long. In no time, she released her liquid spend, drenching my balls and scrotum, and collapsed on my chest.

I was still hard and amazed that I hadn't come. Somehow, watching her abandoned fuck, I felt in control. I turned over, pushing Mom underneath me, and lifted her legs high and wide. I met no resistance. Holding her legs by her knees, I dipped my cock and entered her. I thrust slowly in and out, alternating between watching my cock move in and out of her and then her face as she gazed steadily at me while I fucked her, expressionless.

I found the formation of a quizzical expression strangely rewarding as I squeezed her legs together, tightening her cunt on my fully embedded cock, then pushed her legs back, back, until her knees were pressing on her tits but to one side so I could see her face. I moved forward to straddle her upturned butt with my knees so I could get my cock as deep as possible in her squishy cunt. I had Mom's legs pushed so far back she seemed to be having trouble breathing but she didn't say anything, just looked at me, wondering what I was up to.

I lifted my hips until my cock was almost out and then dropped with a bang, the wet slap of my inner thighs meeting her hips ringing through the room.

"Unnngggghhhh," Mom cried.

I ground my cock deep in her pussy, then lifted high again.

"Unnnngghhhhh," she cried again, this time her hips trying to rise to complement my gouging cock.

Again and again I rose and dropped into my mother, increasing my pace slowly, very slowly, but trying to thrust harder each time. Soon, Mom was moaning constantly and gasping for breath. My own breathing was haphazard to say the least. Abruptly, on one rise, I threw my legs back and braced myself on my toes, then continued with the rise and drop, feet together, then apart. Several minutes later, I returned to straddling Mom's thighs and pummeled her mercilessly, fucking her harder and faster until I imagined we were a blaze of motion.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," I cried, my shout melding with her orgasmic scream.

I was coming incredibly hard, spurting one huge gush after another. Releasing her legs, allowing them to spread apart, I looked down to watch, surprised that my jiz wasn't oozing out of her cunt. I pulled out and a stream shot onto Mom's belly. I watched it land then let my eyes rise to Mom's face. She was watching too. I grabbed my cock and squeezed the head to shut off my errant hose, then waddled on my knees until I was straddling her tits. Releasing my cock, I pointed it at Mom's face and let the final, weak spurts splash on her chin and neck, then pushed my slick, throbbing dick across her mouth until she had licked me clean.

Afterwards, we kissed and nuzzled, whispering our special love for one another. I began to get hard again and tried to roll Mom over onto her tummy but she pulled away.

"Please, Mom. I need to have you from behind," I pleaded.

"We can't. Your father will be home soon."

I noticed how she referred to Dad as 'your father', as if distancing herself from him.

'My father' was ecstatic when he got home. We were the stars of the parish, deserving of the expensive dinner that he lavished on us at the best restaurant in town where we ran into several of our new fans.

Both Mom and Dad had a little too much wine so I drove home. Dad was sl**py in the car on the way home, but Mom wasn't. Dad had not taken my place in the back seat. Instead he got in the passenger side, crowding Mom into the middle, dr****g his arm around her shoulder. He soon nodded off and, with her husband's arm still affectionately clasping her shoulder, Mom's hand strayed to my crotch, her long piano fingers stretching down to scratch my cock and balls.

I was stunned when she unzipped me and slipped her hand inside to fondle my cock but I was scared silly when she fished me out and starting stroking my shaft. My father could have woken at any time but Mom nonchalantly moved her hand up and down, unfussed, like she was preparing dinner. When I pulled into the driveway, my cock was still out when Dad lifted his head and looked at the house in the headlights. Motherfucker! But Mom calmly urged Dad to get out as he groggily shook his head and then opened the door, turning on the dome light. I was freaking out but Mom simply covered my cock, pressing it flat against my unzipped pants as Dad clambered out of the car.

In the house, Dad went straight upstairs, asking Mom, "Are you coming?"

"Yes, dear. I'll be coming in just a minute," then tittered for no apparent reason.

Mom pulled me by the hand, through the kitchen and out the back door, around the side to our sanctuary. I looked up to see the light on in my parents' bedroom just before Mom turned to face me, reaching down to insert her hand in my fly and roughly yanking my stiff cock out.

"This is your moment," she panted. "This is your dream."

With that, Mom spun around and fell to her knees, immediately flopping forward onto her hands, and then falling to her shoulders, her head twisting to the side.

"Hurry," she gasped, reaching behind to pull her dress up and over her hips.

I fell on my knees behind her, grabbed her panties and ripped them off her ass. A second later I was inside her, fucking her hard from behind, staring into her rabid eyes, both of us too far gone to smile. I lurched up onto my feet to get better leverage and pounded the snot out of her ass.

Slap, slap, slap... slap, slap, slap.

I almost came but managed to hold it back, swaying slowly, grinding my cock inside her pussy. I walked forward, forcing her down onto her knees, and started fucking her hard and fast again.

Slap, slap, slap. Slap, slap, slap.

Mom was grunting. Actually grunting.

I shoved her forward again, flat on the grass. Straddling her thighs, I worked my tool to and fro, quickening, ever quickening, knowing I was on the final run, pounding her butt, shoving my cock into her cunt from behind as hard as I could.

When I finished, I realized we had been moaning and groaning loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, at least at night. But Mom didn't move. She turned her head sideways and commanded me.

"Go get your camera."

Pulling on my pants, I ran up to my room. As I passed the open door of my parents' bedroom, I heard my father in the bathroom.

"Is that you dear?" he called.

"No, it's just me Dad," I yelled.

As I hurried back, Dad emerged from the ensuite just as I passed the door.

"Is your mother coming?" he asked.

I paused before answering. "Yes," I assured him.

"What are you doing with the camera?"

"I just want to take a picture of Mom before she comes. She looks so beautiful tonight I want to remember her exactly like she is."

"Good boy," Dad said. "Get some good ones."

"I will, Dad," I promised.

I ran downstairs to do what my father told me to do, except after Mom came, not before. I took some excellent pictures.

"That's what you really wanted, isn't it? Mom asked the next day, looking at the picture I had uploaded onto my computer.

There she was, on the screen, bending over on the grass with her head twisted to one side, dress thrown over her back, ass up in the air with legs slightly parted, with a white, milky fluid oozing out of her ravaged pussy, just like the picture of Grandma I held up next to the screen.

"We're just getting started, Mom."

"Good," Mom replied, tousling my hair. "Come on," she said, tugging me away from the computer, "your father should be asl**p by now."


"You built a trellis? Whatever for?" Dad asked, needing to further understand my explanation for trespassing in his shop.

"I don't know, Dad. I remember that Grandpa and Grandma had one at their house and I felt this sudden urge to build one. So there it is," I waved my hand in the general direction of the trellis.

Dad walked over to it and stood looking at it for a long time. Then he turned and walked back to the house, speaking as he passed by.

"Good job, son."

My transgression was forgiven.

After that, Mom and I couldn't trust our sanctuary, for Dad could suddenly show up at any time. In fact, he began using it far more often than we did. On the weekends, and some evenings, Dad would disappear and we'd find him sitting in a lounge chair which he'd dragged around the side, staring at the trellis.

One Saturday afternoon, Mom and I watched him from the vantage point of the balcony off my parents' bedroom. We were lying on the thick cushion from one of the balcony's two lounge chairs, peeled from the chair and laid flat on the balcony, near the edge. Dad's back was to us. Every once in a while, he would wipe his eyes, as if drying a tear.

"You see," Mom whispered. "His mother was the love of his life. If only she realized that. It's sad really."

Mom had told me that Grandma's convictions never would have allowed her to have sexual relations with her son after he married. That was a big no no. Dad probably never realized that, and Grandma likely never told him, until it was too late.

I slid my cock slowly into Mom's pussy until I was fully in, then dug in farther, pushing her ass cheeks, and nudging her head forward until her hair brushed the guard rail at the edge of the balcony.

"I guess I better get as much as I can while the getting's good, then, hey Mom?" I threw an extra shove against her ass. Mom grunted.


"In case you cut me off," I pulled out and lunged into her cunt again.

Mom dropped her face and moaned into the cushion. As I withdrew, Mom lifted her head and pushed herself back from the edge, raising her hips to allow her ass to follow me back. She twisted her head back to look at me.

"You just thank your lucky stars your Mom is more selfish than your Grandma."

Mom dropped her forehead onto the cushion but kept her eyes on me.

"Now you watch him, and give it to me, hard."

I gripped her by the hips, and rocked her hard the very next thrust, pleased that she found it necessary to muffle her face in the cushion. I didn't watch Dad the whole time I banged Mom. I liked to see her head bumping against the railing and I loved looking at her legs, covered in the white stockings she often wore as a signal that she was ready for me to find her somewhere in the house. Mom knew that a simple skirt over white stockings, with no panties, was a guaranteed recipe for a Mom full of her son.
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2 years ago
Way too good! Only Quite a few stories this good!
3 years ago
Read them all ! Very well written and executed, you had the patience to see it to the end, making "sense" of it all. Tied it all together making quite the erotic story!
3 years ago
You gotta start from the beginning guy.

Anyway, excellent series. It's not trashy or poor taste or anything like that. Well written. I only wish xhamster updated better. I've been watching the "taboo" section forever and it never showed your stories after part 5. Glad I finally clicked on your name.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well i haven't yet any previous episodes but if this is anything to go by I'll be wanking all night. Excellent.